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WordPress development is the customization of websites using the WordPress framework. Easily the most popular web and content management platform, 43% of all websites are WordPress. Our experts have deep experience specializing in WordPress.

First, WordPress is easy to use. Its intuitive interface allows users to seamlessly add new pages, images, and more. Websites built with WordPress are fully customizable and include a wide range of plugins, making adding an event calendar, Twitter feed, or video gallery simple.

As a business owner using WordPress, you will benefit from its robust features and ability to develop different types of websites. Such as business websites and online stores. WordPress is also great for online courses and membership sites. No matter what your business, WordPress towers above competing platforms. Best of all, you own it and can choose where to host it.

Absolutely! In fact, 43% of all internet websites run on WordPress because of its simple and intuitive interface. Business owners have been using WordPress for their CMS needs, not only because of ease of use and design options, but because of its data portability. If at any point you choose to move over to another CMS platform, you can export your data there.

Cost is the fundamental reason to consider WordPress. A custom website is typically far more expensive to build than one built with WordPress. Second, building a website from scratch is time-consuming, delaying your business launch or revamped website. For convenience, speed of delivery, and accessibility, WordPress is your best option.

Our WordPress development company provides you with a team of professionals to build the ideal website for your business. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we offer the services of developers, CMOs, designers, and project managers.

The cost of your WordPress development depends on the type of site you’re building. While WordPress itself is free, hosting, domain names, plugins, and themes may have costs. Development costs typically range from $3,500 to $30,000.

Helping Companies

Build World-Class Websites

Case Studies

Screenshot of ClearGov's website


  • ~50 transparency profiles for local governments hosted by ClearGov
  • $17 in municipal spending is displayed on ClearGov’s ADA-compliant website
  • Provided a comprehensive and actionable ADA scorecard
View case study
The Screen Print This website displayed on monitor

Screen Print This

  • Successfully rebranded Screen Print This brand as a premium provider of B2B apparel
  • Delivered a high-performing, high-converting e-commerce website
  • Built back-end order management process
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Dickson left computer


  • 10% increase in total leads YoY
  • 18% reduction in bounce rate
  • 71% increase in email click-through rate
  • 3x increase in form conversion rate
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  • Our expert development team has experience working with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 giants.
  • The DAP team  stays up-to-date with the latest and greatest in technology that can help grow your site.
  • Over 100 Fortune 1000 companies have used our services, with excellent results for their bottom lines.
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Website Development

What is WordPress Development?

WordPress Developers customize the world's most popular website and content management platform, WordPress to meet your needs.

WordPress supports over 43.2% of all websites on the internet. That’s where WordPress development comes into the picture. From data backup and digital security to website design and theme, a WordPress development company handles all the important details that go into creating your brand in the digital space. Sounds complicated? Not for the experts. But before diving into the benefits of hiring such a service, let’s have a detailed look at how it works.

How Does WordPress Development Work?

Using WordPress to develop your site means transforming your idea of a website into a full-fledged working site that communicates your brand value and guides visitors along your sales funnel. It includes creating a theme, adding plugins, and nailing down the details to make sure your site is up, running, and showing your brand to its best advantage. Here’s a quick sneak peek!

Step 1: Choosing a WordPress Plan

Choose a WordPress plan that works for you. Choose either the free plan with limited benefits or one of the four paid ones with additional features.

Step 2: Setting Up a Domain Name and Web Host

Next, select a domain name or integrate an older one. WordPress also offers a range of web hosts that are secure and reliable.

Step 3: Choosing a Theme

Choose a theme for your website’s WordPress development. The exciting part is, many themes come with several layout options for creating unique visual designs. 

Step 4: Adding and Designing Web Pages

This step involves creating all pages your site needs to attract and keep customers, such as About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Homepage, etc.

Step 5: Customizing the Website

In addition to choosing a unique theme, you can customize the website according to your display and navigation requirements. This step involves the arrangement of your posts, titles, taglines, and other elements.

Step 6: Installing Plugins

You can add a host of plugins to your website to use different features. These include chatbots, SEO tools like Yoast, CRM tools like HubSpot, Calendar, and more.

