Michael Reddy

Michael Reddy
Michael Reddy has worked with Fortune 100 companies in a variety of roles: media mix modeling, statistical modeling, test & learn, product/program/project management, process improvement, loyalty program management, and web analytics. Michael’s area of expertise is the intersection of Product Management, Product Development and Analytics. He has repeatedly obtained outstanding business results using insights gained through analytics to drive decisions in product and business management. He has led product management teams through the entire journey from analytics strategy through testing and learning.
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Michael's articles


The Ultimate Guide To Progressive Web Apps

When is the last time you cheered after using an app, because it was so unique, original and exciting? If it takes you a minute to […]


Google sued over privacy laws for collecting customer data. You may be next.

Make no mistake. Regulators in DC are gunning for your data. And how your company is collecting in an effort to drive new business. Privacy laws […]


5 Secrets To the Digital Transformation In Healthcare

Is your healthcare business on life support? Are you experiencing a shortfall in patients, or are your existing patients fleeing to your competitors? Do you know […]


User Experience Optimization Through A/B and Multivariate Testing

Here’s how most digital features are managed: A stakeholder (or product manager) has an idea. A team of user experience experts design an experience. The stakeholder […]

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