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Why San Diego Companies Choose Us
for Technical SEO

  • We’re Experienced. SEO is our livelihood. Our team drives 1.5 million monthly visitors and has gained 30,000 first page, first position rankings for our clients in San Diego and abroad.
  • We Deliver On-Time and On-Budget. We don’t fly blind. We’ve been doing this long enough to understand the resources and costs required to produce our agreed results.
  • We’re Award-Winning. We’ve won awards from Time Magazine, Tech In Motion, Design Drizzle, and The Consumer Electronics Show.
  • We’re Future-Focused. But grounded in the present. Meeting customer needs today guarantees you have a future.
DAP Team

Some of Our Work

Unique Expertise
Software as a Solution
Financial services


  • $3M New business secured during the first year due to marketing efforts
  • #1 Loyalty program lifetime value software ranking on Google
  • 13.54% The click-through rate on email (vs. ~2.5% industry average)
  • 15% Reduction in cost to serve by leveraging business intelligence solution
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Twinkle in Time website

Twinkle in Time

  • 35+ point increase in Domain Rating (DR) within six months
  • 354 ranking keywords for the client’s website after one month
  • 10K+ unique visitors gained within six months
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imaware laptop


  • 1,400+ #1 Position Keywords in Google Search
  • 11,400% Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic Within 2 years
  • 70,500+ # of healthcare keywords ranking
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ladybug case study

LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool

  • 200% Increase in revenue year over year
  • 253% Increase in organic traffic year over year
  • 2,000+ # of local keywords ranking
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Fresh Thyme

  • 70+ locations overhauled with new template
  • 47% increase in “near me” clicks
  • 10% increase in overall searches compared with previous year
  • 93% increase in map views
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  • Page 1 ranking for primary keyword
  • 65% increase to both page views and time on site
  • 43% increase in conversion rate
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate
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Why You Should Choose Digital Authority Partners
for Your Technical SEO Needs

We’re Customer-Obsessed

At Digital Authority Partners, you are our top priority. Our success depends on yours because word-of-mouth referrals are still our best marketing channel. Going above and beyond has helped us retain 95% of clients long term. 

SEO Analysis

We’ve Optimized Sites for Companies Big and Small

Whether you’re a small business or Fortune 500 enterprise, we have the human resources, technology, and processes that consistently produce above average results for our clients. 

Every client comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. We get to know your business, markets, culture, processes, and goals to craft custom strategies and workflows that merge with your existing framework. Our methods lower the friction of working with an agency and optimize your time-to-results.

Our Clients Love Us

High-quality work leads to high-value, organic traffic and more business. Strong communication and regular reporting inform you throughout our relationship. 

San Diego

We Know San Diego

San Diego is a populous but under-optimized market. If you’re a San Diego business now is the time to gain top search rankings. Maintaining top positions as competition grows is much easier than acquiring them. Act now while San Diego SEO opportunities are still maturing. Gain top spots before your competitors.

Ongoing Support

Effective SEO is like a freight train. It starts slowly but becomes unstoppable with momentum. SEO is one of the best long-term investments. Rankings take time but once you’re there it’s hard to knock you off.

Our team provides ongoing support and content updates to keep you on top and ahead of competitors.

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