Take control of your marketing with our complete content strategy crash course.

Benefits of Digital Authority Workshops

On-site learning: That’s right, we come to you.
All-access privilege: Your team members have access to all our future research and analysis long after the workshop has ended.
100% customized: Every workshop is tailored to the specific needs of your company.

Content Strategy 101: Fundamentals of Content Strategy

  • Market analysis and competitive research
  • User analysis: How to define personas, user needs, and customer expectations
  • Content inventory audit – the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Content gap analysis and competitor research

Content Strategy 102: Defining Your Editorial and Content Management Strategy

  • How to define voice, style, and content guidelines
  • How to discover the topics that matter most to your customers (includes joint brainstorming sessions with your content team)
  • Messages, themes, and ideas: what works, what doesn’t (and why)
  • The what, when, why and how to crafting a master content plan
  • Content site structure and taxonomy
  • Content management systems: tools, processes, best practices
  • Content strategy tracking and reporting

Content Strategy 103: Create and Market Your Content Like a Pro

  • Define what customers want to read, when they want to read it, and how they want to see it
  • Create memorable assets (images, infographics, interactive assets)
  • Writing for social media

Content Strategy 104: Social Media Done Right

  • Monitor, reach, and engage with your customers via social media
  • Social media best practices – and what to avoid
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