Step 7: Website Optimization

Once the website is ready, it is time to optimize it for increasing organic traffic. This speeds up the site, ensuring a user-friendly interface. Does it seem like a lot of work? Don’t worry! A WordPress development company has you covered!

Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Development Service

A WordPress development service will handle all the tricky work, leaving you with a high-performing, freshly designed website. Benefits include:

  • No Tech Trouble
  • Unique Website Theme
  • Optimized Website for Higher Traffic
  • Flawless Performance and Top-Notch UX


WordPress development is all about creating a website from scratch or revamping an existing one on a world-famous platform. This requires painstaking, time-consuming attention to detail. It can be intimidating for someone with too little coding experience. When a WordPress development company can do it all, why worry? Hire their services and watch your website grow and thrive!

Is WordPress a New Technology?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that was released in 2003. But it wasn’t always a CMS tool. Originally, WordPress was a blog publishing system. Over the years, the tool became open to other content types, including internet forums, websites, and even e-commerce stores. It is the  most-used CMS today, with Drupal and Google Search Appliance taking second and third positions. It continues to evolve, providing users and site owners with many technological innovations. Keeping up with these changes can be tricky. That’s why hiring a WordPress development company helps. What are the latest upgrades in WordPress, though? This blog will walk you through the new technologies as well as upcoming trends.

WordPress 5.9 – What’s New in WordPress?

WordPress has released upgraded versions of its features, making website development easier and more creative.

  • Template Editor: The tool helps you edit your current WordPress theme in new and exciting ways, giving you broader control of your site’s look and feel. Now you can add 10+ blocks, including logo, title, tagline, tags, categories, and lists.
  • Widgets: The widget screen is all new and updated. You can now add buttons, choose different colors, and play around with more blocks.
  • WebP Image Format: This is WordPress’ new default image format, enabling you to upload 25-35% smaller images without losing quality and ensuring a fast-performing website.

WordPress additionally provides a host of updates in the block editor. These include the new Query Loop Block, Duotone filters, and other block enhancements.

WordPress and Disruptive Technology

From a blog publishing system to a full-fledged website management system, WordPress has come a long way. Though it is not a new technology, the CMS platform easily supports all the most recent technological trends.

AR and VR

WordPress is no timeworn website management system. It now enables you to integrate augmented reality and virtual reality on your websites for a super-enhanced customer experience.

Voice Search

You may have heard of Siri and Alexa. What if you could add such voice search bots to your website? Level up your SEO and gain massive traffic by letting your website visitors look up their favorite products through voice search.

Drag and Drop

WordPress makes site construction easier than ever with drag-and-drop web page builders. If the platform’s features aren’t enough, you can use plugins like Elementor and DIVI, among others, to build your website.

Lazy Loading

Why waste your audience’s internet bandwidth and slow down your website speed? WordPress’ Lazy Loading loads only the content needed by the user. The technology dramatically enhances user experience while also improving page speed, making a win-win situation for you and your site visitors.


Another new technology you can integrate into your website is geo-location. Suggest products and services to your users based on their location and provide a personalized experience to the user, significantly boosting the conversion rate.

Wrap Up

WordPress constantly upgrades its features and offers to make sure you’re aligned with the latest technological trends. Though it is not a new platform, its attributes are ever fresh.

Do you think it is challenging to keep up with all the upcoming trends and features?

WordPress development companies are great options who want advanced customization but lack in-house support. Whether your creating a new site or upgrading, the right WordPress development company can streamline your efforts and provide insights to better meet your organizational goals.

Why Is WordPress So Popular?

WordPress is easy for users and devs. It supports tons of integrations, is highly flexible, and extensible. WordPress is SEO friendly and has multiple permission levels for various members of your team including, authors, editors, administrators, and super administrators. A few more reasons:

  1. Websites in the Hundred of Millions
    Over  455 million websites globally are supported by WordPress. Every day, 500 websites are added to the list. All because the platform supports a vast range of different types of websites. From blogs and e-commerce to e-learning, social media, affiliate marketing, forums, reviews – the list is endless.
  2. Countless Plugin Integrations
    WordPress has over 59,000 plugins and 8,800+ themes. You have endless options in creating your website. WordPress provides you the resources to create your unique, tailored, sleek, and results-oriented website.
  3. It is Free
    WordPress is open-source code. It is free to download and can be used without restrictions. However, you will have to pay for hosting, domains and premium plugins and themes.
  4. Easy Customization
    Creating a custom and professional-looking website using WordPress is easy, thanks to its latest upgrade—the block editor, which enables you to drag and drop all the elements you want on your website. Remember, customization is WordPress’ strength—hundreds of million of unique websites attest to that! 
  5. Supports Search Engine Optimization
    These days, SEO is like oxygen for a plant. Without it, a website withers away, not found and not visited. If you want your website to perform well and reach your audience optimize. WordPress has all the tools you need for the highest level of optimization.
  6. Provides Data and Network Security
    Although no website is completely secure, WordPress is one of the safest infrastructures on the internet. The company has a dedicated team of 50 security experts who closely regulate the platform’s security services. And you can integrate additional security plugins to ensure your website is safe from theft and fraud.
  7. Supports Multiple Types of Media and Content
    You may have heard that a human’s attention span is only eight seconds, shorter than that of a goldfish, according to some. But that doesn’t apply to all kinds of media. According to a  Netflix survey, 61% of viewers regularly binge-watched 2-6 episodes at once. If something is visually interesting, it gains greater traction. WordPress supports all kinds of media, including images, audio, and videos, so your website avoids a high bounce rate.

WordPress offers anything you need to create a website from scratch. Manage and boost your website performance with its latest updates and integrations. A large WordPress community of users supporting each other and a vast array of resources provided by the platform—what’s not to like! Does all this seem challenging and confusing? Hire an expert WordPress development company and sit back as they build a high-performing website that aligns with your goals and needs!

What Should I Look for in a Web Development Team?

Hiring a dedicated team is a no-brainer, with nearly  50% of the top one million websites using WordPress. But before you hire that team, think about certain factors.

A Complete WordPress Development Company Team

Knowing whether a team has all the essentials covered is vital before finalizing a deal. In the end, you are outsourcing the website development work. And you want to make sure the team you hire is the right team for your goals. Ideally, look for a team composed of:

  • Software or Website Developers
  • Project Managers
  • QA Specialists
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Content Writers
  • Digital Marketers

A professional website or WordPress development company has certain work ethics and characteristics. So, look for these ‘must-haves’ in a development team.

The Must-Haves of a Development Team

These days, it is practical to hire a remote development team to create your online presence. Importantly, you end up saving money, time and can use your resources as per web requirements. So, before outsourcing your digital needs, make sure to understand these aspects of a development team.

Professionalism and Communication Ethics

Look for a development team that communicates professionally and clearly about their services. Also, study their previous projects. Hire a team that really seeks to understand your business. Moreover, a good development team:

  • Knows the end goal of the project
  • Possesses knowledge about new technologies
  • Has impeccable WordPress skills
  • Is open to brainstorming and discussions

A reliable development team uses  efficient remote work tools for enhanced communication and high productivity.

Technical Competence

Always ask yourself the following questions before hiring a WordPress development company:

  • Does the team have sufficient skills in web technologies?
  • Are the professionals certified?
  • Does the team have successful prior projects?
  • Is the development team passionate about technology and aiding new startups?

If a development team justifies all/most of the above questions, you can rely on their expertise. In addition, verify whether the developers of this team have front and  back-end development skills. Developers well-versed in Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., are essential for web design.

Well-Defined Roles

Hire a development team that has ‌clearly delineated job responsibilities. Multitasking can be a skill for freelancers; however, website or WordPress development teams should have specialized members. Importantly, each team member must know their role in a particular project. So, look for a company that sets clear-cut and achievable responsibilities for their employees.

Team Work Culture

A web development team handles highly technical work. However, the team atmosphere can have a crucial impact on client projects. Read the company’s vision statement, ethics policy, and employee awards on their website. Understand how its corporate culture works. Try to ensure through questions and interviewing key players that their teams are appreciated and collaboration is cultivated and celebrated. For example, Twitter is  well-known for its team-oriented environment. Their employees laud the work culture of this tech giant. These factors are essential when choosing the right development team. Businesses cannot sustain themselves in today’s world without an online presence. A competent WordPress development company with a positive corporate culture can facilitate steady growth. Overall, look for a development team that has the right combination of technical and interpersonal skills. After all, professionals should understand the end goal of your business website, helping to ensure that the developers and other team members can formulate a suitable plan to create your WordPress website.

