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How Do Medical Practices Benefit From PPC?

PPCs’ biggest benefits for medical practices are speed and volume. Depending on your location’s market size, demand for services, budget, and how successfully you convert leads, PPC can rapidly fill your appointment calendar.

PPC improves SEO efforts. Gather data and test keywords and content quickly with PPC before dedicating resources. Once you know what’s working, dedicate more resources to SEO. When SEO efforts take hold, scale back PPC while maintaining or increasing traffic and conversion through SEO.

PPC can help dominate the market of people looking for your services. Remember, the top three search results get 75% of clicks. The right keyword, content, bid and budget strategies ensure you get more clicks and calls than competitors.

77% of patients begin their journey to physicians through online searches. PPC puts you in front of prospects, giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself and begin a relationship. With the right landing pages and strategy, you’ll turn visitors into patients. More new business equals more opportunities to convert patients to brand ambassadors and get more referrals.

PPC results are lightning-fast. Depending on the search volume of keywords in your market PPC can deliver clicks and calls the instant your ads go live. Beware, without a proper campaign setup, you’ll evaporate budget as quickly as you generate traffic. Every click and call costs. PPC requires strategy and expertise, ensuring you extract maximum value from every action. Get help now.

PPC platforms use automation. For instance, Google can optimize your campaigns for conversion. Using data Google displays ads with the highest probability of conversion. Data collection takes time. So, while it’s possible to hit the ground running with PPC, your campaigns aren’t initially optimized. Over time, you’ll get higher-quality traffic for a lower cost as campaigns optimize. Typically within 1-3 months.

PPC is fast but it can be costly. Compared with other ad media for the value it delivers in qualified leads, PPC is second only to word-of-mouth, and SEO. Phone books are dead. Specialist directories can be cost-effective but often produce low volume. PPC is considerably more cost-effective than TV, radio, and direct mail.

One survey reports that medical practices spend an average of $169 to acquire a patient using PPC. Remember, on average, PPC returns $4-$5 for every dollar spent. As long as you’re generating strong returns, the cost isn’t the issue. The issue is the uncertainty of whether your initial investment pays off. Agencies give you the best chance of recovering your investment through high returns. Contact us.

Use the following calculation for determining ROI: (Revenue – Cost) / Cost x 100 = ROI%. Get revenue by determining the number of new patients acquired through PPC and the value of each visit.

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  • 4X the sales originally projected
  • Awards including Time innovation of
    the year, Top 100 global awards, & Best of CES
  • First FDA-approved watch-based
    blood pressure monitoring
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athena health


  • 140% increase in revenue-to-date
  • 40% increase in app engagement
  • 36% increase in surveys taken by the 2M+ doctors
    on the app
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The new performance dashboard of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois shown on a desktop

BlueCross BlueShield

  • 75 reduction in time spent on email
  • 40 increase in submission speed of
    managed health reports
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