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What is a Fractional Law Firm CMO?

A fractional law firm CMO is a part-time chief marketing officer who works specifically with law firms. They devise strategic marketing plans, oversee branding efforts, manage client acquisition initiatives, and beyond. Their role aims to bolster the firm's market presence, optimize client engagement, and drive growth at a more affordable rate.

DAP’s fractional legal services include legal advertising as a whole but also in niche areas. From personal injury law to elder abuse law to insurance disputes, you don’t have to spend time briefing us on the intricacies of your field: We come prepared with decades of knowledge. 

Upon hiring a DAP fractional legal CMO, you gain access to critical marketing game plans, including:

  • Actionable, specific insights. As a legal professional, you know that the details matter. DAP’s fractional law firm CMOs are experts in providing understandable, ready-to-get-started plans without all the marketing jargon. Clear directions with a clear goal and endpoint.
  • Practiced C-suite executives specialized in legal marketing. The last thing attorneys want is to say something in advertising materials that finds them in trouble with the law. FCMOs know how to stay far away from dicey topics and phrasing so your message is memorable and engaging… for all the right reasons.
  • Team training for top-to-bottom excellence. Whether you have an in-house marketing team or have lawyers or paralegals looking to spread their advertising wings, our fractional CMOs can help. DAP’s pros can help train your existing crew or hire team members who can carry the torch. 


Meet Our Featured

SaaS Fractional CMO


Rose Lee is an international marketing, product marketing management, and customer success executive who has delivered growth and profitability for organizations ranging from startups to $40+B enterprise SaaS organizations.

I believe successful marketing must drive new business and customer sales and be measured via bottom-line objectives: increases in sales, profits and customer base. Clients tell me I make the value of complex, multi-tiered services and products clear and compelling to customers.

I'm frequently called on by SaaS clients to be a growth architect and serve as an interim/fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Product Officer who goes deep into ROI Marketing & Analysis, Demand/Lead Generation and Voice of the Customer marketing.

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How Our Fractional CMOs Can Help Your Law Firm Succeed

It’s nearly impossible to rely on word-of-mouth referrals alone. People out there need your help, but they might not know it yet. An exclusive fractional law firm CMO from DAP can get your unique messaging and brand in front of the right people.

  • 1

    Performing an audit

    DAP's legal fractional CMO begins by evaluating your existing marketing strategy, identifying strengths, and determining opportunities for positive changes.

  • 2

    Creating a 12-month marketing roadmap

    After our first step, we'll devise a strategic, data-driven, 12-month roadmap tailored to your particular practice. We outline our clear objectives and the practical measures to attain them.

    But don't worry, we're not married to this plan. We can adjust and pivot as needed so you're always moving on the freshest, most relevant data.

  • 3

    Optimizing your online presence

    The importance of a strong digital presence cannot be understated. Our digital marketing specialists keep your brand captivating and relevant while they target your target clientele.

    Websites are more complicated than ever. Does your site have an SEO-friendly blog? Is your Google My Business page optimized? Think about the loading speed—both desktop and mobile. Speaking of mobile, mobile optimizations matter more now with Google’s ranking algorithm. You need someone who knows your website from the backend to the frontend. Let our fractional law firm CMOs be your database.

  • 4

    Improving marketing automations

    Our legal fractional CMOs are industry leaders in marketing automation. They assess existing systems and uncover ways to improve them. They look to tried-and-true as well as new and emerging tools and technology to better facilitate client interactions and efficient operations.

  • 5

    Implementing powerful search and media strategies

    A fractional law firm CMO is experienced in creating and implementing cutting-edge strategies in social media and SEO so that your legal practice stands above the rest.

  • 6

    Updating branding, content marketing, and PR

    After a catastrophic injury, workplace accident, or other incident involving liability, people want someone they can trust. That’s why brand identity is vital to establishing a law firm as a local authority. Our fractional CMO can fine-tune your branding for possible pathways to increase client satisfaction and shine a light on you as a source of light people turn to in their darkest moments.

  • 7

    Hiring top talent for your marketing department

    Marketers are not uncommon these days, but legal marketers can be. Luckily, our fractional CMOs have deep wells of contracts and colleagues. Hiring the right marketing team is a challenge, but not for our fractional CMOs. When it comes to recruiting, hiring, training, and scaling a top-notch team, you can rely on DAP.

