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B2B Fractional CMOs: Why Hire a B2B Fractional CMO for Your Company? Because Leadership Is Make-Or-Break.

A B2B fractional CMO is a seasoned marketing strategist with expertise in advanced sales and marketing strategies, specializing in guiding companies that market to other businesses. Our in-house experts have a proven record of assisting B2B organizations to expand and scale efficiently. Offering the strategic acumen of a full-time CMO without the associated six-figure cost, our CMOs are the perfect choice for growing B2B companies not ready for a full-time CMO commitment.

Strategy Planning: Great marketing doesn’t just appear out of thin air — it happens deliberately because of the excellent execution of a robust strategy. Your B2B fractional CMO can help you create that strategy, teach your team to execute it and give parameters for when to adjust it.

Market Research. Market Research Optimization: A B2B fractional CMO is instrumental in conducting targeted market research to evaluate and refine your offer’s market fit. This strategic process ensures alignment with market demands and identifies the most promising prospects, enhancing business outcomes.

Build Your Brand. Your brand is more than just your company name and logo. It’s your identity to the world — how people regard you when they come to know even a little bit about you. Brand-building is the process of influencing that process of recognition as quickly as possible, and your B2B fractional CMO can walk you through it.

Product Marketing. Relying solely on product quality can be a misstep, as superior products often lag due to weaker marketing. A B2B fractional CMO ensures that your high-quality offering is paired with equally robust marketing strategies, preventing it from being overshadowed in the competitive marketplace.

Digital First. There’s just no denying it — digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to get a message out and scale. While still versed in traditional marketing methodologies, your B2B fractional CMO can help you put digital marketing where it belongs — out in front. 

Meet Our Featured B2B Fractional CMO: Rose Lee


Rose Lee is a seasoned veteran of international marketing, product marketing management, and customer success. She can point to countless concrete examples of driving revenue and scaling B2B companies — from startups to enterprises with $40+ billion in revenue.

I firmly believe that successful marketing must deliver tangible results, such as increased sales, profits, and an expanding customer base. Clients often commend my ability to articulate the value of complex, multi-tiered services and products clearly and compellingly to customers.

I am frequently sought after by B2B clients to be a growth architect, serving as an interim Chief Marketing Officer. I specialize in diving deep into ROI Marketing & Analysis, Demand/Lead Generation, and Voice of the Customer marketing."

If you want to crush the B2B marketing game, Rose Lee is an excellent choice as your B2B fractional CMO.

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How Our B2B Fractional CMOs Help Your Company Prosper

  • 1

    Evaluate Your Current Marketing Strategy:

    Your B2B fractional CMO will audit your current marketing stack, identify winning elements, and adjust what needs to be adjusted to make it a well-oiled machine.

  • 2

    Implement and Modify Your Marketing Plan:

    A B2B fractional CMO can put your marketing strategy into practice, steering the ship with expertise and making any necessary course corrections.

  • 3

    Boost Your Digital Presence:

    Many B2B companies lag in their digital presence. A B2B fractional CMO can take steps to change that, bringing a wealth of experience leading digital transformations to the table.

  • 4

    Automate and Scale:

    The key to scaling is to automate processes — so you can take a working process and multiply its impact without using extra resources. B2B fractional CMOs can help you automate to scale.

  • 5

    Evaluate your Search Engine and Media Buying Strategies:

    Search engines and paid media form the core of most B2B companies’ digital marketing strategy. Your B2B fractional CMO will evaluate your SEO and SEM strategies to make the best use of those resources.

  • 6

    Strengthen Your Branding, PR, and Content:

    Your B2B fractional CMO can help you refine your brand — or build it from scratch — and devise content and PR outreach strategies to communicate that identity to the world.

  • 7

    Recruit Reliable Vendors and Top Talent:

    Successful marketing strategies depend on partnerships between strong service providers and team members. A B2B fractional CMO can make connections and put those pieces in place.

  • 8

    Monitor KPIs and Optimize Spending:

    KPIs (key performance indicators) tell you if your marketing efforts are working. A B2B fractional CMO can identify the most relevant KPIs, guide analytics implementation to read them and help the team use them to make data-driven spending decisions.

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CMO Approach

B2B Fractional Services We Offer

B2B Fractional CMO: Frequently Asked Questions

“CMO” is an acronym for “Chief Marketing Officer.” A CMO is a top executive — part of the “C-suite” — that has final leadership responsibilities over all things marketing. A “fractional” CMO is a CMO that, instead of serving only one company, serves multiple companies on a part-time, contract basis, often at an hourly rate. “B2B” means the fractional CMO has specialized knowledge of B2B marketing practices. A B2B fractional CMO enables growing B2B companies to get experienced marketing leadership without paying for a full-time CMO.

