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What Are Fractional CMO Services for Franchises?

Not every franchise needs a full-time chief marketing officer to handle their local marketing efforts. It’s also unlikely that a burgeoning franchise (or even one that is well-established) can afford one. A “CMO-for-hire,” also known as a fractional CMO is generally a better solution for mid-size franchises that need local marketing direction on a part-time or as-needed basis.

A fractional CMO operates as a consultant marketing director. They overhaul your advertising efforts, develop marketing plans, and follow through on ad campaigns. DAPs fractional CMOs for franchises are experts in the field of marketing as it applies specifically to franchises and the nuances needed to execute flawless campaigns that work alongside national campaigns from the parent brand. 

Fractional CMO services for franchises are there to:

  • Give you insights from day one. A fractional CMO expert immediately begins developing a year-long marketing plan with actionable items to start achieving better visibility and a more competitive edge.
  • Offer specialized expertise in franchise marketing. Franchise marketing is a niche segment that differs entirely from B2B marketing or consumer marketing. Our fractional CMO franchise professionals are experts in the field, current with market trends, and well-versed in digital marketing trends and techniques designed to bring in leads to your particular location. 
  • Train teams and hire for franchise success. No matter the size of your team, our fractional CMOs are ready to train team members, empowering them with skills and insights to run successful ad campaigns. Fractional CMO services for franchises can also include hiring new marketing personnel for your organization to help sustain increased growth and expansion. 

Hiring a fractional CMO for your franchise’s marketing needs is one of the smartest and most cost-effective decisions you can make.

Meet Our Featured

SaaS Fractional CMO


Rose Lee is an international marketing, product marketing management, and customer success executive who has delivered growth and profitability for organizations ranging from startups to $40+B enterprise SaaS organizations.

I believe successful marketing must drive new business and customer sales and be measured via bottom-line objectives: increases in sales, profits and customer base. Clients tell me I make the value of complex, multi-tiered services and products clear and compelling to customers.

I'm frequently called on by SaaS clients to be a growth architect and serve as an interim/fractional Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Customer Officer and Chief Product Officer who goes deep into ROI Marketing & Analysis, Demand/Lead Generation and Voice of the Customer marketing.

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How Fractional CMO Services for Franchises Help Companies Succeed

  • 1

    Perform an audit:

    From day one, our fractional CMO audits your current marketing efforts, identifying strengths and bolstering weak spots.

  • 2

    Create a 12-month marketing roadmap:

    Never wonder what you’ll do for your next ad campaign, or what marketing strategies you’ll try from month to month. Our fractional CMO develops a detailed, 12-month plan that includes clear objectives, actionable steps, and projected outcomes.

  • 3

    Optimize your online presence:

    A franchise needs a strong digital footprint to reach local audiences. Your fractional CMO ensures that your digital footprint is capable of directing nearby searches to your venture.

  • 4

    Improve marketing automation:

    Automations need to appeal to local sensibilities and drive traffic to your particular franchise. Our fractional CMO helps make marketing automations relatable and engaging on a local level. Implement powerful search and media strategies: By implement

  • 5

    Implement powerful search and media strategies:

    By implementing successful local SEO tactics, fractional CMO services for franchises expand your online reach to generate conversions.

  • 6

    Update branding, content marketing, and PR:

    Much of a franchise’s brand is secure due to experience and familiarity with the brand itself, but your fractional CMO works hard so that your brand is recognizable, beloved locally, and appeals to local target audiences.

  • 7

    Hire top talent for your marketing department:

    We know talent, and our fractional CMOs are experts in hiring the perfect candidates for the marketing roles you need to fill.

  • 8

    Monitor KPIs and optimize marketing spend:

    Our fractional CMOs monitor KPIs obsessively, making adjustments when needed so your marketing spend achieves the desired ROI. Whether your franchise is pre-launch, post-launch, growing, or in mature stages of development, DAP can help it reach the highest level of success and stable growth.

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Fractional CMO Services for Franchises We Offer

DAP offers several cost-effective, flexible solutions for your franchise’s marketing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fractional CMO Services for Franchises

A fractional CMO for franchises is a solution for mid-size franchises that need the services offered by a full-time, C-level marketing expert but without the cost of hiring a full-time marketing executive. 

With fractional CMO services for franchises, you can rely on C-suite professionals to direct your marketing department, handle ad campaigns, and utilize your marketing spend effectively. They create goals, KPIs, and an actionable marketing plan to help grow your franchise.

Franchises face difficulties with marketing at the local level. They may have a more limited budget, or simply not need a marketing expert on staff full time. However, attempting to handle marketing themselves is wrought with problems. It may not be as effective, and it takes time away from an employee’s non-marketing-related job responsibilities. 

Hiring a fractional CMO solves the franchisee’s marketing problem by providing skilled marketing services at a fraction of the cost of a full-time marketing employee, while still delivering the same results.

Absolutely. In fact, one of the cost-saving benefits of a fractional CMO is not having them on site permanently. Also, many franchises simply do not have the space to accommodate a full-time CMO. 

