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Built a native voice narration app for an industry leader in the audio industry, generating 100,000+ downloads

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Developed a physician social media app for a healthcare industry giant

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Created a gamified app for a biking enterprise to encourage people to be active together

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The Importance of Mobile App Development

Mobile apps instantly connect consumers and businesses. Use cases for mobile apps include, customer loyalty programs, appointment scheduling, customer service, reminders and incentives, payments, collaboration and communication.

We built an award-winning wearable integrated mobile app for Omron, a gamified cycling app for Huffy, and a consumer lending app for Check Into Cash. Our clients include industry leaders like AthenaHealth, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Dolby. 

Digital Authority Partners have the team, technology and processes to create your vision and deliver a market ready product in the shortest time possible. We’re a full service digital agency with a focus on product and mobile app development. View case studies.

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Foundations of
Mobile App Development

  • 1

    Identify business goals and KPI's

    Discuss your goals, users, and success metrics and review any analytics data.

  • 2

    Define product requirements

    Scope your project based on your vision, user requirements and goals and craft a detailed development roadmap.

  • 3

    Develop your app

    Our team develops your app using coding best practices (as few lines possible, smart naming conventions, code comments, block segmentation, etc).

  • 4

    Quality Assurance Testing

    Provide rigorous QA testing until your app is unbreakable and every feature and function works perfectly.

  • 5

    Launch, monitor and plan next steps

    Push your app live, monitor performance, collect data and gain insights for next steps.

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Mobile App Development
Frequently Asked Questions

People live on their mobile devices. Mobile usage has displaced desktops over the past few years. A trend likely to continue into the foreseeable future. Mobile apps are a great way to stay connected to your customers. Apps can inspire brand loyalty and incentivize customers to purchase more often. Additionally, apps that provide a truly gratifying get shared, talked about, and create favorable brand impressions. Mobile app data informs and reveals insights for growing your business. Apps and app data can also be monetized in various ways our team can advise you on.

Developers build apps using programming and markup languages such as Swift, Java, and HTML 5. These are just a few of the many popular technologies on the market, and our mobile app development agency can narrow down which is the best fit for your app.

The short answer is yes. In a technology-driven world, there are few to no downsides to having an app professionally developed. In fact, its benefits include higher engagement and communication rates with customers as well as increased brand awareness. Because of the convenience they bring, apps help businesses stay at the forefront of their markets. 

First and foremost, it’s important to understand your target market. There are different aspects of an app that appeal to various markets. For example, if you specialize in childhood education, you would need a technology that is easy for children to use. There are numerous other factors to consider, and working with a mobile app development agency can help you narrow them down.

Having a collaborative team of mobile app development experts is a key component of long-term success. When hiring a team, the first thing you want to look for is experience. Experienced developers provide expert results. Secondly, take a look at the mobile app development agency’s portfolio to see if their work resonates with you. At the end of the day, both parties need to be the right fit in order for the project to succeed.

Helping Companies
Build Mobile Apps That Delight Customers

Our Mobile App Development Work

Dolby app shown on two mobile devices


  • Successfully launched Dolby’s first digital project
  • 100,000+ downloads one month post-launch
  • Suggested future optimizations to further enhance the successful launch
View case study
The Huffy app shown on two mobile device


  • Designed an interactive, family-oriented mobile application
  • 5-star rating on Apple’s App Store
  • Created gamified solutions in the form of user rewards and progress reports
View case study


  • 4X the sales originally projected
  • Awards including Time innovation of
    the year, Top 100 global awards, & Best of CES
  • First FDA-approved watch-based
    blood pressure monitoring
View case study
The CreditShop app shown on two mobile desktops
Financial services


  • 10K+ installs on Google Play Store
  • 3.9 star rating on Google Play Store
  • Delivered a sophisticated user interface, using market data, customer insights, and industry best practices
View case study
athena health


  • 140% increase in revenue-to-date
  • 40% increase in app engagement
  • 36% increase in surveys taken by the 2M+ doctors
    on the app
View case study
The Check Into Cash app shown on two mobile screens
Financial services

Check Into Cash

  • 4 rating in Apple's App Store
  • An intuitive financial services app
  • Client signed for second engagement
View case study

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Why Companies Choose to Work With Our Mobile Development Experts

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We’re Experienced.

