| January 2, 2018

Best Digital Marketing Blogs of the Week (12/31)

In this article, we try and gather the most informative and actionable digital marketing blogs we have come across on the internets over the last week. At Digital Authority we love staying up to date in all things marketing and tech, and so we aim to share what we find with you!


1.) How Big Tech Is Going After Your Healthcare

by: Natasha Singer

for: The New York Times

Why we liked it:

Investment by the top ten tech companies in health care is up ten fold compared to 2012. Natasha lays it down for us in her informative article, citing that the healthcare market is much too big and personal to ignore and providing us with insights on what Apple, Microsoft, and Google is doing to shape the world of healthcare. We at Digital Authority Partners liked this because we see the huge opportunity that technology has when putting the patient in charge of their own health. Furthermore, this article makes a strong call for the digital transformation of the healthcare industry to put patients first so they are engaged with the products and services of their providers.  Read about it here.     



2.) Obesity: Could a new smartphone app prevent overeating?

by: Hannah Nichols

for: Medical News Today

Why we liked it:

Tis’ the season for new years resolutions! There are countless weight loss apps available out there that require manual entry of all the foods you eat and all your physical activity. This is a tedious task. Cue the SlipBuddy app! We at Digital Authority Partners liked this because SlipBuddy is one of the .05% out of over 28,000+ weight loss apps that involves expert opinions in its development by offering a behavioral approach to curbing overeating. This app also features yet another brilliant application of machine learning by predicting when the user is likely to overeat and offer behavioral advice on what to do instead. Read about it here.


3.) Consumers dropped $200 million on apps on Christmas, up 12 percent from last year

by: Sarah Perez

for: Tech Crunch

Why We Liked it: 

Mobile apps don’t show any signs of slowing down as consumers spend $200M on purchasing apps on Christmas day. Sarah breaks it down for us in this informative article. The key takeaway here is there is growth across all categories. We at Digital Authority Partners liked this because we offer an end to end digital strategy for your next mobile app! Read about it here.

4.) Stat Watch: Display & Programmatic Spend & Trends

by: Website Magazine

for: Website Magazine

Why we liked it:

Facebook’s algorithm to fight fake news limits publisher’s reach to their target audience especially when linking to articles. Website Magazine thoroughly examines this topic and provides us with some statistics on programmatic spend and trends. We at Digital Authority Partners liked this because it forces us to re-examine what an effective digital strategy looks like as companies work around the Facebook algorithm to share their content and grow their brands. Read about it here.




5.) Alexa, can you be my financial planner?

by: Charlotte Beyer

for: Financial Planning

Why we liked it: 

Disruptive technologies have taken over many markets and the world of fintech could be next. In this easy 3-minute read Charlotte lists the reasons why we should modernize the financial planning process and explore fintech. From having market data and geographical climate to AI predicting and feeding solutions to investors, we at Digital Authority Partners liked this because we see the age old tradition of financial planning being demystified as the world of fintech expands. Read about it here.  



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