| December 20, 2018

(Podcast) Government Innovation & Emerging Technologies

Nancy Huynh

Nancy is our Senior Marketing Analyst. She brings over a decade of experience in growing sales through her ability to... Nancy is our Senior Marketing Analyst. She brings over a decade of experience in growing sales through her ability to tell the story behind the numbers.

Codrin Arsene, DAP’s CEO sat down with Ryan Donaldson on the latest episode of the ‘We all Succeed‘ podcast to discuss government innovation – past and future – and how technology can lead to a more connected, transparent & efficient local and federal government.


Listen to the podcast below:

microphone for government innovation podcast



DAP & government work

Digital Authority Partner’s CEO talks about the government work we do at a local and municipal level, the challenges with technological innovation in the government space and the path forward.


Government innovation at a federal level

Codrin commented on last week’s Congress hearing on Artificial Intelligence, various major national initiatives in the emerging technology space & what the future could bring in the space of artificial intelligence applications at a federal level.


China 2025

China 2025, the strategic government plan to turn China into a global service provider from the current state of a global manufacturer was  a hot topic on the podcast. Codrin’s argument is that China will soon surpass United States in technological prowess (especially in the AI space) simply because China’s autocratic regime makes it easier to implement technological initiatives at a national scale.



Digital Authority Partners & Citizens Connect

Codrin Arsene discussed ‘Citizen Connect,’ a new technology platform built in-house by Digital Authority Partners to facilitate transparent two-way communication between government administrations and local residents. The new digital product, expected to go live mid next year will be, in Codrin’s words, ‘the ultimate community app’ helping local residents with personalized recommendations, alerts and a community digital forum for neighbors to interact with each other.

Digital Authority Partners Officially Named Mixpanel Certified Partner


Do you want to learn more about government innovation? Listen to this insightful and thought provocative podcast today.


Are you a government official interested in exploring how voice technologies, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics can lead to a better, more transparent and more connected local government? Drop us a line at [email protected] or call us at (312) 600-5433.

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