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Helped a leading environmental monitoring solutions company optimize their site and increase leads by 80%

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Developed an e-commerce platform on Magento and e-learning portal used by over 35,000 students worldwide

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What is Magento Web Development?

An intuitive website is the foundation of a successful Ecommerce business.

At DAP, we work exclusively with the most seasoned developers to build high-powered Ecommerce websites for online stories of all sizes. We understand there are many moving parts in the world of Ecommerce and that competition is tough. The truth is, although tons of options are available for building websites, the development process is not simply a matter of fill-in-the-blanks. Without meticulous attention to detail, the website can easily have glitches affecting SEO ranking and user experience.

The digital world is constantly changing.  It’s easy for Ecommerce businesses to fall behind. To avoid this from happening, we stay on top of web development trends with in-depth research and by using state-of-the-art programs. 

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Foundations of
Magento Web Development

  • 1

    Assess your project goals We evaluate your goals and determine how to incorporate them into the Magento Web Development process
  • 2

    Create and review requirements with your team Since each business has different requirements, we carefully review these to ensure we completely understand your needs.
  • 3

    Design how your Magento experience will look and feel We want your website to authentically represent your Ecommerce business.
  • 4

    Develop your site, end-to-end We check and recheck every detail during the development process.
  • 5

    Quality assurance, launch, and post-launch monitoring Now is the time to test repeatedly, launch when all specs are met, and monitor performance for optimal results.
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Web Development

Frequently Asked Questions
Magento Web Development

Magento Web Development is an intuitive Ecommerce platform that offers users flexibility and scalability all in one place. The software was designed to provide Ecommerce users a wide variety of plugins and integrations to accommodate individual business needs. Magento also offers high-tech security features that will protect your customers’ private information. 

Magento is up-to-date with all new web development technologies. It has the necessary features for Ecommerce businesses to market themselves; these include CRM and social media plugins that allow business owners to track metrics and engage with customers. Magento Web Development also supports SEO functionality, ensuring that your website will rank at the top of search results.

Magento Web Development is a top choice for Ecommerce business owners because it’s an all-in-one enterprise-grade Ecommerce solution. Magento is an open-source platform that allows for significant customizations.

Although both Magento and WordPress are powerful platforms, Magento is the more versatile option. It has many advanced features users can deploy to customize a website to match their brand. Magento Web Development is the better choice for increasing Ecommerce sales and managing inventory.

A solid development team is more than just software developers; it includes project managers, designers, and support members. The success of your Ecommerce store depends on the performance of your website, so it’s important to make sure you look for knowledge and dedication when hiring a development team. We encourage you to research their portfolio and reviews, and to make sure their experience exactly matches your goals.

Magento has a few different editions that cater to individual Ecommerce needs. The free version is Magento Open Source, which is designed for developers and small businesses. It includes standard functions and a simple theme, which is ideal for a business owner who is just starting out. Magento Commerce & Commerce Cloud was developed for bigger stores with higher sales revenues. The installation for this edition starts from $40,000. Additionally, there are separate fees for coding and website extensions.

Helping companies develop next-gen Magento websites

Case Studies

Room to Read website on screen

Room to Read

  • 35k+ students using the portal on their path to literacy
  • 1k+ teachers have integrated portal into their classrooms
  • 2 nations currently testing program for their own literacy initiatives
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The new performance dashboard of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois shown on a desktop

BlueCross BlueShield

  • 75 reduction in time spent on email
  • 40 increase in submission speed of
    managed health reports
  • Worked with stakeholders to determine the most relevant data to display
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The Robosoft Technologies' wensite displayed on desktop
Software as a Solution


  • Improved SEO rankings
  • Increased qualified leads from organic traffic
  • Drove incremental sales through new service offerings
  • 3X Increase to Robosoft organic traffic within 8 months.
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Why Companies Choose to Work With our Magento Web Development Experts

  • Our expert development team has built solutions for Fortune 500 companies, renowned universities, and disruptive startups.
  • We have a track record of delivering on-time and on-budget.
  • We’ve won awards for our software development efforts. Outside recognition is not something we strive for, but it is always nice to receive!
  • Our Magento development team always has a finger on the pulse of the industry. At DAP, we stay on top of industry trends, and don’t provide recommendations based on the past.
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Magento Web Development

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Web Development

What is
Magento Web Development?

When it comes to content management, users want a simple interface that can get the job done. With the number of content management systems on the market, it can be difficult to rank their combinations of features. This is where Magento comes in.

