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Why San Diego companies choose us
for their Design needs

  • We’re Experienced. Our San Diego digital design company employs a team with a breadth of expertise across a variety of digital experiences, from websites to mobile apps to software solutions, in multiple industries and all manner of functions.

  • We Deliver On-Time and On-Budget. Every organization fears a major initiative going off the rails in terms of cost and time. Our San Diego digital design company has a history of delivering digital experience design projects on-time and on-budget. We can accurately judge the requirements and set parameters we can stick to.

  • We’re Award-Winning. Many digital experiences designed by DAP’s team of visionaries have gone on to win prestigious design awards. We’re thrilled to have such prestigious recognition from our peers, and strive to remain worthy of it.

  • We’re Future-Focused. Digital experiences can’t just take into account the conditions of today—they have to consider the conditions of tomorrow. DAP keeps its crystal ball polished in search of digital trends to future-proof your experience design.

  • Performance-Based Pricing Models. A good digital agency stands squarely beside its work. DAP lives this principle by offering performance-based pricing models. In other words, we get paid when you get paid.


Some of Our Work

Sigos' website displayed on a desktop


  • Redesigned client’s website in less than 90 days
  • Improved lead generation across desktop and mobile
  • Strengthened SEO rankings for key services
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The Check Into Cash app shown on two mobile screens
Financial services

Check Into Cash

  • 4 rating in Apple's App Store
  • An intuitive financial services app
  • Client signed for second engagement
View case study
Room to Read website on screen

Room to Read

  • 35k+ students using the portal on their path to literacy
  • 1k+ teachers have integrated portal into their classrooms
  • 2 nations currently testing program for their own literacy initiatives
View case study
athena health


  • 140% increase in revenue-to-date
  • 40% increase in app engagement
  • 36% increase in surveys taken by the 2M+ doctors
    on the app
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Screenshot of ClearGov's website


  • ~50 transparency profiles for local governments hosted by ClearGov
  • $17 in municipal spending is displayed on ClearGov’s ADA-compliant website
  • Provided a comprehensive and actionable ADA scorecard
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Why you should choose Digital Authority Partners
For your Design needs

We’re Agile

Different methodologies exist to design and develop a product or experience, including digital experiences. One of the most popular methodologies for digital experience design is called agile, a process of design by short sprints with semi-autonomous cross-functional teams, advancing the design across multiple iterations with user feedback at each iteration. 

DAP is a San Diego digital design company that fully embraces the agile method of design. We consider it the best way to keep a project on schedule, on budget, and suffused with the kind of user feedback you need to verify the quality, utility, and beauty of the ultimate digital experience design. Agile design is also less risky because problems get detected early and an iteration is rarely a complete failure—even problematic iterations usually contain the seeds of the next successful iteration. 

San Diego


Design isn’t a solo art. The best digital experiences are designed by professional teams, in collaboration with the stakeholders who will own the digital experience going forward. DAP takes an immersive, collaborative approach to digital experience design, built on cross-functional teams and seamless communication.

We don’t just collaborate within our San Diego digital design company, either. We consider the stakeholders and the end-users to be important collaborators. The final design will ultimately be the stakeholders’ ambassador to the world, while the users actually have to obtain value from the experience. We partner with everyone who stands to gain from the success of the experience to produce a design that satisfies everyone.

Committed to Your Success

Organizations depend on their digital experiences. In some cases the digital experience is the entire point of the organization. Failure is not an option, and at DAP we take our clients’ trust very seriously. When we sign on to design a digital experience, we sign on to succeed, and we don’t stop until we get it right. 

To ensure the success of your digital experience design project, our San Diego digital design company involves every stakeholder and gets copious user feedback, testing the design and then testing again to deliver the most proven, optimized design possible. We also offer performance-based pricing models so we have skin in the game. 

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UX Design Team

Design Expertise

Of course, it helps if you’re cooking with the right food. The crucial ingredient to the DAP recipe is the best team of digital designers in San Diego. Our designers are credentialed, experienced, awarded, and respected throughout the industry. Their resumes speak for themselves—a track record of digital experience design excellence for organizations large and small.

There’s an art to great digital design, an X-factor that requires both expertise and that spark of creativity. Every DAP digital designer takes pride in their craft, stays current on design trends, and settles for nothing less than their best possible work. Would you settle for anything less in your digital experience design?

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