A fractional CMO can accomplish marketing goals remotely while maintaining excellent client contact. They promote brand values, respect company culture, and include it in campaigns and marketing efforts. 

Yes. A fractional CMO audits your franchise’s digital footprint as well as your automation efforts so that your franchise is reaching a local audience to bring in repeat and new customers near you.

Although national brand campaigns help establish a brand in consumer minds, local lead generation and customer acquisition are essential for helping your franchise grow. DAP Fractional CMOs are skilled with this nuanced style of franchise marketing, helping your business achieve the highest level of customer acquisition and retention.

Getting started with our fractional CMO services for franchises is easy. Fill out our contact form and schedule a free consultation. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your specific marketing needs, time frame, and objectives. Then, we might match you with a fractional CMO with franchise expertise who can help you achieve your marketing goals.

Franchises fractional CMOs help get your local marketing off the ground and elevate any current marketing campaigns so they are more effective. Fractional CMOs audit your marketing strategies, develop concise marketing plans, enhance your online presence, and overhaul your automations. Additionally, they could help you hire the right talent and keep a watchful eye on KPIs to help maximize your marketing budget.

The cost of a fractional CMO varies depending on your needs and your current marketing tactics. Most fractional CMOs have an hourly rate that ranges between $250-$500 per hour. Other factors that affect cost include your franchise’s industry itself, and the level of expertise needed for your sector. Compare this to a full-time CMO six-figure salary!

Many factors influence the length of time a franchise needs before marketing efforts generate additional business for your franchise. Your current marketing efforts, market trends, and your own objectives all play a role in how quickly you’ll see results. Typically, a fractional CMO can produce quantifiable results in just a few months. 

Mid-size franchises find fractional CMOs a cost-effective solution for attaining the level of marketing they need without expending the salary and benefits package a full-time marketing employee would require. 

You’ll Be in Great Company

Our Franchises Fractional CMO Case Studies

Software as a Solution


  • 200% Increase in sales-qualified leads YoY
  • 178% Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic to the website in one year
  • 30.69% Increase in time on page across the website after the redesign
View case study
Unique Expertise
Software as a Solution
Financial services


  • $3M New business secured during the first year due to marketing efforts
  • #1 Loyalty program lifetime value software ranking on Google
  • 13.54% The click-through rate on email (vs. ~2.5% industry average)
  • 15% Reduction in cost to serve by leveraging business intelligence solution
View case study
Software as a Solution
Financial services

Cove Markets

  • 52% Increase in PQLs YoY
  • 2,321% Increase in Qualified Organic Traffic to the website in 18 months
  • 81.12% Increase in time on page across the website after the rebranding
View case study

Schedule Your Free Consultation

A consultation with a DAP Fractional CMO for franchises is complimentary. Schedule a consultation today to learn how DAP’s Fractional CMOs skilled in franchise marketing can help build your franchise’s visibility in your local market and ensure your location’s marketing spend meets expected ROI goals.

Why Companies Choose To Work With Our Fractional CMOs

  • DAP maintains an expert team of CMO specialists who work across different sectors and have a proven track record of success. Our fractional CMOs for franchises understand the nuances of marketing that are specific to franchise ownership. 
  • Our CMOs-for-hire have a combined experience totaling work across 100 companies in the past five years alone. We’ve helped numerous businesses, organizations, and institutions, including franchises, achieve greater success through better, more effective marketing strategies. 
  • DAP’s CMOs are forward-thinking and understand current trends in digital marketing. What worked for your franchise one year ago may be completely ineffective today. Fractional CMO services for franchises are familiar with the ever-evolving digital world and know how to maneuver quickly to maintain visibility and relevance. 

Hiring a DAP fractional CMO for franchises allows you to spend your time on your primary focus, operating your business, while still employing marketing strategies to help your franchise grow.


Learn More About Fractional CMO for Franchises

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Still not sure if Fractional CMO services for franchises are right for you?

Your franchise is as ingrained in you as your DNA. Handing a portion of the marketing over to another entity can be a big decision. You may wonder if the benefits of hiring a fractional CMO outweigh the costs.

Many franchise owners have found that attempting to handle local marketing alone does not net the increase in business they need. In addition, the average franchise owner already has a full plate running the business, and tackling marketing can make their workload unmanageable. Hiring a fractional CMO for franchises helps ensure that marketing efforts (and spend) are effective and that the burden of marketing auditing, strategy, development, and implementation is taken off the owner or other employees.


If you’re frustrated with marketing efforts that don’t seem to be effective, you could be placing the success of your franchise at risk. Hiring a fractional CMO for franchises gives your business a better chance of establishing local visibility and that you always have a solid marketing strategy in place. 

The cost-effective solution for mid-size franchise marketing is found in partnering with a DAP Fractional CMO for franchises. Through our Fractional CMO services for franchises, people can obtain top-tier marketing strategies that grow their businesses without the hefty price tag of a full-time marketing executive.

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