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Winning SEO Starts with a Mindset

SEO is constantly changing. Google made over 4500 algorithm changes in 2020. 3500 the year before that. Attempting to respond to these changes on a tactical level can get you lost in the weeds. Reacting tactically rather than strategically can lead to easily undone results during the next round of updates.

Understanding Google’s purpose for updates and adopting a strategic mindset is the key to effective SEO—regardless of changes. Clearly, one benefit of working with consultants. 

Google’s success depends on producing the best search results. Google survives by including paid ads in portions of search results pages (SERPs). If Google fails to return relevant search results, people seek information elsewhere. When they do, Google loses revenue. 

One SEO Strategy that Never Fails

Asking, “how can we rank higher and get more traffic,” shouldn’t be your primary question. A better question is, “how can we best speak to the wants and needs of those benefiting most from our products and services?” Or simply, “what is the best way to help people get what they want?

Effective SEO starts with understanding your prospects. Who are your customers? What are their wants and needs? What motivates them? Where they are in the sales funnel also influences questions they ask.

  • Top-funnel prospects aren’t yet aware of their need for your products and services. In this stage they search more generalized problem solving terms like:

• Over-the-counter back pain relief
• Best natural back pain remedies
• Non-prescription back pain treatments

  • Mid-funnel prospects narrow down searches, comparing and considering: 

• Is white willow bark better than heat patches for back pain?
• Does ice or heat relieve back pain better?
• Which hot-pads work best for back pain?
• Your heat-pad-X vs heat-pad-Y.

  • Bottom funnel prospects are ready to buy:

• Buy X heat-pads online
• Cheap X heat-pads
• Stores selling X heat-pads near me

SEO consultants can help you identify and guide keyword and content strategies for different customer types at each stage of the funnel.

High-quality content and long-tail keywords that solve user’s problems is the key to unlocking SEO value regardless of search engine algorithm changes. SEO consultants use data to figure out what your prospects are searching for and how to best optimize for traffic and conversions.

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  • 3 secrets to creating viral content people want to share—page 5
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  • “Rule of 7”—On-page tactics to get found by Google and Bing—Page 8
  • Influencer strategies to crush SEO in 2022

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