| March 18, 2019

DAP and Locbit Inc. Join Forces to Build Patient-Centric Digital Solutions

Andreea Ciulac

Andreea is our Content Creator. Her digital superpower? Turning complex reports and statistics into engaging online content. Andreea is our Content Creator. Her digital superpower? Turning complex reports and statistics into engaging online content.

We are pleased to officially announce our strategic partnership with Locbit Inc., a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT) whose cloud platform helps reduce the costs of energy for their clients while also increasing productivity and efficiency.


DAP joins the ranks of Locbit Inc.’s impressive list of partners including Panasonic, Allied States Cooperative, OEM, LLC, and many more.


By joining forces, DAP and Locbit Inc. will become a powerhouse in the healthcare industry. The two companies have the same objective to build automation platforms that allow healthcare providers to create customized patient-centric digital solutions.




Digital Authority Partners and Locbit Inc. Announce Partnership to Deliver Automated Healthcare Solutions


CHICAGO, Mar. 15, 2019 – Today, Digital Authority Partners, a full-service digital agency, has announced a strategic partnership with Locbit Inc., an Internet of Things (IoT) pioneer whose cloud platform enables operational business efficiencies. Together, Digital Authority Partners and Locbit Inc. will deliver efficient, automated solutions to healthcare providers across the US.


This partnership marks the beginning of a promising collaboration between the two companies, fusing Digital Authority Partners’ patient-centric digital experiences and Locbit Inc’s core IoT platform for the healthcare industry. Their joint goal is to enhance efficiencies for healthcare enterprises through automation, while improving patient wellbeing.


“We’re thrilled to partner with Locbit Inc. and leverage NextGen technologies to drive measurable improvements and positively impact the patient experience,” said Michael Reddy, President at Digital Authority Partners. “We believe this partnership will have a profound benefit to the entirety of the healthcare industry, as together, we’ll develop fully integrated systems for both patients and providers.”

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Garry Martin, President & COO of Locbit, Inc. states that, “By partnering with Digital Authority Partners we are able to effectively launch the Locbit Platform into the healthcare industry and provide significant advancements not only in building and facility management but also at the patient level. This further compliments the successes we have had in the assisted and senior living markets, and we are really excited to work with DAP and the vision they have to enhance patient wellbeing through the integration of both our respective technologies.”


The two companies will be working closely to create an ecosystem of apps, sensors, and voice-enabled technologies designed to help patients and individuals live longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Together, they’ll create solutions that deploy machine learning, deep analysis, and automation tools to advance a healthcare system plagued with high administrative costs and slow delivery.


About Digital Authority Partners


Digital Authority Partners is a digital consulting agency that delivers next-generation  transformation strategies to clients. Blending bold, data-driven insights and innovative problem solving, we help companies reimagine their business through solutions in emerging technologies, voice, web & mobile development, analytics, and marketing.


About Locbit Inc.


Locbit is an Internet of Things (IoT) software company that is dedicated to saving energy, improving operational efficiency, and eliminating risk due to system failures. From our founding to our implementation across hotel, manufacturing, retail, and other industries, Locbit is rapidly expanding to help companies connect their devices and data to save money, improve efficiency and reach business goals.

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