Magento is an intuitive Ecommerce interface that streamlines the content marketing and merchandising process. Magento’s flexibility and scalability set it apart from other content management systems. For example: plugins are a necessity for every single website, but certain softwares turns their integration into a time-consuming and complicated process. Magento supports your digital marketing efforts with its SEO features and PCI-DSS compliance to ensure improved site speed. This software was made for accessibility and customization so you can provide an exceptional user experience. 

In the smartphone age, optimizing your website for mobile use should be every business owner’s priority.

More than 75% of shoppers use mobile devices in addition to physical shopping. 57% of consumers would not recommend a business with a poorly functioning mobile website.

Having a mobile friendly design allows a maximum number of users and a positive user experience. Magento is a trusted mobile solution so that all types of companies and organizations can provide mobile devices with the same features as their websites. Functions like shopping carts and checkouts make it easy for consumers to make purchases – guaranteeing increases in your profits. 

The developers of Magento were aware that no business operates alone. Integrating CRM and social media platforms like Salesforce and Instagram are essential for keeping track of consumer information and advertising. These integrations give you access to different entry points to seamlessly draw in new shoppers. They also understood the importance of saving resources by quickly importing images and product data. 

Website security is also an important ranking factor in SEO.  Magento was designed to accommodate this need. If Google detects a website is unsecured, it will automatically bump it down to the bottom of the results page, leaving your business with little online visibility. Magento software uses over 30 security tests to protect your customers’ information. Our developers are constantly looking for ways to improve your website’s security, which is one reason why Magento has created an expanding community of developers who design solutions just for you. 

Why is Magento so popular?

First and foremost, Magento is the fastest growing Ecommerce platform in the market today. As of 2020, it has over 250,000 active users and handles over $115B in annual transactions. When Magento was founded, its goal was to help stores save resources on customer support by providing them with the maximum number of possible 3rd party integrations and plugins. Google Base, Google Analytics, and Google Checkout are a few of the many integrations available to Ecommerce businesses.  They allow you to track your website’s performance and productivity at any time. Even more beneficial is how Magento makes the integration process straightforward and uncomplicated, saving you even more time to put towards expanding your business. 

The software’s advanced technology has the ability to reach a wide range of sellers and consumers. They expect flexibility and simplicity, and don’t want to spend time figuring out unnecessary details. With this in mind, Magento developers delivered a highly customizable, open source platform that is user-friendly. For instance, sellers can include SEO dedicated modules, email lists, and pricing tiers all in one place, rather than investing in separate software. It also supports gateways for twenty different types of payment options. By providing your customers with a positive shopping experience, you are sure to continuously increase your profits. 

Magento accommodates all current technology trends, which is why their developers have dedicated a large number of resources to improving the mobile shopping experience. This allows companies to scale up their business and expand into international markets by connecting with a larger consumer base. Of course, one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers is through its SEO capabilities. It is responsive to PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.  It also gives the user endless options to implement customized elements. Magento supports SEO-friendly URLs and meta information for individual pages, giving your website the perfect opportunity to rank – and stay- at the top of search results.

Business models might vary, but the common denominator for all sellers is affordability. This is one of main reasons why Magento is so popular in the Ecommerce industry. When the software was being developed, the developers figured that the most effective method to offer affordable solutions is to create cloud hosting services. 

Many Ecommerce stores have started to rely on the cloud in the past few years because it allows them to monitor multiple websites simultaneously, significantly lowering operational costs. Adding to its convenience, the cloud backs up every single bit of data you have, so you can expand your operations without worrying about missing any important information.  Superior performance should not come with a high price tag; Magento makes it affordable for everyone.

To take advantage of Magento’s popularity, all you have to do is integrate your business with the software. By doing so, you can gain access to all platform users and retrieve relevant Ecommerce data. In addition to simplifying your business’s information management on products, pricing, orders, etc, Magento also connects to shipping and fulfillment management software. 

What are some benefits of Magento over other platforms?

It’s true that many Ecommerce platforms are available, making it difficult for business owners to choose the right one for their needs. Magento eliminates any doubts business owners might have because of its open source platform and customizable features. The software offers Ecommerce stores great flexibility to build and manage an online store.

    1. SEO friendly

SEO is an important marketing element for an Ecommerce website to follow because of its power to drive organic traffic. Google and other search engines evaluate the relevance of a website’s information, as well as its security and keywords, before ranking them at the top of the search results. Magento’s platform provides exceptional SEO management; it generates SEO-friendly URLs and is responsive across all devices and browsers. 

