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Why San Diego companies choose us for their Mobile App Development needs

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We’re Experienced.

We have built mobile apps for Fortune 500 companies, funded startups, prestigious universities, world-changing nonprofits, and everything in between.

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We’re On-Time and On-Budget.

Our deep knowledge of mobile app development enables us to give you accurate estimates and then stick to them—both for how long it will take and how much it will cost to develop the perfect app for you.

seo agency services
seo agency services
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We’re Award-Winning.

We always try to do industry-best work, and sometimes people notice. We don’t do it for the attention or the laurels, but we’re thrilled to have received several prestigious awards for our mobile app development work.

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We’re Future-Focused.

Mobile apps are not only here to stay, but the market is guaranteed to evolve. We invest significant energy into building future-forward apps that will stand the test of time.

Our Mobile App Development Work

The Huffy app shown on two mobile device


  • Designed an interactive, family-oriented mobile application
  • 5-star rating on Apple’s App Store
  • Created gamified solutions in the form of user rewards and progress reports
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Dolby app shown on two mobile devices


  • Successfully launched Dolby’s first digital project
  • 100,000+ downloads one month post-launch
  • Suggested future optimizations to further enhance the successful launch
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  • 4X the sales originally projected
  • Awards including Time innovation of
    the year, Top 100 global awards, & Best of CES
  • First FDA-approved watch-based
    blood pressure monitoring
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The Check Into Cash app shown on two mobile screens
Financial services

Check Into Cash

  • 4 rating in Apple's App Store
  • An intuitive financial services app
  • Client signed for second engagement
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Why you should choose Digital Authority Partners
for your Mobile App Development needs

All-Inclusive Development

We understand how daunting San Diego mobile app development can be. You may be thinking “I have never written a line of code … I don’t know how to perform a user acceptance test … I don’t know what it takes to get into the App Store … I don’t have the first clue about how to develop an app!”

Don’t worry—we know all of those things, because we have done them many times. When you hire DAP as your San Diego mobile app developer, you get an experienced hand on the wheel of the entire process. We don’t abandon our clients at the finish line. We’re there from the planning phase, to the development phase, to deployment, post deployment support, and beyond.


User Obsessed

Organizations don’t hire us for the bragging rights of having an app. What good is the app if no one uses it? Our goal as your San Diego mobile app developer isn’t just to get a mobile app to the marketplace—it’s to get an app to the marketplace that your users will use, return to again and again, keep on their home screens from one device to the next.

As such, we’re obsessive about user experience. We stay current on the latest trends of user behavior—what’s working now, not last year—and then we go a step further. We learn everything we can about your user so we can target that UX specifically to them.

Seamless Integration

Your app isn’t its own island. It exists in the context of your larger organization—your logistics, existing tech stack, and human resources. Without seamless integration, your app could do more harm than good to your organization.

We integrate your custom mobile app into your current processes to the point where there is no interruption at all. You can hit the ground running with your mobile app, while continuing down the paths that have been working for you today—no major course correction required to accommodate a needy mobile app. 

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