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Let’s be clear on what white label local SEO is. Simply put, it’s using a third party’s services to serve your clients’ local SEO needs, marketed to them using your brand’s name. White label local SEO services allow you to augment your services to clients even if you face capacity restraints. Local SEO white label services allow your clients to benefit from the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool with no extra work required from you.

Not only is local SEO still relevant, its  importance is only growing. Let the numbers speak for themselves. More than three-quarters of people who search for local business products or services, visit a local business within a day. And more than a fifth of online searches for local business products and services lead to a purchase within a day. Local SEO is the rare marketing tool that converts quickly. Learn more about the local SEO difference.

An SEO reseller is another way of referring to the company, agency or person(s) who offer white label local SEO services under their brand name. It is the client-facing part of a white label local SEO arrangement. Your brand or agency’s name is the white label under which DAP’s local SEO services are offered.

Experience is the key to choosing a white label local SEO practitioner. Remember, you’re trusting your local SEO white label services provider to produce results for your client in your name. So you must expect excellence. DAP has more than 15 long-term reseller partnerships. You can think of us as the marketer’s marketer, and you can trust us to do the behind-the-scenes local SEO work to keep your client happyand on retainer.

White label local SEO has many benefits, among them: keeping your client’s businessall of their businessin-house, without having to hire staff, scale existing skills, or pay for training. You maintain the client relationship, get all the face time with them, and maintain your reputation as their go-to for all their marketing needs. Meanwhile, DAP creates transformative results for them on your behalf – a foolproof way to sustainably grow your business.

We charge a fixed, predictable cost. Speak to one of our white label local SEO services specialists. We’ll collaborate to determine what you can charge your clients in return for us producing world-class local SEO white label results in your nameand while you’re still generating revenue. Position yourself as your client’s marketing savior, even if you’re not.

Local SEO has changed from a niche part of overall SEO strategy to being at the forefront of marketers’ toolboxes. The need for businesses of all sizes to dig into the granularity of their marketing efforts has only grown. A traditional SEO approach still has value. But as a standalone approach, it can only take you so far. And it is sometimes nearly impossible to rank in certain cases without the local SEO tactics we specialize in deploying.

Clients are overwhelmingly interested in local SEO. During a time when we’re all online and brick-and-mortar businesses continue to face challenges, clients need a way to leverage their locality to their customers. Our white label local SEO services are one of very few digital marketing tools that leverage the locality of your client’s business and the urgency of their local consumers’ search.

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Fresh Thyme

  • 70+ locations overhauled with new template
  • 47% increase in “near me” clicks
  • 10% increase in overall searches compared with previous year
  • 93% increase in map views
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ladybug case study

LadyBug & Friends Daycare and Preschool

  • 200% Increase in revenue year over year
  • 253% Increase in organic traffic year over year
  • 2,000+ # of local keywords ranking
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Geode Health

  • 11 Number of locations ranking #1 on Google
  • 26X Increase in organic keywords ranking
    year over year
  • 1,500+ # of local keywords ranking
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