    1. Versatility

Magento caters to all Ecommerce businesses no matter their size or how long they’ve been operating. The platform allows online stores to manage hundreds of products seamlessly through advanced inventory management. Included within this feature are filters and navigation that helps increase conversion rates by improving your site’s performance. One of Magento’s most versatile features is its theme system.  The platform comes with thousands of themes for you to choose from. If on the off chance you don’t find a theme that suits your business, a Magento web development professional can create one just for you.

    1. High-speed

The speed at which a website loads is another factor Google considers when ranking your website. The slower your web page loads, the higher the chances that you will rank at the bottom of search results. Plus, you also risk losing potential customers due to a poor user experience. Magento is a high-powered platform that will never slow down your business’s website – or its growth.

    1. Customizable

There are no limits to how much you can customize your website. Magento’s programming makes coding from scratch easy, and even offers a number of payment, shipping, and language methods to accommodate your customers. You no longer need to select templates that don’t match your store’s brand.  Instead you can authentically represent your business.

    1. Flexibility

We’ve discussed that Magento is known for its flexibility, but how does that help your store? As mentioned above, customizing your website is the key to being instantly recognizable in your market. Magento takes this a step further with intuitive page editors so you can make changes to any page without technical knowledge. 

    1. Advanced reporting features

When it comes to Ecommerce, data is everything. There are many analytical softwares available to business owners, but they can be complex to use, especially for those who don’t have a technical background. Magento eliminates all of these challenges by offering nearly 20 reports through its interface. It includes insights into orders and products, so you can identify where to adjust your digital marketing efforts. 
Magento provides business owners with the opportunity to see measurable results all on one platform. 

Is Magento only used for e-commerce?

Magento Web Development can be used for corporate websites, too, however, it was created to provide Ecommerce businesses with the tools to build the powerful website their stores need to succeed in the online marketplace. Magento is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide because its platform gives them the opportunity to attract more customers, sell more products, and, as a result, drive higher profits. 

What makes Magento stand out from other platforms is its open source software.  Merchants customize their websites based on their unique brand as opposed to using generic templates. Magento offers a large variety of extensions and security features that provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience. Working with a Magento professional brings many benefits which ultimately add up to a successful Ecommerce business. 

Why should I bring in Magento experts for my development project?

Magento is user friendly, but as an Ecommerce company, you will want to reap the maximum benefits. To do this, there is no question that you need the help of Magento development professionals. Your company might have employed a generalist developer who has set up the front and back end of your website, but this isn’t enough to get it up and running. Magento professionals have a diverse set of skills that tie together all elements of your website’s architecture. This is only one of the reasons why hiring Magento experts is a necessity.  

If you’re not already convinced of this, below is a list of benefits to reap from bringing on the professionals.

    1. Specific expertise in the field

Ecommerce development is similar to building a brick and mortar store because you need specialists for different areas of the project. Additionally, the more experience specialists have, the quicker you will see high-quality results, because there’s a good chance that they have worked with a company similar to yours and can apply any best practices they picked up. Magento Web Development is no different.

Even if you and your team have an idea as to which extensions and customizations would work best for your website, a Magento expert can suggest relevant alternative options. This way, you save resources by avoiding operating on a trial-and-error basis. Once these factors have been established, the site will need to be built from the ground up. A strong technical foundation is a crucial element to a well-functioning website. By working with experts, you can be sure that your Ecommerce site will be developed correctly from the start.

    1. Building a website is a team effort

A team of Magento experts comprises many different members, specializing in different areas of Magenta Web Development. Successful services include roles such as front- and back-end developers; designers; project managers; and dev ops managers. Each of these positions carries responsibilities that ultimately tie together all  elements of your Magento Ecommerce website. 

    1. Magento is constantly evolving

Magento Web Development isn’t just about building Ecommerce websites, it’s about keeping those sites up-to-date so companies can stay competitive. A Magento team can ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version and that you have access to the latest tools and features. They will make sure this is done on time to avoid potentially losing customers and revenue.

    1. Minimize your risk

User experience should be your number one priority when it comes to launching your website. High quality pages ensure that your customers can quickly and easily find what they seek.  Otherwise, they will likely take their business to another company. Experts in Magento Web Development are with you from start to finish, making sure you attract visitors to your website and retain their business. 

Launching a website involves multiple stages; each stage is just as important as the next. Trying to simultaneously manage a launch and your business operations is more likely to cause issues. One of the many ways to prevent these is by implementing cybersecurity features. Ecommerce sites always store sensitive information such as credit card numbers and billing information. Without proper security and encryption, hackers can easily steal this information, leading to lawsuits and other severe consequences.

