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Custom software development solves problems off-the-shelf solutions don’t address. Organizations design custom software to address the needs of specific users and the functions organizations need. Developers conceive and create unique software applications based on sets of narrowly defined user requirements. Other times, custom software development includes development of custom components, apps, plugins, and various interfaces that integrate with existing applications.

Healthcare has technological challenges that include data management and integration, data privacy, security, back office, compliance, telehealth, equal access, digital transformation, and the adoption of personal electronic devices.

Often, off-the-shelf solutions are good at certain functions, but not others. Sometimes they integrate easily with other systems; often they don’t. When healthcare organizations experience issues as the result of disparate systems, many find that developing custom solutions to overcome these challenges makes sense. Healthcare custom software development enables organizations to get exactly what they want based on their specific needs.

If you’re seeking a purpose-built solution based on your needs, healthcare custom software development is a good choice. Custom software improves operational efficiency, reduces the cost of maintaining and integrating disparate systems, and empowers employees to better serve health care consumers. Even with custom software you’ll likely still require integrations and data sharing. The good thing about custom solutions is that you can plan integrations into the system design, making future integrations seamless. Doing so can dramatically cut costs down the road.

The time it takes to develop custom healthcare solutions is proportionate to the scope of the project. Agile development aims to release the minimum viable product in the shortest time possible and continue iterating, updating, and releasing new versions. On average, most healthcare custom software development projects range from four to 12 months. You can speed this process by coming to your development agency with a clear understanding of your needs and requirements. Additional factors influencing production time include approvals, compliance sign-off, scope changes, additional features, third party integrations and dependencies.

Costs vary by scope. Contact us for a free estimate. Average costs for various team members including product managers, project managers, designers, and developers range from $100-$250/hour.

Look for a team experienced in designing complex custom healthcare software. We’ve developed award-winning custom software for healthcare leaders, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Athena Health, and Omron.

Ensure your development team is knowledgeable about healthcare compliance and regulations. Various regulations your software may require compliance with are: HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, HL7 FHIR, MedMij, DICOM, and PCI-compliance.

Beyond technical competencies, ensure whatever agency you work with is easy to communicate with and available. Interview the agency and evaluate their communication processes and professionalism.

Finally, consider online reviews and ratings from reputable sources.

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  • 1,400+ #1 Position Keywords in Google Search
  • 11,400% Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic Within 2 years
  • 70,500+ # of healthcare keywords ranking
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BlueCross BlueShield

  • 75 reduction in time spent on email
  • 40 increase in submission speed of
    managed health reports
  • Worked with stakeholders to determine the most relevant data to display
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