| February 22, 2017

Best marketing blog posts of the week (2.21.2017)

Codrin Arsene

Codrin is CEO of Digital Authority Partners. He has spent over a decade creating successful digital strategies for both Fortune... Codrin is CEO of Digital Authority Partners. He has spent over a decade creating successful digital strategies for both Fortune 500 companies and startups.

As Marketers, we are exposed to a lot of “content noise”, day in and day out. At Digital Authority Partners we love to stay on top of the latest marketing trends and we are always on the lookout for the best marketing blog posts in the industry. In this weekly article, we share and discuss the most informative and actionable blog posts we have come across on the internets over the last week.

Happy reading!


1. Strategic SEO Decisions to Make Before Website Design and Build

by: Maryna Samokhina 

for: Moz Blog

illustration of robot against background of scientific tools

Why we liked it.

The author starts with a universal truth we keep seeing with our own clients: SEO is typically an afterthought to website development. Companies move digital products to production and then reach out to agencies and experts asking them to retroactively configure their digital platforms for SEO purposes. In this article, Mrs Samokhina discussed a wide variety of SEO activities which executives should consider doing BEFORE they launch their website or mobile app. Read the full article here.


2. What is Good ROI for Marketing Campaigns

by: Kara Burney

for: Track Maven blog

Track Maven Blog: What Is Good ROI for Marketing Campaigns? by Kara Burney

Why we liked it:

If we had a nickel for every good article we have read on the Track Maven blog, we’d be rich. But we’re still rich spiritually every time we learn something new from these awesome marketing fellows. In this article, Kara, the company’s head of content marketing, talks about how to set up and measure a company’s Return on Investment for ongoing marketing initiatives. This is a good overview on how to think about ROI and how to set up specific measurements and goals depending on the industry you’re in. And the article is particularly helpful for companies that do not know what to measure. If you’re in ecommerce, lead gen or the content marketing business, this article will tell you specifically what to measure. Read the full article here.

Ultimate Guide to CBD Marketing


3. Stop Doing Short-Term Digital Campaigns

by: James Mathewson

for: Business2Business.com blog

2 Wooden arrows labeled "answers" and "questions" pointing in opposite directions

Why We Liked it: 

James touches on a problem that is all to common with some of our own clients and the content marketing production at large for many companies out there. We’ve gone from creating too little content to creating too much useless content. Or bite sized content.

In the old days of SEO, there was an obsession with creating as much content as possible. You finished writing 300 words? Fantastic – push it live. That strategy, of course, is no longer useful but it continues to be favored by too many companies out there.

Michael poses an interesting problem statement: if your customers have 100 problems, you’ve probably created 10,000 articles to solve them. That’s because many companies have too much competing content.

The solution – which we fully subscribe to – is to create evergreen content: longer form posts that are authoritative and provide answers to your customers’ questions and needs. Update the content if needed. But stop publishing a boatload of articles just ’cause. Read the full article here. 


4. 6 Influencer Marketing Mistakes That Waste Your Budget

by: Lucienda Honeycutt

for: Search Engine Journal Blog

influencer with rainbow palette, facebook, and youtube logos in background

Why we liked it:

As Mrs Honeycutt puts it, influencer outreach is top of mind for most marketing programs out there. Companies are very eager to try it out – to partner up with influencers and promote their products and services through micro-bloggers and celebrities versus traditional marketing techniques.

But with anything that is rushed, mistakes are prone to happen. In this article, the author documents some of the most common mistakes made by marketers in the process of teaming up with influencers.

[Guide] The 9 Most Effective Financial Services Marketing Techniques

From focusing too much on the influencer’s follower numbers to failing to track the ROI on a marketing initiative, and everything in between, this article is a must read.

After all, it’s much better (and cheaper!) to learn from other people’s mistakes than your own. Read full article here.

5. Spice Up a Boring Content Marketing Campaign

by: author unknown

for: Clayton Johnson blog

two hands typing on keyboard

Why we liked it:

If your company hasn’t been very involved in creating a comprehensive content marketing strategy, this article is for you.

It provides an excellent, elevator pitch intro to the main digital marketing techniques every brand should consider implementing at one point or another.

Blogging, Video Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing and Free Givaways are all strategies Digital Authority Partners support and recommend to our clients. We’re glad to see we’re not alone (or crazy!) 🙂


That’s all for now folks. Come back next week for more!



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