Hiring a team of experts for your Magento Web Development project might at first seem like a large investment but in the long run, you will save both time and money. Most importantly, you can provide your customers with an excellent user experience that will guarantee repeat business.

What should I look for in a developer?

To achieve optimal results, you need a developer who is highly experienced in building intuitive websites that draw in large volumes of online visitors. In addition, they should be familiar with a number of different technologies, including task management softwares. However, even though experience is an important factor to consider when hiring a developer, a number of other qualities are equally important and will contribute to the success of your Magento Web Development project.

    1. Being a good team player

Developing a Magento Ecommerce website takes a team of experts, from developers to project managers and designers. Each professional has different skills to offer, but sometimes, teammates fall out of sync. And that’s okay.

A good developer should be willing to assist others to overcome challenges and diplomatically manage conflict . It’s recommended that you ask your developer about previous experience working on teams or mentoring new employees. This will give you a sense of whether they’re a team player or prefer working independently. 

    1. Strong communication skills

Communication skills and teamwork go hand-in-hand. A great developer is able to find solutions to problems and quickly pick up on concepts. It is also important for them to communicate pertinent information with you during the Magento Web Development process. For example, there might be changes to the delivery timeline or your developer might need to take a different approach to building your Ecommerce website.

One way to test a developer’s communication skills during an interview: give them a hypothetical problem to solve to assess how they approach the situation. 

    1. Ability to see the big picture

An experienced developer is able to analyze the impact each individual task has on the Magento Web Development process as a whole. They will ask questions about how the design will contribute to a positive user experience and if there is any room for improvement. For maximum results, the developer should be working closely with a project manager to make sure they are staying on track as set by the project roadmap. 

    1. Strong time management skills

Reliability is a key quality in a good developer. If they’re disorganized and are unable to complete tasks on time, you will definitely face delays and potential technical issues. To avoid these situations, you should hire a developer who has a strong work ethic and delivers projects on time. If there happen to be delays or challenges, they should have the ability to explain this and provide a solution.

You can assess a developer’s time management skills by hiring them for a short term project prior to contracting them long-term. This will give you a good sense of how the developer organizes tasks and if they can deliver on time.

    1. Be a quick learner

Prior to building an Ecommerce website, a project roadmap will be established by your development team. This includes deadlines and milestones to ensure the Magento Web Development process is smooth and delivers exceptional results.

Great developers not only have the ability to quickly pick up new concepts, but are also good self-learners. The technology industry is constantly growing, and your developer should be able to take advantage of the many resources available to keep up with the latest industry trends. 

After I build my Magento site, what’s next?

Now that you have completed your Ecommerce website, it’s time to tie together all the little details: adjusting settings, establishing the design, and installing any additional extensions. Keep in mind that Magento is already packed with all the tools required to run your Ecommerce business, so there is no need to download anything externally.

  • Update your store’s design

Design is one of the most important aspects of your Ecommerce store because it makes your brand recognizable to your current and potential customers. Online businesses generally perform better when they have a visually appealing layout, which is why you want to make your website’s design a priority. 

A Magento expert will start by uploading a logo followed by choosing a theme. Magento’s technology has the ability to generate themes for every type of Ecommerce store, but they don’t just affect appearance. Themes have an effect on your user-interface and site navigation, which both go hand-in-hand with user experience.

  • Include key information

Your Ecommerce store needs basic information for your customers’ reference and for legal compliance purposes. Be sure to include details like your location, store information, email addresses, etc.  A Magento professional can easily set this up through “settings” on the dashboard and will ensure that each section is complete prior to launch.

  • Website security

Your website security is a paramount to your Ecommerce business’s success. If left unprotected, your website could be subject to virus attacks and hackers. Such incidents can result in severe consequences such as financial losses or lawsuits. To protect your customers’ information, a Magento expert will advise you on how to maintain strong password practices and keep your store updated with the latest software versions. They will also implement two-factor authentication and set up an encrypted SSL connection. These are only a few examples of the many security features Magento offers, all of which should be utilized for data protection.

  • Install any necessary extensions

Magento extensions have the potential to introduce new features to your website that are not readily available on the platform. For instance, if you want to track detailed metrics, you could install an extension with powerful analysis capabilities. Each Ecommerce store requires different extensions depending on their products or services. Magento experts will help you decide which extensions would be most beneficial for enhancing the current functions of your online store. 

Extensions are created by both in-house and third party Magento developers.

Last, but not least, as a business owner you want to make sure you are in compliance with all local and federal laws. These vary from state to state, so it’s important to know which laws apply to your Ecommerce business. By working with a highly experienced Magento professional, you can rest assured that your business is complying with industry standards.

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