Is WordPress A Good Fit for Me?

Having read about the platform in multiple trending discussions, you are considering its benefits. But you may still wonder, is WordPress a good fit for me? If you want to have a customized website, then yes, WordPress is for you. It is a content management system that supports a lot of different websites. From blogging sites to message forums, e-commerce stores, and businesses, the platform covers it all. Additionally, this CMS has a robust set of features, including SEO, drag-and-drop editor, and custom menus.  

Websites You Can Build with WordPress

The best way to understand whether WordPress is really for you is by checking out its features, benefits, and use cases. Its most prominent features include search engine optimization, customized menus, built-in blogs, plugin integrations, editable website themes, and templates. You can also seek help from a professional WordPress development company to utilize its top features. Check out the variety of websites you can build here to decide whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

  • Blog: Such websites involve sharing textual and visual content about recipes, services, reviews, and other information.
  • E-learning: These sites are primarily devoted to providing written and spoken courses, tutorials, lectures, and more online. They also let you track progress and manage resources.
  • E-commerce: These all-in-one stores, letting you sell products and services to other businesses or end-users and collect payments.
  • Wedding: A unique type of website that lets you share all your wedding details with your guests, a wedding site includes locations, timings, logistics, RSVP, invites, and much more.
  • Membership: A membership website requires a user to either login or pay to access the website or webpage.
  • Business: Whether your business offers a service or a product, an official website will help your customers learn about your brand.
  • Forum: These online discussion portals enable the general public to post questions and share answers.
  • Portfolio: Whether you are a dancer, a photographer, or any other form of artist, you can create your digital portfolio through a WordPress website.
  • Event: Create a website for events like concerts, art galleries, exhibitions, and more. With this, you can share all the details, sell tickets, and collect payments online.

Are you still confused about whether WordPress is the right fit for you? Some of the biggest brands in the world use it—and so do some of the most specialized and niche market. Vogue, Sony Music, the White House, the Obama Foundation, the Walt Disney Company, Microsoft News Center—all use WordPress. These are just a handful of the lot. Seems complicated? You can always hire a WordPress development company to help you from creation to maintenance!

How Can I Prepare for a Development Project?

Website development isn’t intimidating for the right professionals. And the right team of professionals can help you create and load a visually engaging and incredibly functional website that converts readers to clients. But even when you hire a company to do the work for you, ‌consider certain checkpoints. You don’t need to be technically adroit before approaching a digital agency. But some preparation can ensure a smoother development project. Before preparing for your next development project, assess some crucial pointers. This blog aims at simplifying the preparation stage of a new website development project.

Why Is Website Development Important?

An enticing website isn’t limited to digital businesses. Websites are the online face of traditional companies too. With the rise in internet users, customers want businesses to have fully functioning websites. Consider these facts and figures:

Clearly, your business needs to develop a sound online presence. Investing and planning in a web development project is essential for business growth. Preparing for a Development Project A WordPress development company can cater to all your requirements if they understand your business goals. Therefore, it is vital to follow these steps before initiating a development project.

Set Concrete Goals

Any process starts with setting well-defined goals. With software or website development, you need to assess your requirements beforehand. For starters, businesses need to analyze factors like:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Scalability of Business
  • The Available Budget for the Development Project
  • Need of Extra Features or Add-Ons
  • Number of Marketing Channels

For example, e-commerce platforms like Amazon concentrated on their product inventory at the beginning. Gradually, they added features like online wallet support, gift cards, season discounts, etc.

Assess Your Business Requirements

Websites vary in design, layout, content, and code based on the business they represent. A professional WordPress development company can assess these requirements precisely. Ideally, ‌prepare for such requirements beforehand so that the digital agency can plan and propose the project accurately. For example, e-commerce websites need to focus on visuals, payment gateways, and graphics. On the other hand, scientific labs need more technical content on their site.

Research a Suitable WordPress Development Company

Businesses need to research the best digital agencies in the market. Most web development companies have their portfolios published on the website. Importantly, look for a company well-versed in understanding client requirements. An ideal digital agency involved in project development should have technical expertise in web design, content creation, and digital marketing.