Our expert mobile app development team has experience working with companies of various sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 giants. We’ve developed over 100 apps for clients in the last six years.

Asset 5

We’re On-Time and On-Budget.

On-time and on-budget delivery of your mobile app project to ensure that you not only meet your deadlines — you beat them.

Planning Team
Team Analysis
Asset 6

We’re Award-Winning.

This year alone, Digital Authority Partners was named the: Gold Winner – Best Search Engine Optimization Agency, one of the Top B2B Companies by Clutch, an Expertise Best Agency, and one of UpCity’s Top Digital Agencies in the USA.

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We’re Focused on the Future.

The DAP team takes pride in staying up to date with the latest and greatest in mobile technology.

Industry Results

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Mobile App Development

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App Development

What is Mobile Development?

Mobile development is the process of developing an app, game, or service and delivering it to your customers digitally. Interestingly, mobile app development isn’t just for phones!

Though mobile development has many facets, building apps is just one of them. Mobile development can include creating applications for any of the following:

– Smartphones

– Digital watches

– Tablets

– Any other device that runs a mobile OS

Our mobile app development agency regularly creates apps using programming and markup languages including Swift, Java, HTML5, and C#. We’re living in the age of technology, and it’s ingrained in our daily lives. People expect their devices to work, and they want apps that make everything just a few clicks away.

Why is Mobile Development So Important?

Most devices and services are going mobile. Over 80% of the world owns a smartphone, and that number is increasing daily. If you don’t place mobile development at the forefront of your business, you’ll get left behind.

You need to give customers an immediate and digital solution that they can access at their fingertips. For these reasons, people are increasingly turning to mobile app development. Every business needs to expand, and the expansion process includes meeting consumer and partner demands for digital needs.

Mobile Development Platforms

When we think of mobile devices, two operating systems come to mind. iOS and Android dominate the global mobile marketplace. Though other operating systems exist, these two platforms dominate the world of technology. Since most consumers use these operating systems daily, it makes sense for developers to focus on optimizing for them.

Apple’s iOS Platform

iOS is undoubtedly a platform that transforms the ways people interact with their devices. Apple leads with their technology, and they are increasingly making more smart items. After the Apple watch introduced mobile apps on our wrists, people began to take app development more seriously. This innovation has also changed consumer expectations. As technology progresses, consumer demands will increase. If you don’t have a solution for them, you will not be in their minds.

Because they place a lot of emphasis on mobile apps, Apple offers several useful tools for developing iOS apps. If you have a mac, you can open Xcode and create an app using code. However, coding is difficult to learn and time consuming. Most users can run iOS apps natively on new Apple products. Apple’s embrace of mobile apps is one reason app development is a hot topic.


The next major player in the game is Android. Although it was released after iOS, the powerhouse system knocked out many existing mobile platforms like Blackberry OS, and it took a substantial share of Apple’s smartphone market.

Android is starting to integrate more with Windows, allowing you to do things like linking your phone to your PC. Since the integration is happening on the developer side, consumers are now expecting their phones to hand off apps to their computers.

To do this, Microsoft uses mobile apps that are sent over the cloud. Rather than being an app stored on the consumer’s devices, it is accessed via the internet.

Types of Mobile Apps

As leaders in the industry, iOS and Android have standardized mobile app development. There are only a few different kinds of apps that developers create, but their functions differ. They each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see what they are and which you should choose for your mobile app development.

Native Apps

Native apps are made to run on the platform they are designed for. Developing a native app requires you to use the tools native to the operating system. If you’re developing an android app, you’ll likely need to use Java or Eclipse. But, if you’re using Apple and want to create a native app, you’ll be working with X-code and Objective-C.

