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Why San Diego companies choose us
for their Analytics needs

  • We’re Experienced. Not everyone knows how to read the numbers. It’s a specialized skill that takes years to master. We have that level of mastery. DAP’s team of analytics specialists knows how to implement the right analytics tools, identify KPI with laser precision, and draw actionable insights from the data.

  • We Deliver On-Time and On-Budget. Time is money when it comes to analytics. The faster you can react to the data, the better position your organization can achieve. DAP helps companies leverage this fact into an advantage by fast implementation of data analytics, customized to your budget.

  • We’re Award-Winning. DAP has been honored for its digital services with several prestigious industry awards. We’re thrilled, but also aware of the responsibility that comes with being lauded in one’s field, and we strive to honor that with a continued commitment to excellence, in analytics and other services.

  • We’re Future-Focused. Data and analytics advance rapidly. An analytics strategy needs to evolve in order to adapt to changing requirements and environments. DAP designs analytics solutions that can grow with you into the future you envision for your organization.



Some of Our Work

Dickson left computer


  • 10% increase in total leads YoY
  • 18% reduction in bounce rate
  • 71% increase in email click-through rate
  • 3x increase in form conversion rate
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  • 4X the sales originally projected
  • Awards including Time innovation of
    the year, Top 100 global awards, & Best of CES
  • First FDA-approved watch-based
    blood pressure monitoring
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athena health


  • 140% increase in revenue-to-date
  • 40% increase in app engagement
  • 36% increase in surveys taken by the 2M+ doctors
    on the app
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Why you should choose Digital Authority Partners
For your your Analytics needs

Understand User Behavior

Digital experiences exist to serve users. Without user involvement, the experience is just glorified window dressing. To get the most value out of your digital experience—and to offer more value through the digital experience—you need to know how users are interacting with that experience.

Analytics set up “observation posts” where user behavior can be tracked and counted. With enough data, patterns begin to emerge. You may find out that users gravitate toward a particular feature, which you may want to prioritize for improvement, or that they’re getting hung up on a particular feature of your experience, indicating problems worth addressing. 


Uncover Hidden Insights

Many organizations don’t even understand their own digital experience. Stakeholders may have one idea about the most important features or core value offerings, but users may have a completely different approach. Stakeholders’ opinions and business goals matter, but ultimately they don’t get to decide—the marketplace gets to decide.

Analytics can reveal hidden opportunities to enhance, pivot, or expand a digital experience or software solution to become more useful to its users—including new opportunities to monetize, expand market share, and increase the ROI of the digital experience. Analytics may suggest an entirely different, more prosperous direction in which to take the digital experience.

Instill an Analytics-Driven Culture

Modern organizations cannot afford to “go with their gut.” In a data-driven age, following the gut instincts of management and stakeholders is an actively destructive culture path—one that favors ego and one upmanship at the expense of results. How can an organization progress if every stakeholder is guarding his or her turn, intent on being right?

By contrast, data doesn’t lie. When properly interpreted, data is like a compass, inexorably drawn toward magnetic North—it points the way to the best course of action, ego aside. Once they commit to following the data rather than guarding their turf, stakeholders can begin to work together as a team, united in a common goal of following the data to prosperity. 

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