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Fractional Chief Sales Officers: Do You Need One?

Fractional CSOs (Chief Sales Officers), or On-Demand Executive Sales Leaders, are part-time executives hired by a company when their sales organizations deliver underwhelming results. A fractional CSO is the best model for fast-growing companies, given the skills, complexity, sophistication, and extensive sales management experience needed to effectively grow a business.

Here are the top  benefits of hiring Digital Authority Partners’ Fractional Chief Sales Officers:

  1. Unparalleled Speed: Supercharge Your Growth with Lightning-Fast Results today. Tired of waiting 4-5 months to find a Chief Sales Officer? With us, that’s yesterday’s problem. Our Fractional CSOs dive in swiftly, eliminating the 1-2 quarter gap that traditional sales managers need to learn your business, define the right KPIs, and get the bowl rolling.  Our Fractional Sales Officers hit the ground running within two weeks, propelling your sales forward with unprecedented speed.  Swap sales managers with sales leaders, today.
  2. Mastery in Action: Elevate Your Strategy with Battle-Tested Experts. Choosing an in-house CSO can be a gamble, with their abilities producing mixed results. Our fractional and interim CSOs are battle-tested, proven executives. They’re seasoned strategists, stabilizing revenue, resolving sales issues, driving transformation, and nurturing your next-generation sales leaders. 
  3. Impactful Results: Fuel Profitable Growth with Targeted Strategies. Our Fractional CSOs craft more than strategies; they create success blueprints for organizations to grow sustainably over time. Equipped with a deep understanding of market conditions, ideal customers, and B2B buying triggers, they redefine how you compete successfully in your niche. Collaborating seamlessly with your leadership, our Fractional CSOs carve actionable, repeatable, and scalable paths to dominance in chosen markets.
  4. Cost-Efficient Excellence: Elevate Your Sales at a Fraction of the Cost. Say goodbye to above-market value salaries and equity stakes. Our Fractional CSOs offer flexible pricing, from project-based fees to hourly, daily rates, or monthly retainers. Unlike traditional CSOs with hefty compensation, our experts save you over $250k per year while working faster and more efficiently. No contracts, no equity – just remarkable ROI.

Meet Our Featured

Fractional Chief Sales Officer


Rich Makover, a Digital Authority Partners’ Growth Practice expert based in New York, fuels client success as an interim and fractional Chief Sales Officer. With an extensive background in consumer sectors, including jewelry, beauty, and home goods, Rich generates growth opportunities for our clients, crafting innovative strategies and fast turnarounds.

Consistently surpassing growth targets, I develop innovative, out-of-the-box, go-to-market strategies and help companies get back on the path to profitability, both for Fortune 500 behemoths and startups. For over 20 years, I’ve helped dozens of companies in the B2B, DTC, and eCommerce industries scale faster and grow bigger than they ever thought was possible

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Ready to drive exponential growth? Connect with Rich Makover, our fractional CSO expert, and uncover strategic pathways to unleash your business's full revenue potential.

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How Our Fractional CSOs Will Help Your SaaS Company Succeed

  • 1

    Fine-tune & Segment Your Marketing & Sales Unique Value Proposition

    Our Fractional CSO will leverage data-driven insights to finely segment your market, craft precise ideal customer profiles, and engage key personas strategically.

  • 2

    Create Goal-Centric Metrics for Your Organization:

    Collaborate to establish corporate objectives and metrics, aligning internal goals with the vast opportunities of your target market.

  • 3

    Define Compelling Offers For Your Ideal Target Audience:

    We will work closely with your product and service teams to create compelling and distinct offerings that excite your B2B buyers to learn more about your company & convert into buying customers.

  • 4

    Create Compelling Value Propositions That Convert:

    We collaborate with your leadership group to define value propositions that uniquely resonate with your ideal buyers, setting you apart and captivating B2B decision-makers so you can set yourself apart from your competition.

  • 5

    Restructure Your Sales Teams to Turn Them Into High-Performing Revenue Generators

    We will reimagine your revenue teams, structuring resources around market segments, accounts, and decision-making units for maximal impact.

  • 6

    Improve Your Marketing & Sales Operations

    Optimize revenue operations through tailored technology stacks, organizational structures, and streamlined sales and marketing processes, meticulously designed for each customer segment.

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DAP Fractional CSO Approach

Additional Sales Enablement & Fractional Demand Generation Services We Offer

Fractional CSO
Frequently Asked Questions

Whether your company needs a Fractional Chief Sales Officer (CSO) depends on a variety of factors. A Fractional CSO is a part-time executive who provides strategic sales leadership and guidance without being a full-time employee. Our Fractional Chief Sales Officers usually work with startups and mid-sized companies that do not need a full-time CSO but still require expert sales management advice.

Digital Authority Partners’ standard fee for Fractional Sales Officers is $350/ hour. Most of our customers require around 20 hours per month. A full-time VP of Sales usually costs a company around $350,000 / year between base compensation, stock options, bonuses, and time off. With DAP, we provide a variety of Fractional VPs of Sales, so you choose the right expert for your needs at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource. While most of our clients choose to use our Fractional CSOs for an average of 20 hours a week, you have the option to scale up or down depending on your unique needs, current market conditions, and growth goals. 

