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Find out why so many businesses have placed their trust in DAP for their Chicago Local SEO initiatives.

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We’re Experienced.

Our Chicago-based team of SEO specialists know SEO backward and forwards. Our team of experienced Chicago SEO experts, marketing managers, & analysts have a history of delivering exceptional results.

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We’re On-Time and On-Budget.

DAP has built its reputation on a habit of meeting—even beating—our established success benchmarks, including the budget, and realization of results.

seo agency services
seo agency services
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We’re Award-Winning.

DAP is humbled to have received attention in the Chicago marketing space for the fruits of our dedication. It’s not why we do it … but it’s nice. This year alone, Digital Authority Partners was named the: Gold Winner – Best Search Engine Optimization Agency, one of the Top SEO Agencies by Clutch, an Expertise Best SEO Agency, and one of UpCity’s Top SEO Companies in the USA.

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We’re Focused on the Future.

Our SEO team stays current on SEO best practices, discarding played-out techniques, adopting high-performing ones, and is laser-focused on tech trends that inform the strategies of tomorrow.

Our Local SEO Work


Fresh Thyme

  • 70+ locations overhauled with new template
  • 47% increase in “near me” clicks
  • 10% increase in overall searches compared with previous year
  • 93% increase in map views
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Local SEO Strategy
Software as a Solution

Geode Health

  • 11 Number of locations ranking #1 on Google
  • 26X Increase in organic keywords ranking
    year over year
  • 1,500+ # of local keywords ranking
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ladybug case study

LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool

  • 200% Increase in revenue year over year
  • 253% Increase in organic traffic year over year
  • 2,000+ # of local keywords ranking
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Why Work with Us on
Your Next Chicago Local SEO Project

Data-Driven Strategy for Your Chicago Local SEO Website

No more guessing; no more putting money into a black box with no idea what you’re getting back. We perform a full local SEO audit of your current website, identifying what is working and what isn’t. We install industry-standard analytics so we know exactly what is going on with your site now, and to track what it does in the future.

We then put together a plan to maximize your strengths and shore up weaknesses, including technical SEO, a backlink strategy, content marketing … the works. And it won’t add to your workload. We take care of everything.

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Laser-focused on Your Chicago Local SEO Web Experience

Chicago is like no other city in the world. Even amongst Americans, we’re a different breed. What works in LA or New York doesn’t necessarily work here—something national or out-of-town SEO agencies don’t always understand. We never let it out of our sight. Our local Chicago SEO efforts are micro-targeted to a Chicago audience.

Our core strategy is to create an in-depth “local” page for every client, with Chicago-focused content, to anchor your brand in Chicago in the eyes of both visitors and the search engines. The goal is to entice Chicagoans to call, visit your store, or otherwise interact with your brand as a local presence in their lives.

Obsessive Optimization of Your “Google My Business” Profile

It bears repeating—the Google Map is some of the best real estate on a SERP. It usually appears right at the top, above the organic search results and sometimes above the paid search results. It’s a significant asset to any local Chicago SEO project.

As such, we pay obsessive attention to your Google My Business profile, optimizing the images and content to rank high in map results. We also blanket the web with citations of your exact GMB listing, a step that most businesses neglect or do incorrectly. When done right, GMB citations can put you on SERP Page 1 faster than almost anything.

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UX Design Team

Brand Mentions on Relevant Websites

Search engine web crawlers aren’t just looking at your website to determine its authority. One of the key indicators of authority that the web crawlers look for is evidence of your brand elsewhere on the web, social markers like brand mentions and backlinks from other domains.

The best mentions and backlinks come from high-authority sites that are relevant to your brand. A relevant mention helps. A high-authority mention helps. But the combination of both is incredibly powerful. DAP’s experience and relationships across the web make it easy for us to get high-authority, high-relevance social markers.

Thorough Monitoring of Your Site’s Analytics

Remember those analytics we used to do the audit and build the strategy? DAP keeps meticulous track of those metrics throughout the local SEO process. We want to know if what we do is working. We never just “play and pray.” Whenever we adjust your site’s local SEO, we check the metrics to see if they produced a measurable result. If it didn’t move the needle, we try something else or look for the problem.

There’s nothing magic about this. Digital marketing is the wave of the future because it is easy to track in real time. This is critical for SEO, a process that can take awhile to bear its maximum fruit.

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