Native apps are great because they let you harness the full potential of your device. Since smart homes and devices are becoming more common, developers are making apps for wearables, speakers, and even screens that we place around our homes daily. If your business doesn’t give consumers the apps they need for the content they want, then they’ll look for a business that does.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are becoming more common. Facebook is a great example of a hybrid app, and it is one of the most used apps worldwide daily. The main difference between a hybrid app and a native app is that the hybrid is designed to work across all platforms. So, the experience might not be as great for a user, but it will work on any device they’re using. The advantage for you and your business is that apps like these are much less costly to develop.

HTML5 Apps

HTML 5 apps are also becoming increasingly common. These apps are cross-platform, like a hybrid app, but they only work through a browser. Your consumer does not need to download anything to use an HTML 5 app.

Why is Mobile Development So Important?

The benefits of mobile development outweigh any potential negatives. A mobile app development agency caters to the needs of your business because they allow you to:

– Interact with customers

– Fulfill customer needs

– Communicate with your customers

– Stay relevant in your market

Our developers love creating mobile apps to help you grow your business and highlight your creativity. Our apps will help you create imaginative and focused customer experiences that fully engage your customers. These outstanding mobile experiences make your customers return to your business again and again.

Many businesses see the value in creating this kind of experience for their markets, and the reason for that is revealed in the data. In 2016, 149.9 billion apps were downloaded, and that number has more than doubled. In 2021, people downloaded a staggering 352.9 billion apps, and people spend more time on apps than they do websites. People are demanding mobile apps for many reasons.

Faster, More Effective Communication

Mobile development streamlines communication. Social media sites with mobile apps make communication between friends and family easier. An app can also make communication with your consumer more efficient, and consumers love to get help at the touch of a button.

Another popular app is WhatsApp. It has over a billion users connecting to talk to friends and family each day. It has made online business simple by making it easy for people to buy and sell goods. An app like WhatsApp can allow you to harness the information provided by your users and respond to their needs immediately.

Ecommerce Businesses Reach New Heights

Operating systems and technology increase opportunities for us to thrive. Every day people are turning to the internet to buy cars, clothes, and groceries. The numbers will continue to grow, and apps will help us quickly deliver solutions to our marketplace.

eBay, Flipkart, and Amazon are great examples of ecommerce sites with apps that boost sales and attract new customers. Most people now prefer online shopping, and they want apps that make the shopping process simple.

Mobile Apps are Perfect for Startups

If you think mobile apps are only for big businesses, think again. Entrepreneurs and small businesses benefit from apps. First, an app raises the value of your business to customers. Next, it helps you stand out from the competition in the market. Customers will value your brand more when you have more to offer.

Some great examples of this are Uber and Lyft. Twenty years ago, people could not easily connect to a driver, and drivers sometimes had to wait for a call to come through or, worse, expended gas looking for customers. Since mobile apps have taken over, it is easy to get a ride share car in a few minutes or get work if you’re a driver.

AirBnB and VRBO make finding vacation rentals easy. Apps are the future of commerce. Making booking and scheduling virtually any experience possible.

Mobile Apps Bring New Features to Customers

Apps are being introduced into the marketplace for consumers at record rates. People prioritize ease of access, and they’ll download an app if it means they can save a few clicks. Many apps offer new features, like augmented reality (AR), for users because they enhance the user experience and engage audiences.

Businesses recognize that this engagement is necessary for growth, so they implement features consumers want.

Mobile Apps Are Budget-Friendly

Developing an app doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. It will also bring a return on your investment. If you work with the right mobile app development agency, you can get affordable, high-quality apps that generate revenue.

Enterprise Apps Bring Growth

If you’re an established business without an app, you’re missing out. People now use mobile devices more than desktops or laptops. Users expect mobile solutions and apps are the answer.

All these reasons make it clear why so many companies are turning to mobile apps solutions for their customer’s needs.

What Are Some New Mobile Development Technologies?

People are beginning to use mobile apps for new experiences. Without new technology, this would not be possible. Some of the newest trends for apps make our lives easier and reduce wasted time. So, let’s see what they are and how they could help you improve your business.


Beacons are small devices that work in conjunction with mobile apps. When a consumer gets near a beacon, it pushes a notification to their phone. Marketers flock to this new technology because you can deliver relevant notifications or discounts to users based on their location. The beacon can send a link to a consumer and take them directly to a landing page where you can potentially make a sale or gain a loyal customer.

