Content Creation

What is it?

With content marketing generating 3x more leads than traditional marketing, it’s no wonder companies are investing heavily in content creation. Content creation refers to every written, visual, and media asset produced exclusively for a brand with the intent of delivering value to its audience. It’s no secret: Regularly updated, well-developed content leads to increased customer engagement and ultimately, sales.

Our Approach

We create content that engages customers, improves market positioning, and drives your KPIs.

Understand your users, personas, and KPIs

We’ll define your target market using in-depth consumer research coupled with your business objectives. We’ll assess the content most likely to drive engagement among this group, then create shareable and actionable content designed to drive the highest ROI for your business.

Create memorable visual assets and remarkable content

After establishing the assets needed (blog posts, videos, infographics, etc.), we’ll create an outline for each asset and collaborate with you on the proposed requirements. We’ll then craft, edit, publish and promote your new content – and track all results.

Build relationships, promote and establish trust

Influencers play a key role in getting your content noticed. By defining your influencer strategy for each content asset, we’ll help you establish trust within your target market and position your company as an expert in its field.

Why it Works

As a content strategy agency, we’re strategy first. We combine actionable insight and powerful execution to get real results for your business.

Targeted, meaningful content drives organic traffic

Content is created only after we’ve identified your target audience, influencers, and social media strategy. On average, our clients see a 300% increase in organic traffic to their site(s) within 9 months of working with us.

Long form posts engage readers

Our posts are original, comprehensive, conversational and actionable for your target market. In other words, we deliver value. No half-baked, get-it-out-the door work here!

High fidelity, original images make articles shareable and likeable

Each article we create is accompanied by 11 high fidelity images and a minimum of four original, custom made images. Created to drive social sharing, backlinks and guest blogs on other media outlets, our images also allow cross-device compatibility and readability.
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