| June 25, 2017

28 Best Digital Marketing Blogs 2017 – An Insider’s View

Sometimes, inspiration is simply the act of recharging your creative spirit by reading or seeing things that convince you that you are on the right path.  If you’re struggling to find or write original content to attract prospects and you feel as if you’ve hit the bottom of the well, stop despairing and keep reading to learn more about the best digital marketing blogs (2017 edition).

These are the blogs that we, the marketers at Digital Authority Partners like to read in order to stay on top of the latest trends, rules, and recommendations in content strategy. They come from industry leaders who have tried and tested a variety of marketing practices that have helped us get better at what we do, learn new things and help our customers succeed with their own digital efforts.

And as a bonus, we have also provided a link to our favorite articles or tips from each blog, so that you can get a sample of why we think these are the best digital marketing blogs of 2017. 

Best digital marketing blogs (2017 edition) 


1) Marketing Profs


Screenshot of Marketing Profs Blog

We love Marketing Profs because…

It’s a one-stop blog for just about every category of digital marketing you could think of, such as training strategies, case studies, online seminars, discussion forums, and a fully stocked store that offers lots of free guides to keep your business on the cutting edge of marketing.

Favorite article: Why SEO and PPC Are More Effective Together


2) Track Maven

Screenshot of Track Maven blog

We love Track Maven because…

Its content covers all the hot-button topics that makes marketing such a constantly moving target. Whether it’s a piece on Twitter analytics, tracking competitors’ promoted posts on social media platforms, defining ROI for your campaigns, or measuring brand awareness, the blog always focuses on the metrics of marketing, and how to prove value based on ROI and other data.

And because the blog is part of a business that sells marketing analytics software that lets you put all your marketing channels on one platform for ideal syncing, the blog content has an authority that makes everything you read about content analytics credible. As we at Digital Authority Partners are huge fans on analytics gathering, monitoring and reviewing, we absolutely had to include Track Maven on our list of best digital marketing blogs 2017.

Favorite article: How to Create a B2B Blog Strategy That Drives Business Results 


3) Marketing Land

Screenshot of Marketing Land blog

We love this blog because….

It does a great job of analyzing breaking news events related to marketing, and pulling out the most relevant and helpful details for marketers to implement in their own businesses. By shrinking down the marketing strategies of big brands, it gives you the assurance that the size of your company should never limit your ambitions.

Favorite article: How to get the most value from your marketing metrics 


4) Moz blog

Screenshot of The Moz Blog

We love Moz because….

It has continued to push all aspects of SEO, even as that strategy has become something of a four-letter word in digital marketing. What makes this site so rewarding is that they combine content written by Moz staff writers with content from other experts in the field. And the site’s Whiteboard Friday has killer videos that are updated every week, and discuss all kinds of online marketing issues. Also, if you need to keep up with search engine algorithm changes, this is the site that provides you with all the latest updates.

Favorite article: The 10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO – Whiteboard Friday


5) Kissmetrics blog

Screenshot of ?Kissmetrics Blog

We love Kissmetrics because…

It is still the gold standard in teaching marketers how to apply analysis and testing to their marketing strategies. If you’re at all interested in ROI, this blog is a lifeline where you can read content that is always focused on data, testing and adjustments based on metrics. This is a great analytics resource that teaches you how to use numbers and results to create or enhance your marketing strategy.

Favorite article: 6 Types of Visual Content You Need to Use in Your Marketing Campaigns


6) HubSpot Marketing Blog

Screenshot of Hubspot Marketing Blog

We love HubSpot because…

Not only does it provide you with some of the most actionable and informative content about digital marketing on the Internet, it also offers you one of the most popular marketing automation software tools in the industry. HubSpot’s CRM is among the most highly-rated for digital marketers, and another cool thing is that the site’s blog is separated into marketing and sales, so there is a real sense of targeted content to match a reader’s needs.

