| June 15, 2017

Best Marketing Blog Posts of the Week (6/15)


An A-to-Z Guide to Google Analytics for Content Marketers

Payman Taei

Convice and Convert blog: An A-t-Z Guide to Google Analytics for Content Marketers by Payman Taei

Why we liked it:

In this day and age, data analytics are essential for ensuring the highest success for marketing, services, and just about every avenue in business. It is no longer viable to simply create a marketing strategy and hope it will work. Effort must be put in to track the potential usage of your digital platform, and track the performance of your marketing efforts, live, so that you optimize for the largest outreach. In this article, Mr. Taei highlights the ins and outs of Google analytics and how it can be used for maximizing content marketing.

3 Things You Can Learn About Marketing from Man’s Best Friend

Ellen Gomes


French bulldog making a sad puppy dog face

Why we liked it:

Aside from being too cute and very relatable, this article highlights three great points any marketer would do well to remember when going about their business. Often times, marketers forget the fundamentals of what makes a good business connection, and relationships become tense and fragile because of it. Ellen Gomes highlights all the best ways to strengthen business ties, and thus your company and brand.

When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Content Marketing?

Gregg Litman

man handwriting a note on a wooden desk

Why we liked it:

When is it the right time to hedge your bets and outsource as a company in order to save time and money? As Gregg puts it: it’s complicated. Companies must weigh the options of cost, time and quality and which of these factors is more important when deciding if they should outsource their content marketing. Lucky for them, in this article they will find clear concise advice that is suited towards all types and sizes of companies.

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Why content matters (no matter what type of marketer you are)

Rebecca Lieb

The word "content" spelled out on corkboard

Why we liked it:

Financial Product Marketing: 5 Key Strategies for 2019

As content strategists, we can appreciate the importance of content in all respects. As ad blockers are on the rise, and attention to traditional digital ads, such as banners on websites and advertising videos, are on the decline. In the new paradigm,  good quality content  becomes the true differentiator. As Rebecca Lieb outlines, all areas of business need to understand and utilize the benefit on content to make the most of their company in today’s world.

How to Build SEO Strategies Effectively (and Make Them Last)

Bill Sebald

Assembled lego blocks

Why we liked it:

As Bill puts it, a lot goes into an effective SEO strategy, and executing a top notch SEO strategy takes time and skills. A common mistake is that people put forward ideas for a short-term outcome, with no larger plan in mind for long-term results. The impact is often failed SEO attempts that could have been avoided. How to avoid them? Bill outlines a detailed and thorough guide for a long-term, effective SEO strategy.


That’s it for now, folks. Come back next week for our curated list of best marketing blog posts of the week!

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