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Addiction treatment centers ultimately benefit from SEO with more leads and more patients. High-quality SEO content drives traffic, prequalifies traffic, and moves visitors from awareness, to consideration, to action/decision. SEO can reach prospects locally and nationwide. SEO is a long-term strategy that builds incremental value with compounding value over time.

As part of your overall digital strategy, you’re likely running paid ads, and paying for directory or referral aggregator listings. In time, SEO can help you offset the cost of your direct paid channels while maintaining consistent, predictable lead volume.

If you wonder about the effectiveness of SEO consider this: Almost all of the first-page treatment-related organic search results are taken by referral aggregators or directories.

Every one of those directories ended up there from SEO. They devoted significant resources to optimizing for treatment-related keywords. Over time, search engines have established the “expertise, authority, and trust (EAT)” factors to rank them highest. Now, they are difficult to overtake because they have domain authority.

The same can happen for you if you’re willing to dedicate the resources and time to gain top spots. Our team has tools that evaluate the competitiveness of keywords. We can give you highly accurate projections of what you can realistically accomplish within your budget. We also manage paid digital, paid social media, and provide fractional CMO services to formulate holistic marketing strategies to maximize results with your existing resources. Contact us today.

Winning the addiction treatment game with drug rehab SEO is an uphill battle. Competition from deep-pocketed competitors is fierce. Choosing an agency with experience and a team large enough to tackle content and backlink requirements to impact this market is important. We’ve achieved 30k first position search results for clients. Last year our team wrote 12,500 pieces of client content and acquired 750+ high-quality backlinks. Our internal SEO efforts have pushed us to the top rankings for keywords in one of the most competitive markets — digital marketing and SEO services.

SEO is an ongoing, long-term investment that will eventually offset the cost of direct paid placements. Minimally, SEO takes six months before yielding noticeable results. There are no shortcuts. Top SEO positions are earned with high-quality content, backlinks, and time. The more resources you’re willing to devote to your SEO efforts the better your results.

Competing against aggregators with established domain authority can take two years and significant resources to win top positions. Our SEO strategists know results are important, and while there are no shortcuts, there is often low-hanging fruit. Low competition and high-value keyword opportunities can produce near-term results while our team continues creating content, gaining backlinks, and establishing domain authority.

Costs vary depending on your needs, resources, and the competitiveness of your keywords and market. Competitive markets require more time and resources. Content production is something else that can increase costs. Generally, initiation fees range from $5-$10k with ongoing monthly costs of $6k+.

The calculation for ROI is (revenue – cost) / cost. To determine the value of SEO look at your baseline traffic, leads, and conversions prior to beginning SEO. Then calculate the difference in organic traffic, sales, and leads generated since beginning SEO services minus the cost. Take that number and divide by the cost. For instance, since the start of SEO services a year ago, you determine SEO results is an average of 3 patients per month. Each patient is worth $42,500. 36 patients over a year equals $1,530,000. Your spend is $50k per month for a total of $600k. So, ($1,530,000 – $600,000) / $600,000 = ROI of 1.55% or $1.55 for every dollar spent.

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  • 1,400+ #1 Position Keywords in Google Search
  • 11,400% Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic Within 2 years
  • 70,500+ # of healthcare keywords ranking
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BlueCross BlueShield

  • 75 reduction in time spent on email
  • 40 increase in submission speed of
    managed health reports
  • Worked with stakeholders to determine the most relevant data to display
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  • Page 1 ranking for primary keyword
  • 65% increase to both page views and time on site
  • 43% increase in conversion rate
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate
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  • Google Ads Certified Agency, HubSpot Certified Partner, winners of multiple awards including Design Drizzle’s “Best Digital Agency Award.”
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