Instant Apps

Instant apps allow users to access apps without installing them on their device. They are convenient because they save customers time and space on their devices. When your customer clicks on a banner, they’ll be taken to a specific section of the app that contains the information you want them to see. It works wonders for people browsing the web to buy new products. If they are looking for a new television, you can link them into your app to a deal you might have, making the integration seamless. Customers value when you save them time, and it can boost your sales.


M-commerce (mobile commerce) is how users make transactions using their cell phones. Ecommerce retailers can utilize this technology in sales and marketing strategies. Mobile wallet apps are an example of m-commerce, and they improve the user experience for your customers. You can easily let customers browse your inventory and then purchase using m-commerce for a bug-free experience.

Biometric Authenticator Apps

Biometric authenticator apps are big with the tech giants. Using an authenticator with biometrics greatly heightens security. This technology is redefining how users make payments. Apple and Google pay can use facial recognition or a fingerprint to allow users to make a payment. Other instances of this technology include the MS authenticator app. In the app, a user verifies their fingerprint and then receives a code that allows them to log in to an app. Show your users that you care for their safety and value their privacy. With the help of a mobile app development agency, you’ll be able to find out if a biometric authentication app can benefit your business.

What Should You Look for in a Development Team?

When choosing a mobile app development agency, you can become easily overwhelmed. When you interview one team, you find it sounds the same as the first three you interviewed. So, what makes the biggest difference when you’re choosing an app development team? The answer is simple—business skills. If a team cannot understand your vision, they won’t make the apps or create the user experience your business needs. Of course, this isn’t the only thing you will need to look for. These are the essential skills you need from an app development team.

Project Management The project manager is the liaison between your team and the app development team. They get your vision, and they’ll make sure their team does too. So, choose a team that has great project management built in.

Agile Methodologies

If you want success, you need to be quick to try out new technologies and features in your mobile app. You need to hire a team that has bold ideas and a strict, ongoing review process for this to happen.

UI/UX Experience

User experience is the number one factor determining an apps success. We work with you to understand your buyer journey and build a solution that engages and provides value.

Experience with Current Coding Language

We mentioned the most widely used coding languages earlier, but let’s review them. The top coding languages are HTML 5, Objective-C Swift, C++, C#, and Java. Your app development team should know all of them or have someone who knows each one and is an expert. They should be able to tell you why one language is better than another for your app.

Cloud Infrastructure

These cloud platforms are where your app will live. Your team should have a solution in mind and communicate it with you. Will they use Microsoft Azure? Amazon web services? We work with you to tell you the benefits and advantages of each. Then we recommend and build the best solution for your needs.


Consumers want secure apps, and you should too. It’s critical to ensure your mobile app development agency is aware of security issues and has a plan for addressing them.

How Do I Prepare for a Mobile App Development Project?

Keep these important stages of an effective development process in mind.

Research, Research, Research

You need to learn everything you can about your market. Find out what other companies offer in an app–and what they’re not offering–and fill the gap with the one you will develop. Extensive market research can help you answer these questions:

– Who are your biggest competitors?

– What strategy do they have?

– Do they have strengths and weaknesses? What are they?

– What do customers say about them on social media?

– What is their unique selling point?

Define Your Pitch and Audience

Can you tell your audience what your app does in one sentence? Defining is a tricky step for a business owner, but it can simplify everything if you put this in one sentence. Try to answer these questions:

– What’s the app’s main purpose?

– Who are the potential users?

– Why should people use it instead of your website?

– What benefit will people gain from your app?

Choose Your App Type: Native, Hybrid, or Web App

We outlined the benefits of each of these earlier in the article. You should have a clear idea of which one you want and why. But if you need a bit more help narrowing down your choice, this is an area where consulting a mobile app development agency can be helpful.

Know How to Monetize It

An app can play different roles. How will you maximize the benefit of having an app? Will it be a paid app? A free app, or maybe a freemium app? Freemium is when you give the app to a customer for free but charge to gain access to certain areas and features within the app. You could also have in-app ad support or sponsorships.


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