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ADA Website Compliance

We make your website accessible. For every user.
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Leave no user behind

An ADA compliant website is a website that’s accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Major companies like Amazon, Nike, and Netflix have learned the hard way that failing to meet accessibility standards is not only bad PR, it’s costly.

DAP helps companies stay compliant with beautiful, accessible websites. Whether you need to update your existing site or want to build a new one from the ground up, we’ll make sure your website is accessible to each and every user.

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Better accessibility. Better experience. More business.
For your users

Users with disabilities have the same need for an accessible online experience as everybody else. Often, simple fixes such as inserting alt text into images to support screen readers can dramatically increase the experience of visually impaired users visiting your site.

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For your business

Over 17% of the U.S. population has some sort of disability. That’s more than 55 million people. By making your website ADA compliant, you not only improve the experience for users with and without disabilities, you open the door to more revenue opportunities.

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For agencies

How many of your clients have a website that falls short of ADA standards — and don’t even know it? Become a trusted advisor and help your clients build a modern website that is accessible to all users.

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Why your company needs an ADA compliant website
It’s legally required

Title II & III of the ADA prohibit disability-based discrimination. If your business falls under Title II or III, your website does, too.

ADA lawsuits are expensive

ADA compliance lawsuits are on the rise, with fines that run up to $75,000 for the first offense alone.

Every user deserves a great experience

Every person should be able to use your website. An ADA-compliant site is not only the right thing to do, it opens up your business to new customers.

What makes an ADA compliant website?
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Content is perceivable

Web content is made available to the senses — sight, hearing, and/or touch.

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Content is robust

Content can be interpreted by a wide variety of user agents, including assistive technologies.

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Information is understandable

Information and user interface operation is easy to understand.

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Functions are operable

Interface forms, controls, and navigation are all easily operable.

How we can help

ADA Website Audit

We review your website using 5+ tools and manually check every single page and feature.

Prioritized list of ADA compliance issues Icon
Prioritized list of ADA compliance issues
Site scoring across each ADA compliance category Icon
Site scoring across each ADA compliance category
Recommended solutions and fixes Icon
Recommended solutions and fixes
Accessibility fixes, updates & support Icon
Accessibility fixes, updates & support
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ADA Compliant Website Design

We’ll build you a beautiful, functional and accessible website.

Website & compliance strategy Icon
Website & compliance strategy
User experience architecture Icon
User experience architecture
Human-centered design Icon
Human-centered design
Development & testing Icon
Development & testing
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Agency Services

We white label our ADA compliance services to help agencies deliver comprehensive ADA guidance to their clients.

Client ADA site audit Icon
Client ADA site audit
Client ADA site fixes Icon
Client ADA site fixes
ADA compliant website development Icon
ADA compliant website development
Search engine optimization (SEO) support Icon
Search engine optimization (SEO) support
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The ADA Seal of Approval

At DAP, we believe that every user deserves an accessible online experience. Look for our ADA seal of approval* and be confident that your website can be used by all.

*Disclaimer: Seal indicates that DAP has determined a site meets basic ADA compliance standards. It is not meant to mimic, nor replace, any official government certification.
The ADA Optimized seal.
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