The 2018 healthcare trends rocking Digital Transformation in the industry

healthcare trends
Nearly everyone working in healthcare shares the same frustration:  executives in this field are timid about embracing the newest healthcare trends. As others have noted, most […]

Codrin Arsene on Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship

Codrin Arsene on Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship
How will AI help or hinder entrepreneurship? DAP’s CEO, Codrin Arsene, talks with Enterprise Radio’s Eric Dye about the exciting possibilities of using AI in entrepreneurial endeavors while […]

AI & Data Science in Business Transformation: A Talk with Michael Reddy

Artificial and Data Science in Business Transformation
How have artificial intelligence and data science transformed business? DAP’s President, Michael Reddy, talked at the Chicago AI & Data Science Conference about the exciting ways […]

It’s Time for Healthcare Leaders to Embrace Artificial Intelligence

This article originally appeared on  Artificial intelligence is not to be feared by healthcare executives, but embraced.  With the majority of U.S. hospitals set to […]