| August 10, 2017

Best Marketing Blog Posts of the Week (08/10)


Here at Digital Authority Partners, we try to stay abreast in all the latest in marketing. In this weekly article, we always try and gather the most informative and actionable blog posts we have come across on the internets over the last week.


1. The Science of Increasing Customer Loyalty

by: Alex Birkett

for: Business 2 Community

best marketing blogs of the week


Why we liked it.

As marketers, there’s no doubt we care about user conversion. But if you’re focusing solely on conversion, it’s likely that you’re leaving large sums of money on the table. Customer loyalty is the backbone of any good business, and the end goal is to not only convert users, but to keep them coming back. So, how do you increase customer loyalty while boosting your business? Read Alex’s article to find out.


2. Don’t bury the lede: Put crucial information first

by: Laura Hale Brockway

for: PR Daily

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

Marketing is all about grabbing—and keeping—the attention of potential customers. A common mistake? Not opening content with your lede: the most interesting part of your story. In this article, Laura highlights the importance of opening with your lede, and what exactly it is that readers are looking for. Learn which content needs to appear first, and how to hook even the most distracted readers in this overly increasing ADHD world. Read the full article here.



3. Facebook Announces New News Feed Update to Further Restrict Spammers

by: Andrew Hutchinson

for: Social Media Today

best marketing blogs of the week

Why We Liked it: 

In order to get our message across, it’s critical that audiences trust marketers. This means we must do the hard work of building trust with our followers, encouraging them to view us as partners, not spam. Unfortunately, spammers have a different goal. In this article, Andrew shares a new Facebook update aimed at cracking down on spam and misinformation, helping you protect the content (and trust) you’ve worked so hard create. Check out the full details here.

4. Put your value proposition to the test

by: Brian Massey

for: Marketing Land

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

Value propositions play a critical role in all successful marketing strategies. But how do you know if yours is any good? In his detailed, actionable article, Brian shares exactly how you can refine and test your value prop to optimize its chances of success. A must-read for marketers everywhere. Read full article here.


5. 3 Psychology Strategies You Should Be Using on Social Media

by: Wade Harman

for: Convince and Convert

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

Business success is as much about psychology as it is about strategy. Using three powerful psychological strategies, Wade shows you how you can increase the visibility of your business on social media. If you’re looking to increase traffic to your site, especially through social media, be sure to check out his article. Read the full article here.


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That wraps up this week’s post. See you next week for more great blogs!

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