If your B2B company grows quickly, you may need more time to save. Your marketing team (if you even have one) may be in desperate need of leadership to make the most of the growth spurt. But many growing B2Bs don’t have the luxury of adding a C-level executive full-time, along with the six-figure compensation package. If this is the case for you, a B2B fractional CMO may be the perfect fit. 

If you don’t plan to or are not ready to hire a full-time CMO but need the temporary or part-time services of a CMO, a Fractional CMO — basically a CMO who spends a fraction of their workweek helping multiple companies on temporary contracts — may be the way to go instead.

B2B fractional CMOs sign a contract with the client company for a certain number of hours per day or week over a set period of months. Schedules must be coordinated, including team meetings and accountability checkups with the marketing team and the rest of the C-level executives. The B2B fractional CMO may work on-site or remotely and will charge an hourly rate.

It may be time to bring on a B2B fractional CMO if your company is growing rapidly, but you don’t have the budget to devote to a full-time CMO. CMOs can command compensation packages north of $260,000. You might not be there yet … but that doesn’t mean your marketing team doesn’t need leadership. Periods of fast growth are like “lightning in a bottle” — you don’t know when you’ll catch it again, and you want to make the most of your momentum while the getting is good. 

A B2B fractional CMO is an affordable option to put a good head on the shoulders of your marketing team when it matters the most. The B2B fractional CMO may be able to put processes in place to keep the marketing team on track even after the CMO’s contract is over.

The best candidates for a B2B fractional CMO are marketing professionals with executive leadership experience and a specific track record of success leading B2B marketing efforts. The candidate should also be organized, decisive, able to think long-term and make big things happen quickly. After all, they won’t be there forever, so they need to make the most significant impact possible. 

Interested in a B2B CMO for Your Business? You’ll Be in Great Company!

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Why Companies Choose Our B2B Fractional CMOs

  • We have dozens of expert B2B fractional CMOs with proven track records of success at the upper echelons of marketing execution.
  • Our B2B fractional CMOs have helped over 100 B2B organizations in less than five years.
  • Our forward-looking B2B fractional CMOs know the subtleties and intricacies of marketing strategy for B2B companies of all sizes and industries.

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Chief Marketing Officer

Why Should You Hire a Fractional CMO for Your B2B Company?

Hiring a B2B fractional CMO for your company could give you a tactical advantage for several reasons. Here’s why many B2B organizations choose Digital Authority Partners fractional CMOs to lead their company to new heights …

Expertise: The essential quality a B2B fractional CMO can demonstrate is, to put it simply, the ability to get the job done — not just in any setting but under the unique circumstances of building a B2B brand. DAP boasts a team of qualified, experienced marketing leaders with a track record of delivered results and specialized knowledge in B2B growth-oriented marketing. 

Continuity: It’s often not the best strategy for a new leader to come in and change everything. Maybe your marketing team hasn’t been hitting on all cylinders, but chances are something they are doing is working. Otherwise, you wouldn’t benefit from the rapid growth that puts a fractional CMO on the table. DAP fractional CMOs can hit the ground running and adapt to the current team, continuing down pathways already producing results while proposing concurrent new pathways to prosperity and growth.

Flexibility: DAP fractional CMOs know they are coming into an established situation with an established team. We select marketing leaders who don’t take a “my way or the highway” approach. They are flexible, able to adapt to the stakeholders and the team in front of them, and make it work.

Objectivity: One of the most significant benefits a DAP fractional CMO can offer to a B2B company is the ability to act as a neutral third party. Longtime stakeholders often need more objectivity. They are committed to old action patterns or too emotionally invested in the business to make hard decisions. Your B2B fractional CMO has the professional remove to help you see the forest for the trees and point out truths that were staring you in the face the whole time.

Efficiency: The fewer resources you expend to get results, the better. The more you grow while spending less, the more competitive you will be. DAP fractional CMOs relentlessly pursue efficiency, so every dollar you spend on marketing produces the maximum possible ROI. 

Innovation: DAP fractional CMOs pride themselves on cutting-edge knowledge. If it’s in all the blogs, it’s old news already, so we make it a point to think outside of the box, try things that haven’t been tried, and push ourselves to add to the canon of marketing excellence.

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