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Why Chicago companies choose us
For Fractional Marketing

  • We’re Experienced. DAP’s team of fractional marketing executives has a combined decades of experience at the top of some of the most respected marketing teams in the Fortune 500. We know what we’re doing, and are pleased to share that knowledge with your team.

  • We Deliver On-Time and On-Budget. Budget is very much on the mind of companies that hire Chicago fractional marketing Services. We make the most of the time you have with DAP, delivering maximal leadership value on the budget we agree upon.

  • We’re Award-Winning. If industry recognition matters when shopping for a Chicago fractional marketing Service, look no further. DAP is honored to be the recipient of several prestigious marketing industry awards.

  • We’re Future-Focused. Fractional marketing services are not about the service themselves—they are about the next five to ten years of growth your organization could enjoy. We focus on the future prosperity of your company in the actions we take today.

Fractional CMOs Dallas, Texas

Our Chicago Fractional Marketing Work

Sanctuary Clothing

Sanctuary Clothing

  • 4.2X ROAS across Paid Search and Paid Social
  • 100% Organic keywords rankings increase within one year of working with DAP
  • 80% Organic traffic increase within one year of working with DAP
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Outsourcing Services
Software as a Solution
Professional Services

Unity Communications

  • 481.14% Increase in Organic Web Traffic 2022 vs. 2024
  • 320% Increase in Revenue 2022-2024
  • 18X Increase in qualified leads 2022 vs. 2024
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Twinkle in Time website

Twinkle in Time

  • 35+ point increase in Domain Rating (DR) within six months
  • 354 ranking keywords for the client’s website after one month
  • 10K+ unique visitors gained within six months
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Why You Should Choose Digital Authority Partners
For Your Fractional Marketing Needs

We Know Marketing Inside and Out

No one thinks marketing is easy. Becoming “top-of-mind” in your industry for your warm prospects in a competitive field … It seems difficult verging on impossible. First you have to build recognition, then trust … close sales, build brand ambassadorship … all in an attention marketplace where you get a few seconds, maximum, to capture the attention of your warm audience. Even talented marketing teams can go over budget with nothing to show for it.

DAP stays on the cutting edge, not only of digital marketing but of traditional marketing, which still has a place in building brand awareness. We know not only what works, but what works for what industry. Our fractional CMO services help you pull it all together and get results.

Chicago Fractional Marketing Agency infographic
Chicago Fractional Marketing Agency infographic

We Live and Breathe Digital

DAP does stay on top of traditional marketing methods that still work, but we have a special place in our heart for digital marketing. Can you blame us? Infinitely scalable and quantifiable, easy to target and cost-effective, digital marketing changed the game 180 degrees, and we’ve been there for it the whole time.

The DAP team has been in the trenches of digital marketing since the beginning of the internet. We have watched trends and techniques come and go, ebb and flow, and learned the ropes at every step. This priceless institutional knowledge has made it more than just bean counters—our team consists of true digital marketing artists.

We Know Marketing Processes

It’s all well and good to know what needs to be done … but how do you get it done? What’s the process? The process actually matters a great deal, not just the outcome. The right process can be the difference between an outcome you can afford and an outcome you can’t afford … one that happens on time vs. one that happens late. The right process could be the missing piece that makes a losing strategy viable.

DAP stays current with the most cutting-edge marketing processes on the market. When you work with a DAP fractional marketing specialist, things not only get done right, but done the right way. 

Chicago Fractional Marketing Agency: experience matters infographic
Chicago Fractional Marketing Agency: we make results happen infographic

We Know How to Manage And Scale Marketing Teams

Ultimately, Chicago fractional marketing Services are there to do a specific job. They don’t become a permanent part of the team—they come in to provide temporary leadership. That time is precious. It costs less than a full-time CMO, but it’s for nothing if the plan falls apart after the CMO-for-hire leaves.

DAP knows how to arm your marketing team with the tools and talent they need to pick up where we leave off. We can scale your current team to do more with less and help you grow without having to hire more people. Our goal is to leave you with a well-oiled marketing machine that produces stable, scalable ROI for years to come. 

We Know How to Define and Track Marketing KPIs

It’s one thing to know that every marketing campaign can be tracked and even how to track it … but can you make sense of the data? Do you even know which data point matters and which does not? How to recognize a campaign that is succeeding, even if it isn’t yet producing revenue or positive ROI?

DAP’s fractional marketing leadership can help you obtain actionable insights from a data soup; to pick the right KPIs and understand what kind of movement in the KPIs represents success. We can help you understand when a campaign is broken, how to fix it, and when to be patient and let the magic happen.

Chicago Fractional Marketing Agency: elevated returns
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