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Why San Diego companies choose us for their Fractional CMO needs

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We’re Experienced.

Our San Diego-based executive-level marketing team has a phenomenal track record of success in marketing leadership for companies big and small across a variety of industries.

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We’re On-Time and On-Budget.

We know time is money, and resources are limited. We set goals based on your desired time frame and budgetary needs, and we hit those goals.

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We’re Award-Winning.

We don’t just talk the talk—we walk the walk, and we have the medal to prove it. Our marketing expertise has earned us numerous accolades from professional marketing associations. In fact, just this year we won a top B2B global marketing agency award from Clutch.

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We’re Focused on the Future.

In an ever-changing business landscape, we strive to create future-proof solutions. Our marketing executives stay on the cutting edge and prepare your team not just for today but tomorrow.

Our San Diego Fractional CMO Work

Sanctuary Clothing

Sanctuary Clothing

  • 4.2X ROAS across Paid Search and Paid Social
  • 100% Organic keywords rankings increase within one year of working with DAP
  • 80% Organic traffic increase within one year of working with DAP
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Outsourcing Services
Software as a Solution
Professional Services

Unity Communications

  • 481.14% Increase in Organic Web Traffic 2022 vs. 2024
  • 320% Increase in Revenue 2022-2024
  • 18X Increase in qualified leads 2022 vs. 2024
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Twinkle in Time website

Twinkle in Time

  • 35+ point increase in Domain Rating (DR) within six months
  • 354 ranking keywords for the client’s website after one month
  • 10K+ unique visitors gained within six months
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Why You Should Choose Digital Authority Partners
For Your San Diego Fractional CMO Needs

We Know Marketing In and Out

A funny thing happened when the internet became a tidal wave of DIY marketing tools and gurus selling marketing training—the impression was left that anyone could do it. You might have even tried some of those solutions and become discouraged.  

Don’t feel bad. Marketing is not something you can buy pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all. Marketing is an art, and a science. No one is born knowing how to do it. People become legitimate experts at marketing—able to actually move the needle on brand awareness—through extensive training and experience.

That’s what we offer with our San Diego fractional CMO services—leadership seasoned with enterprise-level challenges, risen to and conquered.

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Fractional CMO San Diego digital marketing infographic

We Live and Breathe Digital Marketing

It’s easy to exaggerate when you say that a market disruption “changed everything,” but digital marketing really did change everything. For everyone. The ability to track every marketing metric, micro-target an audience, and “buy” scale? It’s the granddaddy of all market disruptions. 

In a way, it’s the one thing that made every other disruption possible. With digital marketing, even small companies can build a niche or even become players to be reckoned with on a world stage. 

DAP fractional CMOs make it their business to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing best practices. Digital marketing changes fast. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Digital marketing leadership is built on staying current on these changes in digital marketing—so we make it our business to stay current.  

We Know Marketing Processes

Desired outcomes result from choosing the right processes. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Wherever you want your marketing to go, someone has honed and refined a process to get it there. 

When you hire a DAP fractional CMO, you hire a priceless shortening of the learning curve. Their experience has shown them the processes that produce the outcomes—how to implement them, how to train your team to implement them, how to train your team to maintain them after their contract is up. 

At the end of the day, you hire a San Diego fractional CMO to make sure your marketing gets done right. 

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San Diego Fractional CMO Scale infographic

We know how to Manage And Scale Marketing Teams

A DAP fractional CMO is an enterprise-level marketing leader. If you have a marketing team, they can take the reins and lead them to greatness. If you don’t have a marketing team, they can help you build one from the ground up. We can also make sure that when the contract ends we leave your marketing team with a strategy that they can continue to execute.  

We also know how to scale a marketing team—which means we know how to double the size of the team, but quadruple or 10x the results. To do more with less. This is one of the keys of successful marketing—scaling not only your campaigns, but your teams.

We Know How To Define and Track Marketing KPIs

Every marketing campaign needs KPIs—key performance indicators. These metrics tell you whether your marketing is working or not. With the right KPIs, you don’t have to guess whether you are getting a return on your marketing spend. 

You can count anything and everything. But that doesn’t mean every performance indicator is key. We will help you identify the right KPIs to track and define benchmarks for success.

San Diego Fractional CMO ROI infographic
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