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Why San Diego Companies Choose Us For Their SEO Needs

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We’re Experienced

We have a proven track record of improving search engine ranking for businesses like yours—our efforts have driven significant revenue to those businesses through organic search traffic.

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We Deliver On-Time and On-Budget

We understand the urgency of winning the SEO game. In a marketing discipline where time is not on your side, we set realistic timelines and budgets, and we hold ourselves to those promises.


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We’re Award-Winning

Our SEO expertise has earned us recognition from several major organizations dedicated to excellence in digital marketing. What can we say … we’re honored.

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We’re Future-Focused

SEO is all about positioning your company for the future. We continually adapt our SEO tactics, avoid fallout from algorithmic changes, and future-proof your brand authority.

Our SEO Work

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Cove Markets

  • 52% Increase in PQLs YoY
  • 2,321% Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic to the website in 18 months
  • 81.12% Increase in time on page across the website after the rebranding
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  • 10% increase in total leads YoY
  • 18% reduction in bounce rate
  • 71% increase in email click-through rate
  • 3x increase in form conversion rate
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  • Page 1 ranking for primary keyword
  • 65% increase to both page views and time on site
  • 43% increase in conversion rate
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate
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Professional Services

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  • 14% increase in pageviews
  • 20% increase in organic traffic
  • 10% decrease in site-wide exit rate
  • 6% more sessions per user
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Why you should choose Digital Authority Partners
for your SEO needs

Data-driven strategy for your San Diego Website

As experts in SEO, we don’t just wing it. We devise a strategy to improve your website’s ranking based on data. What is your current rank? How does it compare to competitor sites? What are your most competitive keywords? What long-tail keywords could you easily rank for that convert? 

Data exists to inform all of these strategic questions, and we don’t ignore it to listen to our gut. We listen to the data. A data-driven strategy also allows us to make educated cost and time estimates, helping us consistently stay on-time and on-budget.

San Diego

Laser-focused on your San Diego Web Experience

We know what it takes to succeed online in this world-class city. San Diego is elite real estate, and people who live, work, and do business here tend to expect a great deal. Someone who has never competed here may be out of their depth.

DAP helps companies win at SEO, not just in San Diego but in other major cities, where the competition is fierce and the scrutiny relentless. We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t undermine our efforts with quick fixes that will hurt us in the long run. We focus on authority, relevance, and user experience. With those pieces in place, your San Diego SEO project is all but guaranteed to succeed.

Brand Mentions and Backlinks

SEO isn’t just about what happens on your website—it’s also about what happens on other websites. Brand mentions and links to your website from other websites make a big difference. Enough of the right backlinks, and a new brand can even beat a major brand at the SEO game. 

Our San Diego SEO team knows how to get the web talking about you. We leverage our relationships with local sites, niche sites, and industry magazines and thought leaders to build digital buzz around your brand the right way—backlinks that won’t disappear or come back to haunt you, but which will bolster your site’s authority for years to come. 

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Thorough monitoring of your site’s analytics

Everything that can be counted can be improved … and the good news is that everything on the internet can be counted. DAP does not base its San Diego SEO strategies on a wing and a prayer. We don’t just throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks.

Instead, we install industry-leading analytics, identify the most relevant key performance indicators (KPI), and develop an SEO strategy to move those KPIs methodically in the right direction.

Ongoing support

Great SEO is like a massive ship picking up steam. The more momentum it picks up, the harder it is to stop … and the more likely it is to plow over smaller boats that get in its way! This is one of the reasons SEO is one of the best long-term investments in brand awareness you can make—even if it takes awhile to rank, once your site ranks it tends to camp out on top of SERPs and stay there.

But that doesn’t mean the job is over. Without updates and maintenance, your site could slip from its peak position. Search engine algorithm changes could hurt your ranking. And competitors might make a play for your spot. Our San Diego SEO services include ongoing support and optimization. Once you reach the top of the search results, we make sure you stay there. 

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