| June 30, 2017

Best Marketing Blog Posts of the Week (6/29)


Staying on top of the latest marketing trends is vital to any marketer, and at Digital Authority Partners we are always on the lookout for the best marketing blog posts to stay up to date with the latest strategies and changes in the industry. In this weekly article, we highlight the most informative and actionable blog posts we have come across on the Internets over the last week.


1.‘Design is a competitive advantage’: How three banks are integrating design into customer experience

by: Tanaya Macheel

for: Digiday

best marketing blogs of the week

Why We Liked it: 

Design is important, and it is even more important for companies to recognize and understand that. Tanaya points out in her article that it is finally the time for banking, and likely other industries, to finally integrate design into their user experience. Customers now dictate what products are produced, and this article shows exactly how companies are adapting quickly to satisfy needs and retain customers. Read the full article here. 

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2. Contagious Content Marketing: How to Give Your Content Viral Potential

by: Joshua Nite

for: TopRank Blog

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

Content is one of the forefronts of marketing strategy. Good content means more outreach. Joshua lays the stepping stones for how to effectively get your content to the potential of going ‘viral’, which essentially translates to crafting your content as best as you can. This well crafted content is a great investment in itself and in your company, leaving luck out of the equation and letting the results speak for themselves.  Read the full article here.

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3. More Marketers Look to AI to Help Develop Content Marketing Strategies

by: Rimma Kats

for: eMarketer


Why we liked it:

As technology changes, the way we market will follow. As a result, as Artificial Intelligence grows, it will of course impact marketing strategy. Rimma highlights in her post how marketers in the past year are starting to consider AI more and more. As AI becomes more of a staple in our technological world, marketers will begin to incorporate it into their strategies, and this article shows the pace at which that is happening. Read the full article here.

4. Four content marketing lessons from ‘The Simpsons’

by: Robby Brumberg

for: PR Daily

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

An article about content marketing and The Simpsons, what’s not to like? On top of the obvious joy of reading about an iconic TV series, Robby is able to eloquently highlight some big content marketing takeaways viewers can get from the show. A big point covered is knowing when it’s time to quit a marketing strategy. Too often we see marketers insist on using a method of marketing that end up costing them big, mainly because they are unwilling to admit their idea is not working. Read the full article here.



5. 4 Copywriting Tips That Will Optimize Your Website

by: Laura Cole

for: Business2Community

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

Digital optimization in this day and age is vital for any business, and so that starts with a good website. Having good copy on your website makes for a simple and enjoyable experience for users, making them more likely to return. In this article Laura highlights the key tips to optimize your website’s copy for the best results. Read full article here.


Another week, another group of the best marketing articles. See you next week for more great blogs!

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