| November 6, 2018

Digital Authority Partners Wins Timmy Award for Workplace Diversity

Codrin Arsene

Codrin is CEO of Digital Authority Partners. He has spent over a decade creating successful digital strategies for both Fortune... Codrin is CEO of Digital Authority Partners. He has spent over a decade creating successful digital strategies for both Fortune 500 companies and startups.

CHICAGONov. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Chicago’s Fourth Annual Timmy Awards, presented by Tech in Motion, has officially awarded Digital Authority Partners Best Tech Workplace for Diversity in 2018.


Joining the ranks of past winners like SAP and Jellyvision, Digital Authority Partners (DAP) was recognized for its commitment to diverse hiring.

Digital Authority Partners wins Tech in Motion's 2018 Timmy Award for Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago). Team holding Timmy Award.Digital Authority Partners wins Tech in Motion’s 2018 Timmy Award for Best Tech Workplace for Diversity (Chicago).


“Diversity is a trending topic and a necessity for innovation, not only in tech, but in all industries. Tech in Motion is excited to recognize Digital Authority Partners as the winner of our Best Tech Workplace for Diversity award in Chicago,” said Mandy Walker, Director of Marketing at Tech in Motion and Motion Recruitment Partners. “Digital Authority Partners exemplifies the progression and innovation that can be achieved with a dedicated emphasis on workplace inclusion.”


At a time when biased hiring and broken work cultures permeate the national conversation, DAP is among the companies seeking to break the mold and create a new way of finding and retaining top talent.


Digital Authority Partners’ unique approach to finding talent

Innovation lies at the core of DAP’s technology consulting business, and its approach to hiring is no exception. Unlike traditional corporate hiring practices, which too often rely on expensive degrees or fancy job titles, DAP looks beyond the resume to find the best talent, searching for skilled, creative and motivated individuals — something that can’t always be communicated by a piece of paper.


For each open position, the executive team creates an in-depth quiz based on the day-to-day activities of that particular role. They use only the results of the quiz to select candidates for an interview, without looking at the candidates’ resumes.

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To the DAP team, it’s about the work — along with an individual’s drive and potential — that really matters. This approach has resulted in a successful team of dedicated women and men from around the globe, all from diverse backgrounds.


“We have a diverse team because we encourage anyone to apply for our open roles, regardless of resumes – we don’t use arbitrary rules to remove people from consideration,” says Michael Reddy, President of Digital Authority Partners. “We’ve had compounding success from our non-traditional hiring process and created a strong team of 50 employees, that wouldn’t have existed if we simply looked at a resume.”


In other words, DAP believes that diversity is more than race, gender or age. It’s about different backgrounds. Different skills. Different ways of solving problems. It’s about hiring people who have the passion, potential and drive to help companies think differently, and ultimately, deliver exceptional results.


About Tech in Motion & the Timmy Awards

Tech in Motion is a North American event series that brings local tech community professionals together to connect, learn and innovate. What started as a collaborative project in 2011 between IT recruiting firms Jobspring Partners and Workbridge Associates, part of the Motion Recruitment network, grew into an organization of over 100,000 members across 12 chapters in North America. For more information, please visit techinmotionevents.com.


About Digital Authority Partners

Digital Authority Partners (DAP) develops next-generation digital transformation solutions through bold, data-driven insights and innovative problem solving. From digital strategy to emerging technologies, DAP helps organizations reinvent their business to adapt and thrive in the Digital Age. Digital Authority Partners is headquartered in Chicago, IL.For more information, visit: www.digitalauthority.me.

DAP Employee Perspective: Best Tech Workplace Diversity

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