PR and Influencer Outreach

What is it?

PR and influencer outreach refers to the strategy of connecting with brand influencers and niche promoters active in your industry. Due to their large online subscriber base and social media followings, connecting with influencers is one of the most successful techniques used to establish authority and brand awareness. Because customers tend to place more trust in third party reviewers, garnering the support of influencers plays a key role in strengthening brand credibility.

Our Approach

We create the relationships that drive your growth.

Research and engage with influencers in your market

We research and target select influencers within your industry, then actively communicate with them.

Form solid partnerships and connections

We broker guest posts on influencers’ blogs that link back to your site, improving your domain authority and Google rankings. In addition, we negotiate compensation, incentives, sponsored content and product placement with influencers to drive up engagement, sales, reviews and endorsements.

Build long term relationships with influencers

We use social media to monitor and engage directly with targeted influencers. To gain their attention, we create custom articles designed specifically to appeal to both the social influencer and their audience.

Place your content on media outlets with established domain authority

We work with a variety of media outlets in select industries to place guest blogs, interviews, and quotes from your company in high-traffic articles on authoritative media outlets in your niche.

Why it Works

Value, from the get-go

By choosing topics of interest to both your customer and your influencer, PR & influencer outreach is proven to generate both immediate and long-term value.

Establishes your brand

Drive awareness to your brand by leveraging your influencers’ large digital audience.

Improves your ranking

Influencers increase referral traffic and improve your search results ranking when they link back to your site. And the more external sites link back to your content, the higher your domain authority.

Reaches your audience

Influencers are among the most effective way to reach millennials and centennial (Gen Z) audiences. Speak directly to your target audience in a language they understand.

Builds your audience

When influencers market your company, their audience takes notice – and you will, too. The more mentions your company receives, the more social media followers you’ll gain.
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