| August 31, 2017

Best Marketing Blogs of the Week (8/31)


Keeping up with the latest is one of our favorite things to do here at Digital Authority Partners. In this weekly article, we always try and gather the most informative and actionable blog posts we have come across on the internets over the last week.


1. 5 New Facebook Updates and Tests Spotted This Week

by: Andrew Hutchinson

for: Social Media Today

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it.

Facebook TV. Do I need to keep going? The monster that is Facebook is always updating to further their experience for the billions of users they have. As we have said in previous weeks and we will harp on again, because Facebook is so big, it is a must to stay up to date in what they are doing. In this article, Andrew highlights 5 of the new updates rolling out this week, and arguably the biggest of them being Facebook TV. This is just one more way Facebook seemingly will continue its reign of influence now as it ventures into the world of TV as well! Read the full article here.

2.Minimum Viable Localization: A Powerful Strategy to Globalize Your App on Low Budget

by: Jennifer Warren

for: Business 2 Community

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

Most marketers think often about MVP’s, Minimum Viable Products, but how often do you think about Minimum Viable Location? The concept is similar to MVP, but think of it as the least you need to tweak in order for the app to be successful in different locations. Why would you want this? If you aren’t localizing your app, you could be leaving large sums of money on the table. Alter your app too much for different areas, and you could be wasting resources. The solution? Take a look at what Jennifer outlines as the Minimum Viable Location to see how you can maximize your apps usage across many different regions! Read the full article here.

3. How Do You Measure Product Success?

by: Cory Bishop

for: Y Media Labs

best marketing blogs of the week

Why We Liked it: 

We have heard it time and time again. Product success. KPIs, key metrics, this and that. What values do we care about and what is less important? To that, our simple reply is, ask the experts. Over at Y Media Labs, it is their job to know the inside and out of the Tech Space. In this article, Cory outlines just what is Product Success, and this is definitely a perception worth reading! Read the full article here.

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4. The Most Common Mistakes Beginner Bloggers Make and How to Avoid Them

by: Olivia Ryan

for: Spin Sucks

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

A blog post about a blog post about how bloggers can make better blogs. Got that? In this post by Olivia, she lets you know the top mistakes by beginning bloggers, and how to avoid them. We know we have read it and couldn’t agree more! We do our best to avoid all these mistakes, and you should too! What are you waiting for? Make sure you aren’t making these mistakes now! Read full article here.

5. 3 PR and marketing lessons from Taylor Swift

by: Beki Winchel

for: PR Daily

best marketing blogs of the week

Why we liked it:

If you haven’t already heard, Taylor Swift has stirred up quite the internet storm. Whether it is hate or love, one thing is for sure, and it is that people are talking. And by that, I mean everyone! Within a day, her new song has broken countless records for Youtube, downloads and more. Why do I bring this up? The girl has some amazing publicity skills! But she is no superhuman, and just like TSwift, you can have some great publicity and marketing skills too. Check out how as Beki breaks it down in this week’s final article of the week. Read full article here.

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That wraps up this week’s post. See you next week for more great blogs!

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