| September 26, 2018

DAP Employee Perspective: Best Tech Workplace Diversity

Nancy Huynh

Nancy is our Senior Marketing Analyst. She brings over a decade of experience in growing sales through her ability to... Nancy is our Senior Marketing Analyst. She brings over a decade of experience in growing sales through her ability to tell the story behind the numbers.

DAP brings transformational, next-gen digital solutions to some of today’s largest healthcare, financial services, and government organizations. We help our clients reimagine their business and adapt for the Digital Age.


Innovation is our business at Digital Authority — from how we approach problems to how we hire. We look beyond the resume to find employees that are as diverse in their thinking as they are in their backgrounds, with the singular goal of building a world-class team that delivers game-changing solutions for our clients.


Recently, Tech in Motion named us as one of the top 10 finalists for the 2018 Timmy Award for Best Tech Workplace Diversity in Chicago. Our team of experts comes from different walks of life but they all have one thing in common – they’re a perfect fit for their role.


Simply put, resumes don’t tell the entire story. This is why our founders assess each candidate’s potential based on how well they can do the job. 


The results? Highly engaged employees who are passionate about their work and a collaborative environment filled with diverse experiences.


My DAP career has been filled with opportunities to learn and grow at every turn. Often times, I don’t have all the answers, but our founders foster an environment of autonomy, trust, and constant learning. My teammates bring amazing perspective and skill sets from diverse backgrounds.  


From carrying out competitive research for one of the biggest chronic disease management platforms in the country to assembling a proposal to be presented in front of venture capitalists (all within my first 90 days), I am inspired to be at my best with every assignment. Our supportive work culture motivates me to think outside of the box when taking on projects to grow the DAP brand, asking myself: How high is high?


(Podcast) Government Innovation & Emerging Technologies

My latest achievements include writing cornerstone content for Healthcare Weekly, a digital magazine that covers all things healthcare innovation, as well as overseeing its social media efforts. 


Simply put, game changing solutions start with game changing people. Diversity is more than race, gender, or age to us. It’s about different backgrounds. Different skills. Different ways of solving problems. It’s about hiring people who don’t necessarily think or act like us, but who have the passion, potential, and drive to help our company think differently, and deliver exceptional results.


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