Favorite article: 42 Visual Content Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2017


11 Online Reputation Management Techniques for Doctors (The Definitive Guide)

7) Convince and Convert

Screenshot of Convince&Convert blog

We love Convince and Convert because…

It has one of the most intriguing names for a marketing site, and it gives you awesome marketing advice with a strong focus on CRO tactics that you can implement right away. The site’s name gives you an idea about how it prioritizes targeting the right consumer group and offering content that will turn them from prospects into long-term customers. If you’re looking for a blog that starts with conversions as the main driver of content, this is for you.

Favorite article: 15 Email Statistics That Are Shaping the Future


8) CopyBlogger

Screenshot of CopyBlogger blog

We love CopyBlogger because…

Content is king, and the site provides you with every angle of how to create content that appeals to the groups most likely to want your products and services…and those who don’t know that they need your products and services. This is a great site for in-house writers to hone their skills, and for marketers to understand how content driven by outstanding writing is still the key to marketing success.

Favorite article: Conventional Writing Wisdom You Can Ignore, Effective Immediately


9) Google’s Inside AdWords

Screenshot of Google's Inside Adwords

We love Google’s Inside AdWords because…

The world’s largest search engine has actionable information on everything you need to know about conversions, SEO strategy, taking advantage of new search algorithms and introducing you to a ton of new advertising and marketing tools. The information is concise, easy to read and driven by statistics, so if you’re already using AdWords, this is a gold mine. If you’re not, you will want to after visiting this blog.

Favorite article: A new guide to driving sales with Gmail Ads


10) Social Media Today

Screenshot of SocialMediaToday blog

We love SocialMedia Today because…

The diversity of opinions expressed by the site’s experts bloggers as well as the contributors who come from a variety of industries to lend their voice to the cause, makes this a daily must-read. The blog always offers meaty content that focuses on providing real-life examples, so you’re not just consuming theory you are seeing how brands are applying winning strategies.

Favorite article: Starting from Zero: Building a Social Media Presence from Scratch


11) Social Media Examiner

Screenshot of Social Media Examiner blog

We love Social Media Examiner because…

It’s one of the very best blogs about how to leverage social media platforms to boost branding and awareness, and to convert prospects. This blog tackles every notable platform, including Reddit, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, from every angle, including issues specific to each platform, and how a one-size-fits-all social media strategy is fool’s gold. As a bonus, the blog has a free annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report that aggregates metrics from thousands of marketers and puts that information in your hands.

Favorite article: 26 Tips for Using Instagram for Business


12) e-Marketer

Screenshot of eMarketer blog

We love e-Marketer because…

It’s the data lovers dream blog, chock-full of articles on B2B, advertising, demographics and social media. The focus is always on how big data is driving the content strategies of the most successful companies, and how you can adapt your marketing methods to take advantage of shifting trends. And if you opt for e-Marketer Pro, you’ll get to order research reports on just about any issue that is specific to your company’s needs. You can also purchase reports on hot-button topics such as ‘The Internet of Things for Smart Cities,’ and ‘Visual Commerce 2017.’

Favorite article: Digital Ad Spending to Surpass TV Next Year


13) Content Marketing Institute

Screenshot of Content Marketing Institute blog

We love Content Marketing Institute because…

The blog is all over the content marketing game, from providing resources on startups, to giving successful companies the steps necessary to scale their business. The blog isn’t just focused on articles that are useful, it also offers timely podcasts, career advice, consulting services, information about upcoming events, training and tons of reports and studies that turns numbers and figures into real information you can implement in your own business.

Favorite article: The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017



14) Quick Sprout

Screenshot of Quick Sprout blog

We love Quick Sprout because…

Neil Patel. Questions? Ok, so we all know how iconic Patel has become in the world of digital marketing, and it’s fair to say he is a huge part of why we love the blog he created, but the truth is that the articles on the site are hypnotically-easy to read, and Patel puts everything into actionable language that makes you feel like you can replicate every strategy he suggests. And each article he writes includes some kind of real-life example of how a strategy has worked for another successful marketer. Plus, the blog offers one-on-one consulting, a ‘University’ where you can become certified in different marketing methods, and a webinar.

