| December 16, 2016

9 Content Marketing Strategies to Grow Organic Traffic by 300%

Codrin Arsene

Codrin is CEO of Digital Authority Partners. He has spent over a decade creating successful digital strategies for both Fortune... Codrin is CEO of Digital Authority Partners. He has spent over a decade creating successful digital strategies for both Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Getting a lot of organic traffic to your website is the key to conversions, sales and business success. A lot of agencies think they know how to help companies attract organic traffic to their sites, but only Digital Authority Partners has a proven, success-based outline for delivering site visitors, eyeballs and leads to its clients’ sites.


Digital Authority Partners has pioneered 9 powerful, content-marketing strategies to grow organic traffic by 300%.


Chart breaking down the sections of Digital Authority's content marketing white paper


In this actionable white paper, you’ll clearly learn how to:


  • Understand the true meaning of content strategy and how to create a straightforward plan to successfully execute it.
  • Write long-form articles and blog posts that are high-quality and overflowing with in-depth information to create high value for your specific audience.
  • Create original visual content to accompany and complement all of your content-marketing assets.
  • Discover all of the essentials of reader-engagement best practices that you’ll then measure, track and continue to optimize.
  • Master the fine art of on-page SEO to help Google get a company’s content on the very first search engine results page (SERP).
  • Devise an intelligent influencers’ strategy for your niche to disseminate, promote and amplify the content you create and publish.
  • Choose quality over quantity all the time by creating high-value and memorable content instead of cheaper-by-the-dozen articles.
  • Capitalize on emotion and controversy in the content you create to encourage conversations and buzz around digital products.
  • Create a content calendar, publishing schedule and writing style guile to organize and manage your content on a regular basis.


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