Email Marketing

Capture their attention with smarter email marketing.

What is it?

Email marketing refers to the process of creating, scheduling, publishing, testing and optimizing your company’s email campaigns for current or prospective customers.

Email marketing is as much strategy – the who, what, why, when and how often you contact a user – as it is execution. We provide various services to help you reach your target audience, including the crafting of powerful copy that will engage and motivate your customers.

Our Approach

Know thy audience

Email remains the most effective technique for engaging with customers. Before we determine your email strategy, we’ll work with you to understand your customers’ needs, pain points, motivations, and desires. We’ll then create a campaign to maximize lead generation and drive significant ROI.

Document the buyer journey

In our experience, the most effective emails contain content that is specific, relevant, and appropriate for different stages of the buying cycle. To ensure we deliver the value a customer expects, we document the buyer’s journey from start to finish, meeting with key purchasing cycle stakeholders along the way.

Create robust user personas

We help you create targeted personas so you can segment and implement highly personalized email campaigns. Based on a user’s persona, we determine when, how often and under what scenarios your customer is most likely to open, click through, and interact with your emails.

Keep it simple, conversational, and on point

We create straightforward email campaigns around a single theme and always write in a clear, conversational tone. With each email, we aim to deliver valuable content to your user – increasing the likelihood that they will become a paying customer.

Why it Works

High engagement rates

Short, visual and conversational emails consistently rank as the top performing emails. Our copywriters have mastered the art of focused, concise copy that delivers useful information and keeps your readers’ attention.

Engaging and informative copy

We know from experience that compelling, useful information gets more clicks and shares. That’s why every email we create, from the subject line to the call to action (CTA), is designed to be shared and leave your customers wanting more.

Test … and test again

We conduct A/B tests to discover which emails generate the highest ROI. We analyze every component of your email – including the subject line, copy, layout, design, and CTA – to deliver an optimized and engaging email your readers will actually want to read.

Autoresponders that do the work for you

Tell your story automatically with autoresponders. From the moment a user signs up to the moment they complete an order (and beyond), we create emails that keep the conversation between your customer and your brand going.
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