  • 8

    Monitoring KPIs and optimizing marketing spend

    Consider legal fractional CMOs as your guide in managing marketing budgets within legal parameters. With a focus on tracking KPIs and refining strategies, they keep a constant watch on budget allocation. DAP's legal FCMOs build comprehensive marketing and growth plans that are as sustainable as they are ambitious.

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Fractional Law Firm CMOs: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A fractional CMO advises companies on a part-time contractor basis. At DAP, we have fractional CMOs who specialize in legal marketing and advertising. Their depth of knowledge in law firm marketing and in critical local areas helps them create campaigns unlike any other.

A legal firm should consider bringing in a fractional CMO for several reasons. To start, it’s a cost-effective solution (compared to hiring a full-time CMO). Fractional CMOs have all the expertise of a full-time CMO with none of the overhead costs. A fractional legal CMO ushers in fresh perspectives and industry insights, helping law firms stay competitive and adapt to market and digital advertising trends. 

Yes, as part-time contractors, fractional CMOs are the prime candidates for remote work. You won’t be responsible for anything like relocation fees, much less insurance premiums or a full-time hire’s notable salary requirements. 

Yes, a fractional CMO specializing in law can lead the charge in lead generation and customer acquisition. Thanks to their extensive marketing experience across a range of channels and familiarity with the legal industry’s unique needs and audience, they are perfectly suited to attract and convert prospects into customers.

It’s a breeze. Just call up DAP, email us, or submit our contact form, and we’ll set up an introduction. We’ll present what we think we can help you with, and you get a chance to see how we can grow your firm. 

No two law firms are exactly the same, and no two firms need the same marketing services, either. A fractional CMO for the legal industry combines several factors unique to a law office, like industry type, state and federal guidelines, and local demographics for marketing to create a custom, cohesive strategy that’s second to none. 

Salaries for fractional CMOs can vary. Usually, they land in the low to mid-hundred dollar range. Full-time CMOs typically look to take home six figures, minimum.

Of course, the results vary, but previous clients have noticed results in anywhere from a few short weeks to months. 

Fractional CMOs are a great option for smaller to mid-sized law firms to see bigger results with a smaller budget. You can access the same people advising the marketing departments at Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies at a fraction of the cost. 

You’ll Be in Great Company

Our Fractional Law Firm CMO Case Studies

Software as a Solution


  • 200% Increase in sales-qualified leads YoY
  • 178% Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic to the website in one year
  • 30.69% Increase in time on page across the website after the redesign
View case study
Unique Expertise
Software as a Solution
Financial services


  • $3M New business secured during the first year due to marketing efforts
  • #1 Loyalty program lifetime value software ranking on Google
  • 13.54% The click-through rate on email (vs. ~2.5% industry average)
  • 15% Reduction in cost to serve by leveraging business intelligence solution
View case study
Software as a Solution
Financial services

Cove Markets

  • 52% Increase in PQLs YoY
  • 2,321% Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic to the website in 18 months
  • 81.12% Increase in time on page across the website after the rebranding
View case study

Schedule your free consultation

When you schedule a consultation with a fractional CMO from Digital Authority Partners (DAP), you meet with someone who comes prepared with brilliant yet straightforward recommendations free of charge and with no obligation. Find out what makes us different from the other fractional CMO firms out there.

Why Companies Choose To Work With Our Fractional CMOs

There are quite a few reasons why DAP is the first choice of the nation’s top law firms. 

  • Our fractional CMOs for the legal industry have a deep understanding of the ever-changing digital marketing industry honed through years of experience. 
  • We offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time C-suite executive.
  • Fractional CMOs are scalability magicians, scaling up and down teams when needed. Whether you’re looking for a new marketing assistant or a new paralegal, simply ask your FCMO to lend you a hand. 
  • DAP’s fractional CMOs are dynamic, pivoting from SEO and social to optimizing Google My Business and other landing pages.

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Still Not Sure if a Fractional CMO is Right for Your Legal Office?

If you've ever wondered how smaller firms grow into nationwide giants, now's the time to live that success story yourself.

Attorneys can take a weight off their shoulders and get back to helping their clients knowing DAP is here to help them level up. When law firms partner with our well-established fractional law firm CMOs, they know better brand visibility and client acquisition are on the horizon (without huge costs looming overhead). We rely on you so every case can get their day in court; you can rely on us to get you those cases first. 

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