| July 31, 2018

Artificial intelligence podcast: AI & the future of technology

Artificial Intelligence Podcast

Codrin Arsene, Digital Authority Partners’ CEO, had the pleasure of talking to  Mike McDonnell on his popular entrepreneurship podcast called “The ROAR Show!.” You can tune in and subscribe to Mike’s podcast on ITunes, PodBean, or Acast.

In this provocative artificial intelligence podcast you can learn about DAP, our background as a company and how we think creatively about defining real solutions for amazing problems.




Artificial Intelligence Podcast highlights on The Road Show:

  • Codrin’s personal and professional background
  • Exciting artificial intelligence projects Digital Authority is working on
  • Emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence or virtual reality
  • Digital Authority Partners’ innovative thinking approach for new problems
  • How technology acts as an enabler for great ideas
  • How Elon Musk’s public statements about AI is hurting AI adoption everywhere
  • Sophia, the AI robot, Tesla, and the future of AI
  • How Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the future of healthcare
  • Google Duplex – and the amazing impact on the future of data collection
  • How to experiment with AI in a contained environment (how to define an MVP using AI to solve a business problem)
  • How companies fail to track the right metrics to improve on their AI solutions
  • How to address some of the regulatory and philosophical problems related to Artificial Intelligence adoption.

Listen to Codrin Arsene’s conversation with Mike McDonnell on his popular entrepreneurship podcast called “The ROAR Show! This is a Artificial Intelligence Podcast you will not want to miss out on!


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