| August 17, 2017

Best Marketing Blogs of the Week (8/17)


In this week’s article, we aimed to gather the most informative and actionable blog posts we have come across on the internets over the last week. Keeping up to date on the latest tech, marketing, and digital strategy is a hobby here at Digital Authority Partners and we hope to share some new


1. The Big, Easy Guide to Keyword Research for Businesses

by: Margot da Cunha
for: Business 2 Community

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it.

Keywords are vital for great marketing campaigns. You may have stellar content and know exactly what to say, but if you’re missing essential keywords, the likelihood of your content getting found is slim. With vast quantities of content being created every hour (check that, every second!), you need to ensure that what you post is easily found—and this starts with effective keywords research. In this article, Margot shares a simple guide to basic SEO strategies  guaranteed to help boost your content. Check out the ins and outs of good keyword research here.

2. Can Didi out-network Uber to win the global ridesharing market?

by: Jason Rowley
for: TechCrunch

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

As digital marketers, it’s no surprise that we like to stay on top of the latest tech and marketing news. Today, we’re covering the global ridesharing market. While we all know the ridesharing giant Uber, it’s a new company, Didi, that’s really capturing our attention. In this blog, Jason gives us the latest on Didi’s global marketing plans and reveals how they may just be on their way to surpass the king of ridesharing. Hey – no stays at the top forever, right? Read the full article here.


3. The Evolution of Social Media Influencers [Infographic]

by: Irfan Ahmad
for: Social Media Today

best marketing blogs of the week

Why We Liked it: 

Social media is rapidly taking over the way we get our news and information. As a result, social media influencers are becoming more important—and influential—than ever before. Whether  you’re unfamiliar with social media influencers or just want to brush up on your knowledge of their rise to prominence, this handy infographic by Irfan is the perfect crash course. We’re professional marketers and even we learned a lot about the  evolution of social media influencers and how they’re changing the information game. Start your day learning something new. View the infographic here.

4. Facebook offers in-stream-only video ad buys as it looks to rival YouTube, TV

by: Tim Peterson
for: Marketing Land

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

It’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date on what’s happening over at Facebook because, well, it’s Facebook. In an attempt to compete with other video streaming giants like YouTube, Amazon Video or Hulu, Facebook recently added in-stream-only videos. Helpful for anyone currently using Facebook for ads, as well as those who want to learn new ways to reach their audience. Peterson breaks down the ads currently appearing in Facebook’s videos. Read the full article here.

5. Three Ways to Earn Links and Win SEO Dominance

by: Gini Dietrich
for: Spin Sucks

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

SEO dominance—need we say more? This post by Gini shows readers how to increase SEO dominance and boost their company’s brand. Win-win? yes-yes! Hint: We all know that SEO is vital to attracting website traffic, but too often we ignore the importance of gaining links to our site. Learn how to boost your links and your SEO in this article.






That wraps up this week’s post. See you next week for more great blogs!

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