Fractional CMOs for medical device companies: frequently asked questions

What are an FCMO’s responsibilities at a medical device company?

A fractional CMO for a medical device organization is tasked with developing and executing strategic marketing plans for clients. These outsourced chief marketing officers are responsible for understanding market trends, identifying target audiences, and showcasing medical device products. 

Additionally, they work to optimize branding, advertising, and communication efforts. In short, medical device FCMOs strategize to improve a venture’s visibility and reputation to drive sales and boost market share (all while complying with critical regulatory guidelines).

An FCMO for medical device businesses develops strategies across various marketing channels based on current best practices for each avenue. A fractional MedTech consultant might recommend various digital advertising services like SEO, PPC, email, and social media. 

FCMOs in medical device marketing consulting work hard to optimize website content, user experiences, and structure to improve search engine rankings (SEO). They can also manage pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for targeted exposure and design engaging email marketing initiatives to gather leads and retain previous clients. 

After researching market needs, competitor gaps, and user preferences, fractional CMOs for medical device groups use their research to create a data-driven strategy. FCMOs use a multi-channel approach to their clients’ presence and messaging in order to help drive traffic, conversions, and brand loyalty.

There are many reasons to bring on medical device marketing consultants. Perhaps a company needs an interim CMO until they bring in a full-time role, or maybe they don’t want the extra expense that comes with a full-time hire. 

Here’s what medical device companies appreciate about fractional roles:

  • When a MedTech firm hires a medical device and healthcare FCMO, they get high-level marketing expertise without the commitment (and cost) of a full-time position. 
  • Fractional CMOs have specialized marketing skills and MedTech industry knowledge that help firms navigate complex regulatory environments and competitive landscapes. 
  • Fractional C-suite marketing officers are adept at scaling teams to correspond with current needs and budget constraints.

From guidance to execution, fractional CMOs help usher in unprecedented growth and market success for medical device companies.

Because a fractional CMO is a part-time role by design, working with existing teams is second nature to them. They can also hire new team members based on need and budget who can integrate well into the current company while also bringing something new to the table.

DAP’s fractional CMOs excel at collaborating closely with existing medical device teams to align marketing efforts with overall business objectives. First-rate FCMOs integrate into the team structure, providing direction and counsel, all while working within company culture and protocols. Fractional CMOs for medical device businesses are masters of channels such as SEO, PPC, email, social media, and upstream/downstream marketing. 

Any FCMO worth their salt fosters open communication with current team members while training them to steer the ship for when the FCMO eventually leaves. While broadening a team’s skillset, an FCMO drives growth and garners measurable results. Marketing initiatives should meet product development and sales efforts while staying current on regulatory compliance, and a medical device FMCO can help.

It’s a breeze for medical device companies to get started with a fractional CMO. Simply sign up for a consultation with one of DAP’s exclusive FCMOs, and we’ll get back to you with a time we can chat. You can expect this call to have actual value—none of that empty sales chatter. An FCMO can tell you a summary of what your company is doing well and what specific, actionable steps could bring your medical device business to the next level.

Compared to a full-time chief marketing officer, the fractional CMO rate is a far more attractive option. This part-time CMO typically charges a few hundred dollars per hour, and you only pay for what you need. Typically, a full-time CMO takes in (at minimum) a six-figure salary. A fractional CMO for medical device companies provides the information you need without the overhead you don’t.

Yes, smaller and mid-sized medical device companies are the ones most likely to depend on and benefit from fractional CMO services. In those growth stages, budgeting carefully is essential to help ensure a medical device firm’s longevity and happy stakeholders. A full-time CMO is mostly associated with long-standing, big-budget companies—often those with instantly recognizable names who can afford to shoulder that substantial financial burden. 

You’ll Be in Great Company

Our Medical Device Company Fractional CMO Case Studies

Software as a Solution


  • 200% Increase in sales-qualified leads YoY
  • 178% Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic to the website in one year
  • 30.69% Increase in time on page across the website after the redesign
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Unique Expertise
Software as a Solution
Financial services


  • $3M New business secured during the first year due to marketing efforts
  • #1 Loyalty program lifetime value software ranking on Google
  • 13.54% The click-through rate on email (vs. ~2.5% industry average)
  • 15% Reduction in cost to serve by leveraging business intelligence solution
View case study
Software as a Solution
Financial services

Cove Markets

  • 52% Increase in PQLs YoY
  • 2,321% Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic to the website in 18 months
  • 81.12% Increase in time on page across the website after the rebranding
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Why companies choose to work with our medical device FCMOs

Take a look at why companies want to work with DAP’s top fractional CMOs for medical device groups:

  • With their proven history of awards and achievements, you can count on our team of FCMO specialists.
  • Our fractional CMOs are proud of their extensive, rich portfolios thanks to collaborations with hundreds of leading MedTech companies.
  • DAP’s fractional CMOs are proficient in 21st-century digital channels and are always ahead of the curve in new advancements in technology.

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Still not sure if a fractional CMO is right for your medical device company?

Hiring a Fractional CMO for your medical device company is a significant decision, especially in this hyper-competitive industry. For company leadership wondering whether their company is prepared to take this next step and if the outcome will make the initial costs worth it, we have some insights.

We get it. Your company wants to make smart moves. Numerous medical device firms found that working with fractional CMOs from DAP is a highly effective (and cost-effective) strategy for pushing growth and outpacing competitors. 

Potent and powerful marketing is essential for attracting and retaining clients in the medical device sector. You don’t want to fade into the overcrowded background of the medical device industry. Better visibility means not losing to competitors who aim to take your limelight. 

One way that a fractional CMO can benefit a medical device company is with their unique outsourced position. Fractional medical device chief marketing officers have the vantage point of coming in with fresh eyes. They can see what others who have been with a company for years might miss on a daily basis. 

Like medical device professionals, our FCMOs understand data is vital and research is not optional. You don’t leave your work to chance, and neither do we. Let’s talk about what we can build together. 

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