Content Strategy

What is it?

Content strategy refers to the planning, development, management and deployment of content across online and offline marketing channels. It encompasses the overall governance of branded content and how original written, visual and video assets deliver measureable results against specific business objectives.

Our Approach

Define company strategy and KPIs

Great content is a sales enablement tool. In order to deliver a successful content strategy, we work with you to understand, review and document the goals of your company. We use this knowledge to build a comprehensive content strategy that covers social media, SEO, email marketing, display marketing, and blogging – giving you an end-to-end content solution that seamlessly fits into your company’s vision.

Conduct market research and competitive analysis

A key component to a successful content strategy is knowing your competition. At Digital Authority Partners, we do the research and analysis for you, so you know exactly where you’re starting from – and where you need to go.

Create a content strategy that is both actionable and trackable

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve arrived? We’ll work with you to define the milestones that measure success. We’ll also track the ROI of your new content strategy and its impact on your business.

Document your content creation, publishing, and maintenance process

In a 2016 study, 60% of marketers reported that their teams lack a clear content deliverable process, with 90% of these marketers rating their content strategy as less than effective. Our in-depth workshops, stakeholder interviews, surveys and storyboarding sessions help you define the process, resources, and deliverables needed to execute a successful content strategy.

Why it Works

A well-defined content strategy

Great ideas mean nothing without great execution. We help you define every step – from ideation to execution – so that your team can carry out your new strategy without heavy oversight. Our 9 step process is guaranteed to lead to increased traffic, greater brand awareness, and higher social media engagement.

The right tools

From user personas and content gap analyses to style and branding guidelines, we’ll define and create the deliverables that make content strategy a powerful tool for your company’s success. You’ll speak directly to your target audience – through the medium of their choice – to increase qualified leads and conversions.

Competitive analysis

Not only do you need to track and analyze your own strategy, you need to constantly monitor the strategy of your competitors. We help you set up and perform unbiased competitive analysis using the power of data to understand how your content strategy compares to your competitors’ strategies – as well as define the appropriate next steps.
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