Search Engine Optimization

What is it?

Do you want your content to be found online? Then search results matter. Search engines such as Google™, Bing® and Yahoo® rank a website high when its content matches what customers are looking for. To earn a spot as one of the top ranked sites on these search engines, a company must establish itself as an authority in its domain (also known as domain authority). And to do this, you need a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

A SEO strategy plays a critical role in building an online presence for your business. SEO allows your website to rank in search engines for terms relevant to your business and industry. It is the most cost-effective marketing strategy there is to connect you with customers actively looking for your products and services.

Our Approach

Create a powerful SEO strategy

First, we’ll help you define your goals, objectives, and audience. Then, we’ll analyze your competitors’ content execution to understand what they are publishing, why they are publishing it, and how effective their execution is. Finally, we’ll implement a series of best practices to help your site outperform the competition.

Establish authority and trust

Search engines need to see your site as trustworthy and authoritative. Link acquisition, guest postings and relationship building are three key activities that improve how search engines – and influencers – perceive your site and brand.

Connect content, social media and SEO strategies

Our SEO strategy will help your site rank higher in search engines and nurture prospects through your marketing funnel. We combine the three pillars of marketing – content, SEO, and social media – to form a highly effective content marketing strategy, and help your company tell its story.

Why it Works

Clear SEO objectives and KPIs

We’ll help you map the impact a SEO strategy will have on your business, and what is needed to execute your new strategy like a pro.

Attract qualified leads to your site

High-ranking results on Google’s first page receive the majority of all site traffic. What does this mean for you? That ranking on the first page of search engines should be your top priority. SEO is the most cost-effective marketing strategy there is to connect you with users actively looking for your products and services – and we’ll make sure you get it right.

Proven return on investment

Improvements to your SEO strategy show measurable and quantifiable results for your business. You’ll be able to track every aspect of the strategy in real time, including increases in search rankings, site traffic, and conversions.
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