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Achieved a remarkable 27% increase in online revenue for one of the largest Oracle Solutions Partners.

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Helped a leading Chicago-based PR firm to supercharge its lead generation efforts, achieving a remarkable 2.6x increase.

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Interim CMOs: Why Hire an Interim CMO for Your Business? Because Leadership Can’t Take a Break.

An Interim CMO is a seasoned marketing strategy leader who can take the reins of your growth plan if your current chief marketing officer (CMO) is leaving the organization — or if you’re looking for your first CMO and you need an experienced hand to steer the ship while you search for a permanent replacement. Interim CMOs can set the stage for future growth. If you’re already growing, an Interim CMO can help ensure you keep growing without a hitch.

Strategy Planning: Businesses don’t grow by accident — they grow by rigorous adherence to the right marketing strategy. An Interim CMO can help you develop your strategy or continue the process of executing and implementing your existing marketing plan.

Market Research. Imagine a world where your product or service is eagerly sought after. With an Interim CMO at the helm, uncover hidden market desires, validate demand, and develop an irresistible offer that truly resonates with your ideal buyers.

Build Your Brand. People may buy products or services, but they are loyal to brands. A strong brand stands for something — mission, values, higher perceived value. This sets the stage for customers to become repeat customers and brand ambassadors. Envision not just customers but passionate fans. With an Interim CMO, elevate your brand to inspire devotion and loyalty like never before.

Product Marketing. Our Interim CMOs leverage their deep experience with B2B, B2C, and D2C marketing to help you craft a customized messaging and targeting plan, designed to get the message of your product, service, or solution in front of as many warm prospects as possible, building brand trust and ramping up their eagerness to buy.

Digital First. Transform digital landscapes with the expertise of our Interim CMOs, stewards of billion-dollar campaigns. Let them guide your digital journey, streamlining your brand across platforms and amplifying every dollar’s impact for unparalleled ROI.

Meet Our Featured Interim CMO: Rose Lee


Rose Lee is a tested and proven expert in the fields of international marketing, product marketing management, and customer success. She boasts an exceptional track record of driving profit and growth, ranging from startups to $40+ billion enterprises.

I firmly believe that successful marketing must deliver tangible results, such as increased sales, profits, and an expanding customer base. Clients often commend my ability to articulate the value of complex, multi-tiered services and products in a clear and compelling manner to customers.

I am frequently sought after by B2B and B2C clients to be a growth architect, serving as an interim Chief Marketing Officer. I specialize in diving deep into ROI Marketing & Analysis, Demand/Lead Generation, and Voice of the Customer marketing."

If you want to win at marketing, you want Rose Lee as your Interim CMO.

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How Our Interim CMOs Help Your Organization Succeed

  • 1

    Assess Your Existing Marketing Strategy:

    Your Interim CMO will dive deep into your current marketing blueprint and determine what parts of it represent sound strategy and where adjustments might be needed.

  • 2

    Execute and Adjust Your Marketing Plan:

    An Interim CMO seamlessly takes over your existing marketing strategy, driving its execution with expertise and momentum.

  • 3

    Boost Your Digital Presence:

    Digital is powerful. The stronger your digital presence, the stronger your brand. An Interim CMO can audit your current digital strategy and look for ways to strengthen it.

  • 4

    Automate and Scale:

    Interim CMOs can identify opportunities to automate repetitive marketing processes, freeing up personnel time and giving your company the ability to scale your marketing efforts.

  • 5

    Evaluate your Search Engine and Media Buying Strategies:

    Your Interim CMO will evaluate the state of your website's search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and previous paid media campaigns — and create a plan to improve the performance of both.

  • 6

    Strengthen Your Branding, PR, and Content:

    Your brand is your identity. An Interim CMO can help you refine your brand to make it memorable and appealing, align your content to that brand, and get the word out there.

  • 7

    Recruit Reliable Vendors and Top Talent:

    The best companies work with the best. An Interim CMO can help you fill your roster of teammates and partners with amazing talent who can deliver the results you’re looking for.

  • 8

    Monitor KPIs and Optimize Spending:

    Your Interim CMO will establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for your marketing organization, set the right analytics framework to track them, and make data-driven recommendations to optimize your marketing spend.

