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DAP helped Bella+Canvas achieve a 9.65X return on marketing spend across SEO, paid media, and email marketing.
icon192.7%increase in return on ad spend from paid media
icon70.18%drop in the cost of acquisition through paid media
icon43%increase in the share of organic traffic compared with competitors
icon212%increase in sales generated from email channel for retail
Geode Health
Increased patient enrollment for a mental health provider with locations across the US.
icon11Number of locations ranking #1 on Google
icon26XIncrease in organic keywords ranking
year over year
icon1,500+# of local keywords ranking
We achieved a remarkable 200% increase in Sales Qualified Leads year over year for DecesionLink by meticulously rebranding the DecisionLink platform, implementing a refined SEO strategy, and strategically aligning marketing with sales enablement efforts tailored to SaaS-focused buyer personas.
icon200%Increase in sales-qualified leads YoY
icon178%Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic to the website in one year
icon30.69%Increase in time on page across the website after the redesign

100s of testimonials from our clients

athena health

“We brought in Digital Authority Partners (DAP) to help us with a complex set of SEO projects. Their expert team helped us optimize our editorial content strategy to help us rank for thousands of keywords and worked with our technology team to optimize the core platform. Their team also trained us on how to best leverage AHREFs and other SEO tools. The insights DAP brought were invaluable, and our organic traffic is spiking due to these efforts. The team is transparent about their approach, the expected results, and the required timeline.”


Abhirup Bhattacharya

Head of Digital, Athenahealth

sanctuary logo

“We are very pleased with DAP. They are great marketing partners and have been a great asset to our digital team.”


Christal Westbrook

Director of eCommerce at Sanctuary


“We hired DAP to help us simplify our go-to-market messaging, launch a new website and provide a marketing operations framework we desperately needed. DAP was holistic in their treatment of our marketing operations, from the technology that supported our marketing engine to the messaging that was displayed on the website, to the ads we were serving, to SEO and our positioning in the market, DAP brought a wealth of expertise to the team that allowed us to put our best foot forward to our prospects and customers. ”


Lizzie O'Rourke

Vice President of Marketing at DecisionLink


“Digital Authority Partners developed a fast, effective Local SEO plan for Fresh Thyme and then helped us execute it. They helped us show up in local searches where we’d never been before. Great partners — they do what they say and are always willing to provide knowledgeable perspective.”


Amy Parker

Vice President of Marketing at Fresh Thyme

Complete Nutrition

“I had an opportunity to hire Digital Authority Partners for a health and wellness company. Our SEO was hurting due to not having proper research and structure. The team at Digital Authority created a timeline and how we are going to fix all the issues related search engine optimization. I received such personable, professional and effective results by working with them. I would highly recommend Codrin and the team to anyone who’s looking to grow their organic channel.”


Kaivan Dave

Head of Marketing at Complete Nutrition

Unity Communications

"We are now ranking in the top 3 for over 50 keywords, increased out traffic 1000% and are no longer able to take on any additional accounts this year. The SEO strategy that Digital Authority Partners created has been very successful — we have increased our traffic by 1,000% and ranked top 3 for 50 of our chosen keywords."

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Patrick Brown


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