Codrin Arsene

Codrin Arsene
Codrin has extensive experience helping companies big (Fortune 500) and small achieving their full potential through complex content strategy initiatives. Codrin has been working with marketing agencies, newspapers, software companies, retailers and startups for the last 10 years helping companies better convey their message to current and prospective customers.
Digital Authority Partners

Codrin's articles


Artificial intelligence podcast: AI & the future of technology

    Codrin Arsene, Digital Authority Partners’ CEO, had the pleasure of talking to  Mike McDonnell on his popular entrepreneurship podcast called “The ROAR Show!.” You can […]


How to Build a Successful Business: From Freelancing to 7-Figures

Are you currently a freelancer wondering how to build a successful business? Before you take the plunge, let me be clear: freelancing is not the same […]


AI Supply Chain Management: 3 AI Innovations Impacting the Distribution of Goods

It’s 2018 and supply chain executives can no longer afford to ignore artificial intelligence (AI). If they do, they’re missing out on the most exciting technological […]


AI in Supply Chain: 6 Reasons Executives Should Invest in AI in 2018

For decades, our society has indulged itself in a fantastic, futuristic notion of artificial intelligence (AI). From robot servants to thinking computers, we’ve imagined all sorts […]

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