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CMO Approach

Interim CMO Services We Offer

Interim CMO: Frequently Asked Questions

“CMO” is short for “Chief Marketing Officer.” It’s a C-level executive responsible for providing leadership and direction to your marketing team or department. An Interim CMO is an experienced marketing leader who fulfills the role of CMO for your company while the role of “permanent CMO” is vacant — either because an outgoing CMO is leaving the company, or because your organization is still looking for its first permanent CMO but wants someone in the role as soon as possible. 

Wondering if you need an Interim CMO for your company? It may be the right choice for you if you’re growing fast and need experienced C-level leadership in the marketing department to keep it from spinning off the rails from growing pains — but you haven’t identified the perfect candidate for a long-term CMO. You just need someone in that seat to get the ball rolling while you search for your permanent CMO. 

If you don’t plan to or are not ready to hire a full-time CMO but need the temporary or part-time services of a CMO, a Fractional CMO — basically a CMO who spends a fraction of their workweek helping multiple companies on temporary contracts — may be the way to go instead.

An Interim CMO will sign on to work for the client company, either part-time or full-time, for a set contractual period — usually 3-6 months. For that period of time, the Interim CMO steps into the position of chief marketing officer and performs all the functions of that job — crafting and refining strategies, assembling a team, and providing leadership to the team to execute that marketing strategy.

There are two circumstances under which you should bring in an Interim CMO. You’re likely going to bring in a Digital Authority Partners’ Interim CMO when your current full-time CMO gives notice of intent to resign. You need someone to fill the role, but the recruitment process for a C-level executive can take months — time you can’t afford to leave your marketing department headless. An Interim CMO can step into the gap, making sure your marketing machine is running smoothly while you look for your next permanent CMO.

The other circumstance is if your company has no CMO but is experiencing explosive growth. You may realize that it is time to add a CMO to the team. But again, it can take months to recruit a C-level executive. You need someone in that position immediately to take advantage of that explosive growth before the moment passes or fizzles.

An Interim CMO should obviously be experienced, with a track record of success as a marketing executive at the C-level. Additionally, an Interim CMO should be flexible and adaptable, as they may need to step into an already-existing marketing strategy with a pre-existing marketing team, hit the ground running, and make it work. 

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Why Companies Choose Our Interim CMOs

  • We have dozens of expert Interim CMOs with proven track records of success at the upper echelons of marketing execution.
  • Our Interim CMOs have helped over 100 organizations in less than 5 years.
  • Our forward-looking Interim CMOs know the subtleties and intricacies of marketing strategy for companies of all sizes and industries.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Why Should You Hire an Interim CMO for Your Organization?

Hiring an Interim CMO for your organization can be a smart move to maintain your marketing and growth strategy. Here’s why many companies opt for a Digital Authority Partners’ Interim CMOs.

Expertise: If you’re going to choose a leader at the head of your marketing department at a time of great growth, that person needs to know what they are doing. DAP’s team of Interim CMOs are rockstars with significant track records of success in high marketing positions at multiple companies, including brands that are household names. They know their stuff, and they can show receipts.

Continuity: Losing marketing traction at the wrong moment can devastate an organization. Catching a wave of growth can be like “catching lightning in a bottle.” If you miss your moment, who knows when it will come again? DAP Interim CMOs keep your marketing plan afloat, ensuring your company doesn’t suffer heavy consequences from losing a key executive at a critical juncture.  

Flexibility: DAP Interim CMOs have a vast breadth of knowledge of multi-channel marketing best practices in dozens of industries. Whatever your current marketing strategy may be, a DAP Interim CMO can step into that strategy and keep it moving without missing a beat.

Objectivity: Sometimes, the full-time executives of an organization are actually too close to the company to be objective about it. A DAP Interim CMO brings a much-needed neutral opinion about the business and its marketing plan, providing a breath of fresh air and a shot of new energy that the company never even knew it had been missing.

Efficiency: DAP Interim CMOs are sticklers for efficiency. They don’t just pick up your marketing strategy as business as usual — they immediately look for ways to automate, consolidate, and streamline to make your marketing campaign more nimble and cost-effective than ever. 

Innovation: DAP Interim CMOs aren’t just lackeys or yes-men — they’re thought leaders and innovators in the marketing field in their own right. They don’t just follow the current plan — they add to it and improve it, based on a wealth of knowledge and insights of the most cutting-edge marketing best practices.

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