Favorite article: How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions

The 2019 Mobile App Marketing Guide with 25 Pro Tips



15) Tony Zambito

Screenshot of Tony Zambito blog

We love Tony Zambito because…

Other than the fact that it’s got one of the coolest ‘made-men’ names in the industry, the blog zeroes in on the all-important concept of targeting your consumer group, and understanding the entire spectrum of their buying behavior, and how that is driven by a number of key factors. Although personas play a large part in the blog’s content, the articles offer a diversified look at how marketers must always view their strategies from the buyer’s perspective in order to properly create content and products that are tailor-made to meet their needs.

Favorite article: 10 Ways to Know Your B2B Buyers Deeply Using the Buyer Persona Canvas


16) Oktopost

Screenshot of Oktopost blog

We love Oktopost because…

In addition to offering outstanding social media management software to kickstart or enhance your social relevancy, Oktopost has a blog that focuses on the big and small issues with social media campaigns. There isn’t a subject matter you’ve struggled with that Oktopost hasn’t written about, including marketing automation, social customer care, social customer experience, and lead generation through leveraging channel presence.

Favorite article: B2B Lead Nurturing For Dummies


17) E-Consultancy

screenshot of e-consultancy blog

We love E-Consultancy because….

Nearly all of its articles include companies and brands that exemplify the topic at hand. So you’ll never read any content in a vacuum, which makes the blog a must-read for marketers who want to see how concepts are translated in real-life situations. And if you want a deeper dive, the blog offers a subscriber-based research and data service.

Favorite article: Ecommerce consumer reviews: why you need them and how to use them

18) PR Daily News

screenshot of PR Daily News blog

We love PR Daily News because….

It’s one of the best blogs for delivering daily news in PR, marketing, social media and general media, and that means you are always informed about the trends and shifts that are affecting these industries. But the blog also examines how big brands are adapting to the changes in how consumers choose their products and services, and how these brands respond to negative publicity.

Favorite article: A Guide to Millennial Marketing


19) Digiday

Screenshot of Digiday blog

We love Digiday because….

The blog has some of the best critical writing on the state of the digital marketing industry that you’ll find anywhere. The writers treat readers with a certain level of respect, but their articles are always laid out in a way that makes them easy to digest and analyze. One of our favorite things about the blog is that you can check out their TLDR feature, which gives you a digest version of every content piece, so you know what’s in store before you commit to a deeper dive.

Favorite article: Confessions of a social media exec on influencer marketing: ‘We threw too much money at them’


20) Marketing Agency Insider

Screenshot of Marketing Agency Insider blog

We love Marketing Agency Insider because…

It’s a no-frills blog that includes original articles as well as curated content from other respected blogs. The focus is on helping marketing agencies keep up with the changing dynamics of an industry in which clinging to old ideas results in failure. If you’re part of an agency, this should be your go-to blog for all the relevant issues that can make or break your company. As a bonus, the blog gives you the chance to download a free chapter of the best-selling book, “Marketing Agency Blueprint,” a guide to building an agency that combines PR, SEO, advertising and content.

Favorite article: How to Gain Buy-In with Client Decision-Makers


21) Six Pixels of Separation

screenshot of Six Pixels of Separation blog

We love Six Pixels of Separation because…

Mitch Joel is always entertaining, and his blog is a grab bag of topics relevant to digital marketing. The blog’s best bonus is the weekly “Six Links Worthy of Your Attention,” which highlights six outstanding pieces of content that provide valuable insight into the marketing industry. The blog also includes a podcast and access to Mitch Joel’s books, including his game changing, “Six Pixels of Separation” book, which argued that everyone is connected, and how those connections are the key to marketing success.

