| August 3, 2018

Digital Authority Partners Launches Its Own Healthcare Product Line


Digital Authority Partners was just named one of the “50 Best Companies to Watch in 2018”.


DAP’s first client was a global leader in audio noise reduction, whose project involved defining digital strategy, user experience and go-to market strategy. With the successful results seen from helping them in every phase of their product development cycle, DAP has, since then, expanded its services to UX/UI, marketing, development and analytics in order to provide end-to-end solutions to startups and established companies.


When being asked to position the company in the industry, Codrin answers, “Our strategic advantage comes from being a leader in our industry”. Not only has DAP helped over 200 companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, with their digital initiatives, it has also built its own software products within its core industries. Aiming to move healthcare forward, DAP launched www.healthcareweekly.com, a digital magazine and peer-supported community for executives in the healthcare industry. Later this year, it will also be launching a healthcare two-way communication platform that helps hospitals and doctors better manage workflows.


DAP distinguishes itself with the promise to provide the best quality and delivery to its clients and customers; its impeccable records speaks more than any of its media kits and pitch decks. By providing honest and frank feedback to clients throughout the whole project, encouraging employees to learn everyday, and providing the best benefits possible to them, DAP has further established itself as a unique and leading brand in the industry.


As of DAP’s future, Codrin foresees exciting changes in its businesses. Currently, 90% of the company’s revenue comes from the consulting side of the company. However, with the launching of Healthcare Weekly and the healthcare productivity solution, DAP is expecting 90% of its revenue to come from its own product lines, digital media businesses and new ventures in the near future. Codrin also believes that more and more leaders in the healthcare, fintech and retail industries, and from the government will hear about DAP’s success stories. For example, DAP is currently beta-testing for www.hiresphere.net, an AI recruiting solution dedicated to helping recruiters find ideal candidates in 2 minutes or less. Ultimately, DAP will become the go-to agency for the most ambitious and forward-looking companies in the world.


As Codrin remarks about the most recent launch of Healthcare Weekly, “We’re moving healthcare forward by connecting innovative companies and empowering healthcare leaders through highly engaging content”. We are excited about what the future holds for DAP.

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