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Why Los Angeles' Companies Choose Us For Their Fractional CMO Needs

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We’re Experienced.

Our digital marketing consultants have experience transforming businesses through the power of digital marketing.

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We’re On-Time and On-Budget.

Full-time CMOs average out to roughly $250K/year or emore. Our CMOs give you the same benefits at a fraction of the cost.

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We’re Award-Winning.

Your soon-to-be CMO has earned recognition from Chicago marketing specialists for their mastery of their trade. In addition, Digital Authority Partners has recently won a award from Clutch for being a top global B2B-focused digital marketing agency.

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We’re Focused on the Future.

Get executive-level marketing help right now. Our top-tier on-demand talent steps in to quickly triage and transform your business, positioning you for next-level growth. This year alone, Digital Authority Partners was named a top global B2B-focused digital marketing agency.

Our Los Angeles Fractional CMO Work

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  • 192.7% increase in return on ad spend from paid media
  • 70.18% drop in the cost of acquisition through paid media
  • 43% increase in the share of organic traffic compared with competitors
  • 212% increase in sales generated from email channel for retail
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Sanctuary Clothing

Sanctuary Clothing

  • 4.2X ROAS across Paid Search and Paid Social
  • 100% Organic keywords rankings increase within one year of working with DAP
  • 80% Organic traffic increase within one year of working with DAP
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Why You Should Choose Our
Fractional CMOs

Process-Driven Approach

In Los Angeles, our approach as fractional CMOs is anchored in a unique, process-driven methodology that emphasizes objective, data-informed strategies. We understand that the landscape of marketing is constantly evolving with technology, and our role is to navigate these changes with a focus on your specific business outcomes.

Our approach diverges from traditional agency models by prioritizing your success, ensuring our advice and actions are tailored to your needs. Our process is collaborative and transparent, designed to align closely with your goals and deliver measurable results, setting a new standard in strategic marketing support.

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Los Angeles Fractional CMOs: experience matters infographic

Experience Matters

No matter the current phase of your business – be it a fresh startup, in a growth trajectory, or seeking renewed momentum – our team of fractional CMOs brings the exact expertise you need. With a rich background in various stages of business development, our Fractional CMOs possess the skills, technology, and network to align with and achieve your business goals.

As the familiar saying highlights, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” particularly if you haven’t experienced it firsthand. Our fractional CMOs, as seasoned marketing veterans, understand the challenges unique to your journey. Their extensive experience across multiple businesses and industries empowers them to foresee challenges and navigate them effectively, ensuring your business not only faces but conquers its hurdles.

Time to results

Most fractional CMO clients find us because they need marketing help right now. They don’t have months to wait finding and recruiting top talent. Much of the ttime, their marketing is disjointed and all over the place. Sometimes businesses are growing beyond capacity, other times they’re struggling to take off.

On-demand fractional CMOs give you the help you need when you need it, speeding time to results and making your life easier. For many fractional CMOs helping businesses grow quickly is as much of a lifestyle as it is a career choice. They enjoy working with a range of businesses and are driven by the results they produce. They often want speedy results so they can move on to the next challenge.

Los Angeles Fractional CMOs: results infographic
Los Angeles Fractional CMOs ROI infographic

Higher ROI

Our LA-based Fractional CMOs are recognized marketing experts with a solid track record. Their ability to enhance marketing outcomes often outperforms owner-led marketing, agency approaches, and in-house marketing management due to their rich experience, expansive networks, and comprehensive agency-level resources. Our Los Angeles fractional CMOs engage with various businesses across different industries, continuously adapting to what proves successful in the dynamic marketing landscape.

Think about the extensive knowledge and experience you’ve gained in your profession. Now consider the impact of adding a marketing professional to your team who has spent 10-20 years specializing in marketing and business development. These professionals bring a vast amount of knowledge and consistently achieve exceptional results. If elevating your business’s marketing strategy is your goal, reaching out for professional input can be a decisive step. Contact us to explore how our expertise can contribute to your success.

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