| April 1, 2018

Five articles every Head of Product Management should read (week ending 4/1)

The race to digital is on as enterprises adopt the latest digital innovations to edge out the competition. In this week’s post, we cover the key takeaways for all executives on the journey to digital transformation. In addition, we cover the potential of AI and machine learning in healthcare, fintech, as well as the importance of data security as the 5/25/2018 GDPR deadline is upon us! 


1.) Digital transformation in 2018 starts with the right thinking

by: Loraine Sims

for: ITProPortal

Why we liked it:

Digital transformation isn’t an option, it’s a means of survival. The race to digital is on as enterprises seek to adopt the newest technologies to automate processes to reduce costs and drive revenues. At the heart of any winning digital strategy is a solid roadmap.

Loraine’s insightful article gives executives some food for thought when beginning the journey to digital transformation. Her tips for excellent results include taking risks, sharing the burden, and building long term strategies. We liked this at Digital Authority Partners because we believe a winning digital strategy involves defining a roadmap with measurable KPIs and addressing the concerns of all stakeholders. Read about it here.    


2.) Artificial intelligence and machine learning forge path to a better UI

by: Nicole Laskowski

for: TechTarget SearchCIO

Why we liked it:

The perception of a brand is heavily driven by the kind of digital experience that a user receives. In fact, according to an article in Usability Geek, a bad user interface is a cranky receptionist–you don’t go in expecting a bad experience but it does leave a lasting impression. Nicole delivers on the impact of AI and machine learning on UI design with a transcript of an episode of Schooled in AI featuring Carnegie Mellon University’s Chris Harrison.

At a high level, he discusses the use of non-traditional surfaces to input information, leveraging synthetic sensors to make an IoT connected room smart, and utilizing a multimodal approach to complete tasks. We liked this at Digital Authority Partners because we are constantly seeking out the latest trends in AI its potential to drive digital transformation. Read about it here.  


3.) 2018 Trends And Predictions For Healthcare App Development

by: Akash Singh Chauhan

for: MobileAppDaily

Why We Liked it: 

According to Statista, the digital health market is expected to reach 206 billion U.S. dollars by 2020, driven particularly by the mobile and wireless health market. The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption as patients embrace digital innovations to take better care of themselves. Akash delivers on the latest technological trends and predictions that will drive the future of healthcare apps.

Cloud based computing, improved telemedicine, AI, AR, IoT and blockchain are expected to increase accessibility of healthcare to patients, enable value based care and secure data. We liked this at Digital Authority Partners because digital transformation of the healthcare industry is a win/win for both patients and care providers. Read about it here.


4.) 15 Applications of AI and Machine Learning in Financial Marketing

by: Jim Marous

for: The Financial Brand

Why we liked it:

According to the “State of the Connected Customer” report by Salesforce, 81% of consumers expect the same level of experience whenever they interact with a company across channels. The findings of the report conclude that the use of AI can create personalize customer experiences and consistency for customers over time. In this well-written article, Jim explains the fifteen applications of AI in financial marketing that allow institutions to reach, act, and convert customers.

The results of a study completed by Brightedge indicate a considerable gap between institutions recognizing the strong use cases for AI and machine and actually using the technology. We liked this at Digital Authority Partners because we recognize the positive impact of AI and machine learning as part of a winning digital strategy. Read about it here.


5.) Need for collaboration among security, privacy professionals extends beyond GDPR

by: Matt Loeb

for: CSO from IDG

Why we liked it: 

Digital transformation often involves transmitting data in an ecosystem that involves multiple IoT devices and platforms. However, data security and privacy are components of digital transformation that get overlooked or get treated as an afterthought. With the impending May 25th GDPR deadline, this is something that enterprises cannot afford to ignore. GDPR affects enterprises who do business with entities in the European regardless of physical location.

Matt lays down the importance of collaboration of executives with security experts across the enterprise to close gaps in people, processes, and technology to ensure privacy. We liked this at Digital Authority Partners because data breaches are expensive. By keeping data security and privacy forefront of mind, we earn the trust of our customers and grow our business. Read more about it here.  



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