A Chief Sales Officer (CSO) plays a pivotal role in a company by driving sales growth, defining sales strategies, and managing all aspects of the sales function. While the specific responsibilities of a CSO can vary based on the size, industry, and nature of the business, here are some general duties and contributions a CSO makes to a company:

Sales Strategy Development:  Our CSO experts formulate and implement strategic plans to meet or exceed revenue goals. This involves market analysis, creating or identifying new business opportunities, and assessing current competitive threats. 

Team Leadership & Management: Our CSOs lead the sales team by setting targets, providing training and mentorship, and ensuring that sales reps have the necessary tools and resources to succeed. 

Performance Monitoring: Our CSOs are responsible for tracking sales metrics, analyzing performance data, and making necessary adjustments to strategies and tactics to achieve your company’s sales objectives. 

Business Forecasting: Digital Authority Partners’ CSOs predict future sales trends based on historical data, market trends, and industry insights, enabling the business to make informed decisions about inventory, hiring, and budgeting. 

Sales Process Optimization: They continuously refine and optimize the sales process to make it more efficient and effective. This might involve integrating new technologies or adopting different sales methodologies. 

Talent Recruitment and Retention: Recognizing that a strong sales team is pivotal for success, CSOs are often involved in the hiring process for senior sales roles, and they play a key role in retaining top talent through motivation and incentive programs. 

Budgeting and Resource Allocation: They set and manage the sales budget, allocating resources efficiently to ensure the sales department operates effectively without overspending. 

Technology and Tool Implementation: CSOs oversee the adoption and utilization of sales technologies, such as CRM systems (we are very partial to HubSpot or Salesforce!), ensuring that the tools align with the sales strategy and processes. 

The average tenure of a Chief Sales Officer (CSO) can vary based on several factors, including industry, company size, geographical region, and the specific challenges faced by the company. However, it’s generally recognized that CSO roles often see higher turnover compared to other C-suite positions. On average, the average tenure for a full-time resource is around 18-24 months. Common factors that impact average tenure include performance pressure, market dynamics and company cultural fit. In contrast, the average tenure of a Fractional Chief Sales Officer at Digital Authority Partners is six years. That’s because we attract CSOs who thrive under pressure, love new challenges and are able to work with founders and CEOs from different backgrounds, with different working styles and priorities. 

Other titles for Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) can vary based on the company’s preferences, structure, and nuances in job responsibilities. Here are some alternative titles that might be used: Vice President of Sales, Head of Sales, Director of Sales, Senior Vice President of Sales Chief Revenue Officer (CRO,) As a reminder, CROs often have broader responsibilities, including all revenue-generating processes, which may cover both sales, marketing and customer success or renewals. Digital Authority Partners offers a separate service for companies who have reached the level of maturity and company size to require a CRO instead of a CSO. 

Interested in a Fractional Chief Sales Officer (CSO) for your Business?
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Why Companies Choose To Work With Our Fractional CSOs

Cost Efficiency:  Hiring a full-time CSO can be expensive, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Digital Authority Partners’ Fractional CSOs provide access to top-tier expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

Flexibility: Companies frequently engage Digital Authority Partners Fractional CSO for specific projects, during transitional periods, or when entering new markets, providing agility in response to changing business needs.

Immediate Expertise: Instead of undergoing a lengthy recruitment process, companies can quickly onboard DAP’s Fractional CSOs with the experience and skills required for their unique challenges. 

Short-Term Commitment: Companies can mitigate the risk of hiring a full-time executive by first working with Digital Authority Partners’ Fractional CSOs. If the relationship and results are positive, it might lead to a longer-term commitment or help clarify the type of full-time CSO they need.

Fractional CSOs

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Should You Hire a Fractional CSO for your Business?

Whether or not you should hire a Fractional Chief Sales Officer (CSO) for your business depends on various factors specific to your company's size, growth stage, industry, and current challenges. Below, we've outlined some scenarios and considerations to help you decide:

Limited Budget: If you’re in a position where hiring a full-time sales leader is not an option because you need to first prove your business model before making a full-time commitment, then hiring one of DAP’s Fractional CSOs is the best option for your company.

Short-Term Needs: If your business is undergoing a transition, such as entering a new market, launching a product, or restructuring, and you need temporary sales leadership, DAP’s Fractional CSOs would be the best approach to still make progress in the short term. 

Expertise Gap: If you lack specific sales expertise in-house, hiring our Fractional CSOs with that niche knowledge can fill the void. This is usually the most common reason why our experts are hired. We bring the expertise to stabilize revenue, fix revenue sales issues, implement changes, help recruit new leaders, and ramp up sales as a stop-gap measure. 

Objective Insights: Our external Fractional CSO typically provides a fresh perspective, identifying areas of improvement that might be overlooked internally. We usually find that most sales-enablement challenges are known by our internal stakeholders, but they need external validation to make specific decisions to improve their sales performance.

Process Implementation: If your sales processes are not defined or optimized, our Fractional CSOs can help establish and refine these processes.

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