Favorite article: The Best Practices in Social Media Marketing Writing Project


22) Social Media Explorer

Screenshot of Social Media Explorer blog

We love Social Media Explorer because…

It’s a clean and well-organized blog that breaks its content down into four very distinct categories: tools & tips, news & noise, movers & makers and cases & causes. When you get on the blog, you can quickly find the topics you most want to read, which makes the experience pleasant and useful. One of our favorite recent content titles was, “An Offer You Cannot Refuse: The Future of Content Marketing from the Godfather of Content.” Now that’s a headline!

Favorite article: Finding Your Brand Voice

Financial Product Marketing: 5 Key Strategies for 2019


23) Spin Sucks

Screenshot of Spin Sucks blog

We love Spin Sucks because…

It’s an eclectic blog with content that relates to PR, lead generation, SEO and brand awareness. But what we especially love is the unusual topics on the blog that we really don’t see anywhere else. For example, “Why We Should Welcome Our New Artificial Intelligence Overlords’ is not a headline you would see at too many other blogs, nor is “Gin And Topics: Nobody Likes Me. Everybody Hates Me.” This is an entertaining and informative blog with the added bonus of featuring many female authorities, which is a refreshing change of pace.

Favorite article: The Five Parts to Brand Storytelling Nearly Everyone Misses


24) Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Screenshot of Salesforce Marketing Cloud blog

We love Salesforce Marketing Cloud because…

It focuses on marketing, marketing and more marketing, and the innovative methods brands are implementing to reach consumers. If email marketing and the customer experience heavily influence your strategy, this blog has the type of content you’re hungering for, and there’s a featured post at the top of the blog page nearly every day. And because its email marketing and social media marketing automation software drives the blog’s content, the articles have an authenticity that can’t be faked.

Favorite article91% of Consumers Use Email At Least Daily


25) The Sales Lion

Screenshot of The Sales Lion blog

We love The Sales Lion because…

Well, for one thing we think Marcus Sheridan is a rock star in the industry, so that’s pretty huge, but his blog should be bookmarked by any serious practitioner of Inbound Marketing. There is an encyclopedic amount of content on this blog that covers just about every issue that crops up as a challenge in today’s rapidly changing digital marketing landscape. Sheridan also supplements his blog with podcasts, on which you’ll find interviews with marketers who are thriving using principles you can replicate for your own business.

Favorite article4 Powerful Local SEO and Content Marketing Strategies No One is Talking About


26) Top Rank

Screenshot of Top Rank Marketing Blog

We love Top Rank because…

It offers practical articles geared to content marketing, influencer marketing and social media marketing, while also providing tips on SEO and SEM. The copy is always clean, and the writers adopt a very user-friendly tone. It’s like waking up every morning to a highly informed human version of Alexa or Siri that has a personality and also offers a wealth of actionable information. Anytime you get an article titled, “100+ Digital Marketing Tools To Help You Become A More Effective Marketer,” and you read every one because the tips are so good, you know you’re on to a special blog.

Favorite article: Updated! A Master List of Social Media Marketing Management Tools


27) Vero

Screenshot of Vero blog

We love Vero because…

It is one of the few blogs that creates content for engineering and product teams in addition to the more traditional target audience of marketers. Because Vero specializes in email marketing software, its blog content tends to be more data and analytics driven, with an emphasis on segmentation, customer profiles, case studies and How Tos.

Favorite article: A Picture Is Worth A 42% Increase In Click Through Rate


28) Business2Community

Screenshot of Business2Community blog

We love Business2Community because…

How do we list all the reasons? This is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing sites on the Internet, and the best thing about it is that it encourages experts in their field who know how to write valuable content to post on the blog. That has created one of the most trusted and respected community-based blogs in the industry, covering everything from PR to branding to social media to marketing to trends that are forcing major companies to change how they attract and retain consumers.

Favorite article: Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Strategy Right Now


This is it folks – our list of best digital marketing blogs 2017. This is, of course, our own subjective list of blogs that we read religiously to stay on top of the latest trends in content marketing. If there’s any blog you think deserves to be added to the list – or that you think we should start reading – feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] We appreciate it & we always look forward to learning new things!



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