Get to Know the Digital Agency in Depth

The next step is to contact and assess the capability of a development agency. Businesses should aim for a company with a friendly environment, competent professionals, and genuine enthusiasm for your project. You also want to discuss the programming, CMS selection, and other technical aspects. An experienced digital agency can suggest the best platform for your website and provide solutions at a reasonable cost.

Close the Deal Knowing the Details

Once businesses complete a development project, it’s vital to establish clear communication protocols. This ensures clarity and minimizes the chances of any delays. Planning and knowing the following details will help your business move forward in a development project.

  • Project Development Schedule
  • Hourly Rates
  • Use of Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Inclusion of Services in the Project

A professional WordPress development company will assign specific personnel for communication with clients. But the client also needs to prepare for clear communication channels. The five steps outlined above will help your business thoroughly prepare for a development project.

Should I Hire a Digital Agency for WordPress Development?

WordPress is a well-known content management system. Many businesses need a reliable WordPress development company to build their websites. Still, many entrepreneurs wonder if it’s necessary to hire an expert WordPress developer. Should businesses or individuals hire a digital agency to work on their WordPress site? The short answer is ‘yes.’ The detailed answer lies in the ‘why’ of this topic. A specialized digital agency offers numerous benefits like an alluring UX, creative web layout, technical support, and more. This blog focuses on explaining why you need a WordPress development company for your online presence.  

What’s the Fuss About WordPress?

In addition to being open-source software, WordPress offers several benefits like:

  • A large number of customization options
  • More than 50,000 plugins
  • Support of the all-important WooCommerce plugin
  •  Easy maintenance of websites
  •  Availability in  more than 70 languages

Top websites like TechCrunch, Microsoft News, Yelp, and Vogue are all powered by WordPress.

Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Development Company

Professional help with your site has many benefits including:

User-Focused Website Design

A professional WordPress development company has technicians that understand the perks of an intuitive website. These experts can create UX to keep modern viewers engaged with your site. Digital agencies well-versed in designing SEO websites understand the technical underpinnings of riveting UX. Consider this–nearly  88% of users do not return to a website after a bad user experience. Hence, user experience design is crucial for high ROI.

Flexibility and Customization

A digital agency working in the web development domain offers streamlined support to its clients. Businesses can easily add new features and customize any aspect of their website. For example, Ecommerce platforms like Amazon need to update their website regularly. Digital agencies can provide the know-how and technical expertise to ensure that content is updated as needed. 

Instant Technical Support

What about when your site needs technical support? Digital agencies’ developers can solve technical issues in no time. These professionals help businesses optimally use a CMS platform. In addition, they can offer suggestions like the need for a CDN platform, suitable web hosting plans, and maintenance tasks. With a dedicated WordPress development company, businesses can focus on the pivotal aspects of the operation.

Quick Content Delivery

Websites that add relevant content consistently attract more users. However, this content must be SEO-relevant and original. A digital agency with the right expertise can consistently create relevant content. Often, these companies have dedicated bloggers, writers, and digital marketers to meet your business goals. For example, a restaurant needs to update its new dishes and events as quickly as possible. Hiring a WordPress development company can keep the site up and running and up-to-date.

Tracking Crucial Web Metrics

SEO and Google web metrics are synchronous. Technical parameters like page speed, TTFB, loading time, etc., help SEO experts determine the relevancy of a website. An experienced digital agency can regularly monitor these search engine measurements, freeing you from the need to worry about SEO and subsequent Google rankings. Overall, a WordPress development company can suggest the right actions for improving your online presence.  

Online Data Security

Business owners who don’t use a digital agency might overlook this crucial aspect of their site: online security. A dedicated developer can pay in-depth attention to clients’ security issues. This enables you to safeguard your businesses confidential data online and ensure protection for online transactions.  Hiring a WordPress development company provides crucial benefits for you and your business, freeing you from burying yourself or a homegrown team from dealing with the myriad details and tech for your website development. An expert digital agency can cater to the online needs of your business. To generate leads and sustain and grow customers in today’s online world, outsourcing your site to a digital agency is a wise and cost-saving decision.

Contact Digital Authority Partners to kickoff your WordPress project today.

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